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  1. A while ago the airplane folder was split up between airplanes and repaints!A very good desition made, a lot easier to find things :-)Now, to make things better, any chance of having a GA, a Mil and a Airline folder split?Those of us that don't care about fiften versions of airbus's and fortyeleven boing'os and just want that nice little plane for a short trip would like that mucho.Just my $.02/Cat
  2. Hey! Nice and much avaited tool, will give it a real try soon on a current project.Installs without prob'sNeeds to have "dot" as decimal delimiter, otherwise "Run-time error '380': Invalid property value"So we international types need to change from , to .That's what I found so far.Regards/Bqt
  3. catflyer

    Default Mesh

    Another way to get rid of stream depresions is to decompile the original "ST??????.bgl" and remove the code.It is thou more of a roler-coaster than a learning curve ;-)But keep backups and you'll be find.Put the new compiled files in your folder and move the default to a storage folder somewhere./Bqt
  4. Hi there!BGLAnalyze, by Winfried Orthman seems to be the tool for you.Search for "" @ AVSim.Hope this helps./Bqt
  5. We learn by own mistaces only, others we laugh at!/Bqt
  6. Has it worked before?If not, might be the "VB6FR.DLL" that's missing./Bqt
  7. In what format do you got the coordinates?For me it works with "61,5478941125"&"16,25468746" (just an exampel)/Bqt
  8. Hey!Nice to hear!Something to remember for the project:Don't foget the hangers.The nice Club house.The hanger that is about to be finished (and has been for a couple of years)And the dysfunctional neibourghs around the area ;-)Give me a call!I'm about to plunge into a major project around that area.Oh, by the way! It's the field where I fly./Bqt
  9. Not sure here, really.But landing on a lake and taxiing onto a water "runway" makes a crash.I think.At least it has happened a couple of times, maybe.;-)/Bqt
  10. Also there is a excelthingy from some french guys put together.Don't remember where I got it from, but I hope they don't mind me attaching it./Bqt
  11. Loading a bitmap into Blackart, trying to tag elevation according to the documentation availiable.After about ten lines the program have eaten up about 1GB of memory and goes "Burp", repeating the same message over not taking notice of me trying to work.Anyone else having encountered this?Bitmap: 4360x4960x16, ca10MBElevation file: ca211MB3GHz P4, 2GB mem/Bqt
  12. AFCad is my sugestion.Open an existing minor field, save that with a new name and add all NDB's you wish.Remember to adjust the elevation for each NDB as most of them won't be at the same level as the actuall airfield.Give it a try and tell me if it worked ;-)/Bqt
  13. Thanks!Was worried that 2 digits might not be enough.Nice that Christian upped the numbers for those of us that like it big ;-)/Bqt
  14. Hey there!Currently in process of a major project using G2k4.Uploaded and started using the latest version.Somehow overlapping polys (imbrication) doesn't work anymore :-hmmm Me got things wrong, or someone else noticed same?/Bqt
  15. Roger that!It's up to the order in which scenery.cfg gathers it's info in.Might look fun if it happens, looking for taxiway sign "A" and finding Balmoral Castle instead :-hah Over'n'out/Bqt