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  1. i had a similar problem I reassigned the Ack keystoke " 7" to "Ctl 7".Then I re assigned it back to a plain "7" and all was resolved I raised this in here somewhere and Ronzie came up with the same thought.
  2. I regret I never replied to your last post Ronzie for which i apologise, I noted all you said there back in 2011 and that's pretty much what I do when flying the sim.The transition altitude is set exactly as you said in the those pages of the FMC and I always amend them to the correct figures. The reason I raise this again is that it does happen in other places not just Norway.I just had it going into Nice(LFMN)This is another airport which has high ground nearby but the TA is 5000 feet I believe. I did find a sort of workround.Ack the descent clearance as before and request a PD.When scolded for not descending just request the original flight level and eventually it seems to sort itself out. Not a pretty way of doing things I appreciate but it stops ATC from becoming too irritated The main point I was making is that once given a PD clearance you sometimes then get the hair dryer treatment.That still applies unless you go for the climb request via keystroke 4.Or ignore it,Or declare an emergency of course.Or cancel IFR. It doesn't spoil things for me.Just curious about it.
  3. FSX Gold works really well with a recently installed W10 upgrade from W7.I had to fiddle with PMDG products which did not work as per their web site(the 737NG required reactivation) but eventually they did.I have loads of addons with a modest i5 based system.Even the addons LAX,SFO.LHR etc are pretty smooth and I have a lot of AI in there. However I get severe stutters with sound and vision when performing certain actions.Usually when using the drop down menus in flight or sometimes after pausing the sim.And on initial loading too. Once flying the experience is probably slightly better than it was with W7.Apart from the above which I have yet to resolve.
  4. Thank you for the reply Ronzie The key strokes I use are exactly those I used when in W7.Whichever aircraft I am in. However after my post here I had already changed the allocations to something near the original and all then worked fine.The 2 affected actions were the "7" acknowledge and the "C/S/K" for co pilot toggle comms. Then I tried the originals again after a shut down and restart.All is now as it was before.Working as it should. I have used FS in a lot of its forms and with a lot of add ons and also RC for many years.W10 did something but I know not what.
  5. I have just moved to window 10.1 and RC4 is fine apart from a failure to respond to the acknowledge key "7".It responds to all others.I have to resort to auto reply to make it work which removes some of the flexibilty
  6. Windows XP Pro has a facility to create a compressed file.It does not have a Zip facility as such.It seems to work the same way though.According to the notesWill this do for JD do you think?As a matter of interest I have carried out several further flights at FL390 in the PMDG 737 range and in Norway I always get this problem with a PD.Nowhere else.It doesn't happen if the PD is refused even in Norway.I'm not at all perturbed by any of this by the way.I just ignore it and continue on my merry way.I just thought it should be passed on to someone in the team.Perhaps someone could try a similar flight?It needs to be at a quiet time I guess so you have more chance of a PD approval.A quiet area too I suppose.
  7. Just done a flight from Oslo (ENGM) to Bardufoss(ENDU at FL390.Same thing happened but with repeated tellings off.RC4 seems to have got stuck at "4 times now" telling off.I'm letting the FMC do the descent when it's ready and I'm ignoring the "busted altitude" calls and references to FISDO etc.Once at TOD all becomes normal.This never happens in UK,USA,Spain,Italy.Japan,Hong Kong,Australia.New Zealand or anywhere else I flyTell me how to Zip up a file and I'll do it.
  8. Odd inded but a quick reply JD.Thanks for thatPretty sure I didn't drop 300 feet and there is a VOR at the arrival airport so that's the last item in the planI'll do it again just to make sure I'm doing nothing stupid.It's only happened in Norwegian Airspace I'm pretty sure.
  9. Flying along at FL390 I receive the first descent instruction.To FL 370.I ask for a PD which I am given.Very soon after I am asked "when ready"to descend to FL350.I ack that.But stay where I am.I'm well short of my computed TOD as it's likely to be a "wrong way" landingThen I receive a telling off for not descending.A new experience for me.I was flying in Norway as it happens.Very little traffic showing up in "Traffic Look"
  10. Thanks for the info SUBS.Very interesting.I guessed it was from a while back!I still hear quite a bit of Atlantic HF stuff here in Central UK although HF conditions are poor at the moment due to being in a sun spot minima.Currently monitoring 8891 which covers the Arctic region too.Lots of stuff in the 75oN area yesterday.When I was last in NZ(2006)I heard a fair bit of HF traffic in the Tasman and Tahiti/Nadi areas.Having some in RC gives a good feel for things I think but the one around VHHH is a bit repetitive!I have a Ham Licence so have a reasonable outside aerial.A year or two back I was able to hear some of the S.Pacific stuff from here near Stoke but not reliably.www.liveatc.net is a good place to listen to some "live"ATC from all over the world but mainly USA.Re.SBS there are a number of suppliers in UK including the guy at EGCC who has one on demo.It's very impressive.Some of the keen spotters had tracked that BA B777 yesterday and reported on its struggles.The dealership is Kinetic Aviation Products,you are correct.I'll try the web site you mention.thanks again for responding.
  11. Questions, for Ray probably.1.Just out of idle curiosity how did you get your recordings of the HF chatter in the Nadi,Auckland etc regions?If you can reveal that of course!I've just done a flight from LAX to Fiji -for the first first time-and come across a lot of recorded HF chatter2.Second question,a bit off topic perhaps, have you seen,or used,the real time radar display available on a PC with a piece of kit called the SBS-1?I saw it at the EGCC viewer car park shop the other day.Very impressive.especially as it was a very clear day.A lot of folk have been telling their stories of tracking BA038 into EGLL yesterday(on another "spotting"web site)
  12. Got mine now thanks JD.I submitted the request on 9/26/07, but no worries!
  13. I have been waiting nearly 4 days for a key code after a full pc rebuild.Is this normal?I seem to remember previous re registrations being much quicker,certainly the same day.I have a different E mail address now,is that the reason?
  14. No problem Iain.It's always good to swap flying stories.
  15. I'm not sure that is correct Iain.LHR has both runways operating at the same time surely.They vary the take off and landing runways so that when 27L is landing then 27R is for take offs and vice versa.They are very well separated,so can operate down to Cat 3 unlike Manchester,UK where the 2 are too close for use in low visibility.Or am I missing the point.
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