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  1. Hi Richard ! GREAT explanation and I have had success with installing UT2 into P3D3 now. :smile: :smile: :smile: Many thanks. Best, Bjorn
  2. Hi,The decision to make the future planes (especially the B737NG) FS9 compatible is a wise one.I have a superfast new computer, but frame rates and performance are still substandard in FSX.I use a single computer to run my home flightdeck with a lot of added FS hardware/software.I have both FS9 and FSX installed, but for any "serious flying" I prefer FS9 and sees FSX as a compliment for VFR flights only.True, the FSX "ground" and weather capabilities are a bit better, but this does in no way compensate for the lack of add-on scenery and the bad frame rate.With regard to scenery - the add-on airport scenery building standards we are used to from FS9 cannot be archieved yet in FSX and probably will not as there are essential features lacking in the FSX scenery compilers like ground layering.This for example prevents us from using ground layers like "stand information" on the aprons, smooth taxilines, own textures, overlayed textures like concrete stands over asphalt etc.All above features are essential for an old pilot like myself who likes to fly in and recreate a real-life airport environment.So - I will stick to FS9 with hopefully soon PMDG737 Ver 2 at least until FS11 can offer me a better sim.Best from SwedenBjorn HarlinSwedflight Design GroupScenery www.swedflight.comOur B737NG simulators at: http://web.telia.com/~u60405310/
  3. Have not tried the mentioned push program myself, but I believe i is using the FS "slew" mode. If so you have to stop the push with a key combination. Otherwise you will remain forever in "slew" mode which cannot be interrupted by brakes or thrust. Those only work in "normal" mode.Best,BjornBjorn Harlin
  4. Mee too :-)Currently building TWO B737NG simulators and it would be a pleasure to run PMDG on those instead of the pricey but good Project Magenta.http://web.telia.com/~u60405310/Bjorn HarlinSweden :-jumpy
  5. My favourite is EZ Landclass by Russel Dirks.Search for - ezlc301.zip - in AVSIM File Library.A very easy to use tool which connects direct with FS9/FSX so you can place the tiles exactly where you like.Requires MS Excel (in the MS Office packs).Best and good luck with your LC changes.Bjorn
  6. There is nothing that can match a Matrox Triplehead2Go setup.The analogue one we are already running in our sims with PMDG737NG on a standard P4 3.2 processor without problems (NVIDIA 7900 graphics). ( http://web.telia.com/~u60405310/ )The new DIGITAL one will similary run on the same specs system.However, if you intend to upgrade to FSX + VISTA (=DX10), you will need a NVIDIA 8800 series graphics card.FS9 and PMDG will not be able to "fill" the graphics card in a 8800 based system since the processor is/will be the bottleneck.Markus tip above for a quad processor is a good advice when it comes to FSX with the SP1 installed. (Multicore support)FS9 has no multicore support at all.The benefit with the NEW digital version is that you will be able to take away the effect of the four middle screen frames.E.g. with the analogue one the overall picture is "stretched" at the "frames" so it will become slightly "jaggied" when banking the aircraft - with the new digital one it will be "seamless" so the "frames" will cover some of your view but with no jaggiedness.Release date in EU expected to be beginning/mid August this year.Best,Bjorn
  7. Never seen any X:es on the ground on closed taxiways.Usually they are marked with a traffic stopbar and red lights.Bjorn
  8. Hi Blake,You might have to use a XML Exclude to get rid of all default objects.I suggest you make an exclude file with the help of Paavo Pihelgas execbuiderV2.zip which you can find in the AVSIM library.Best,Bjorn
  9. Hi,I cannot get the control sufaces to show in Lower EICAS even if this option is ticked. Anyone has clues?Also the keyboard command SHIFT+4 for MCP Press CMD R "disappear" when reloading next time ??Best andHappy New YearBjorn
  10. JAR OPS Rules within EU:Daytime - No runway facilities = 500 meter RVRNight/Day - Edge lights or Centerline markings = 300 MetersNight/Day - Edgelights and CLL lights = 250 MetersNight/Day - Same but with RVR for whole takeoff area = 200 MetersThis was for CAT D/E AircraftCAT A/B/C can takeoff in 50 meters lower RVR except for a runway with no facilities where 500 Meter is the lowest permissable and only t/o permissable in daytime.So the lowest permissable for CAT A/B/C is 150 Meters when CLL lights and edge lights are available (and on) and the whole takoff run does not go under 150 meters RVR (= multiple RVR readings)Best,Bjorn
  11. Hi Rustan,A switch to another Scandinavian mesh might do the trick, but you will never be sure to get rid of this problem to 100% as long as you use addon mesh. So, it is a user try and error process.One mesh might give you this problem at airport X another at airport Y.All developers make scenery that fits MSFS default mesh, but there is no way to make scenery that fits all add-on meshes.As a "general" addon mesh I use FS Global (payware) which gives you a 72m SRTM mesh (data from the space shuttle) that covers most parts of the world where I fly.BestBjorn
  12. This happens at the border between autumn/winter and spring/summer.No known cure as far as I know for this annoyance other than set the sim to another date in the month.Anyone else know a cure?Bjorn
  13. Very interesting,Since it is made of the same author it seems like the chances to see a EZ-Scenery FSX version has faded to zero.I will definitely wait for this myself as I am very pleased with EZ-Scenery and this one probably will go a step further in features.Bjorn
  14. I agree with Scott,Photo Scenery Maker will do the job, is freeware and also very user friendly.Produces an exact image on the FS ground from any satellite or aerial photo in 4.8 m/pixel which is OK for flights above 2500 feet.However "satellite" photos are low-res and thus very "blurry" so you should use aerial photos (ortophotos) like what is available in Google Earth over e.g. London City.Bjorn
  15. CP FLIGHT GEAR:MCP 100% compatible with PMDG 737/747EFIS 100% compatible with PMDG 737/747Also, the CP Flight MCP is compatible with FS9/FSX default a/c as well as Project Magenta.CP Flight EFIS Controller only compatible with : PMDG and Project Magenta.CP Flight Radiostacks compatible with all FS9/FSX.I have used EFIS & FMC with PMDG for several years now and is 100% satisfied. Especially good is their support - you get an immediate answer on all questions.BestBjorn
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