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    Haven't tried this one and neither will I but I used to buy stuff from Abacus some years back and let's be civil and just say they have an "odour problem".My advice is: Save your money.
  2. Thanks all, great input here. It does seem possible to gain a performance increase running DX10 even though Vista takes its toll on the hardware so, possibly, I'm still considering it.However, these pieces of information moved me to the shady side of the street:>Last but not least DX10 Preview is what it is in FSX. There>will be no more service packs or updates from Microsoft for>FSX.>It's also very clear (to me at least) that ACES never really >intended for anyone to actually use FSX in "DX10 Preview mode">as a daily practice, given that it really doesn't offer >anything earthshattering or spectacular over the DX9 mode. Maybe I'm more out of the loop than I though but does this mean FSX won't fully support DX10 after all? I'd like to remember Microsoft did point out the DX10 support as one of their sales points prior to the FSX release so I assumed the "preview" was a release prior to their "final" DX10 relase for FSX. What are the plans? Do we simply have to wait for "FSXI" (as I'm sure it won't be called ;-)) to utilize the new API? I did some quick exploring but I couldn't find much info on the net on this. Upgrading to the DX10 preview if it's shaky and not intended "as a daily practice" really doesn't sound like a good enough incentive to goto Vista.If anyone could fill me in on this and/or point me to where Microsoft states their plans I'd appreciate it.Thanks/Jonas
  3. Hi allI'm still on FSX over DirectX 9, using Windows XP but I'm planning to get a new pox this spring and upgrade to Vista to be able to enjoy FSX over DirectX 10. However, as I've seen more than a few posts on different forums claiming Vista is a pointless upgrade for an operating system, adding some to the user experience but taking alot away performance wise, I'm starting to reconsider my decision. Also, where I to believe the more conspiracy-oriented posters, Vista was primarily built for the media companies and organisations (RIAA etc.) and less for the und user. The steep pricing for the professional version is also a big negative in my book.So, the only real reason for me to go to Vista would be for DirectX 10. Again, more than a few posts claim it adds little over DirectX 9 really. Rumor has it that "Crysis", the game everyone is comparing other games to, was apparently stripped from alot of goodies in a, shall we say, artificial wayto show off DX10 over DX9 but, if I understand it correctly, these goodies can be put back by some tweaking of the config files, gaining more than a 100% FPS boost in the process.So, captains flying over DirectX 10, can you please give me an objective briefing on the matter? Is DirectX 10 adding so much to FSX it's worth getting a new, very strong, box able to run Vista? What's different?Cheers/Jonas
  4. Thanks alot for the explanations guys.Cheers!/Jonas
  5. So, if I understand it correctly, the "preview" aspect only applies to FSX which currently supports only a sub set of DX10 features. The current version of DirectX 10 is a full blown release then?/Jonas
  6. I don't have Vista so I'm a bit out of the loop here. As I understand it the DX10 support in FSX right now is a "preview". What does that mean technology-wise?Vista has been out for a year now and DX10 was supposed to be release "short after". Can anyone fill me in?Cheers/Jonas
  7. OK, I'm confused. I sees multiple posts about people having trouble with "SP2". I also see talk about the latest expansion pack "Acceleration". Is SP2 part of Acceleration or are they both released now? As far I knew it SP2 was scheduled as a separate release at aproximately the same time as Acceleration. If SP2 is out there please direct me to where it can be downloaded (nothing on FSInsider last time I looked).I have done a search both on these forums and on the web but I haven't found anything explaining this.Cheers
  8. Unless I have missed some very important announcement, FSX doesn't supports FSX yet. You'll have to wait for SP2.
  9. Unfortunately I don't know of any BAe 146's for FSX at all but I'd also love to see someone model (and sell) this lovely plane. I waited forever for someone make it available in the fs2004 days but, as far as I know, there was never any complete model (including VC, I never fly with the 2D panel) published.Hope some modeller accepts the challenge...Cheers/Jonas
  10. If this has been asked before I apologize.Every now and then the options in the ATC window vanishes and I cannot reply/confirm any instructions given to me by the ATC. Has anyone else seen this?I attached a screen shot of the ATC windows in the undocked state. The bug shows in either state btw.Thanks/Jonas
  11. >How about somebody post some new screen shots? I've seen all>the ones at the FlightEnvironmentX website :)I posted a few screenies in reply to this post:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=415778&page=
  12. I did a quick tour our of Princess Juliana to check out the new water and clouds. I was impressed with the clouds, finally looking like actual clouds. The now looked so real, the only thing I was missing was the boats in harbour and shallow waters casting their shadows on the sea bottom below.Also, I noticed no FPS hit whatsoever and I had a nice smooth flight on my old (single core) machine.Please check out the attached screenshots.
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