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  1. Make sure WORLD_LOD8 appears just below WORLD_0000 in the scenery library.Wooha. Sorry for editing your mail, instead of replying to it.The question was how to make sure the LOD8 scenery priorities were set correctly.Christianbelow are not really MY system specs ;)
  2. Gary;Thank you for the quick replay and the good explanation, I can live with this. Good Luck on getting things purring again. No inconvenience, just wondered if it was me.Thanks Again, Danny
  3. I have broadband with cable running around 5-7mps but I am downloading at dial-up speeds, right now at 27.7kbs. Why is this?I turned off firewall, but no help?Is it me or the server?ThanksDanny
  4. Just use "K" to go through mission compasses till you see carrier landing. I did it last night and landed on the carrier and got carrier Landing Award. I think the carrier is about 25nm away from the place where you drop the bombs. Happy Flying!
  5. Finished flying Ed Olander's new mission called US Navy Pullout and wanted to brag a bit. Real Nice Mission, lots of fun for those with Acceleration pack. be sure and check sound settings, I had to turn voice up and cockpit noise down to hear. very well done. Good Luck!! Happy Flying!
  6. I am having the same problem with Justin's site. I have been trying to download for 2 days but only get so far and it hangs. Very Frustrating...
  7. >>Prove that you are worthy by entering the correct code. That's>all ;)>Christian; I am having the same problem, but it never gives me an opportunity to enter the code, it did once yesterday but not since then, it just gives me an error and shuts down?I do not like the idea anyway of using G Earth if it is that difficult. I am using Service Example 3 and it does a pretty good job, with SE 1 as my next choice.Thanks again for all your hard work and have a Happy New Year!Danny
  8. PJ, You are abosolutely right, it was my call. One consolation though is that I bought it during a sale when it was half price and they canceled it for me today. I did not get a refund but I will not be charged a renewal.We live and we learn.Danny
  9. I for one am going to be careful about buying anymore 3rd party add ons without a good trial version attached to them. I just bought airnav systems FS Live Traffic for FSX and had to buy it because the had no trail versions.These add-ons are getting too expensive to just BUY, I thought FSX Acceleration was a great buy at 29.99 but some of the add ons are way to high.Danny
  10. I finished the mission and was actually able to gain enough altitude to get over the mountains and landed ok. Just fly straight and level till you get speed, climb a little and repeat, that is how I did it...Good Luck!
  11. I was reflying the "Introduction to Mountain Flying" Beginner Mission and after landing at Lower Loon Creek Airfield I decided to take back off and fly a bit and saw this big grizzly, just wondered how many others had seen him/her?
  12. Thanks, Steve and others. It definetly looks better, so far it looks like an early Christmas present LOL
  13. Could someone please take a screenshot of X13 (Carrabelle,Florida) and area? I am convinced if it is improved I will buy GEX, we are called the "Forgotten Coast" here for good reason :-). Even in the flight sims it seems.ThanksDanny
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