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  1. Hi Jim,I didn't try to reinstall and I am not going to. I think it won't help and I have no problems as long as I don't start FSX with the "Launch FSX" button in ActiveSkyX. I can start ASX first and than start FSX with the FSX icon on my desktop and than things work fine. I can also start FSX first, than ASX and after that RC4. This works fine too. So I don't have a real problem as long as I keep my fingers away from the "Launch FSX" button.Kind regards,Arjen
  2. >Hi,>>Then where is the IPC message coming from?>>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/Hi Jim,That's the question. If I had the answer I would tell you. Maybe other people on this forum who have RC4 can reproduce it. In that case we would a least know if it is caused by something on my system or not.Kind regards,Arjen
  3. >Hi,>>Thanks! This looks like a network install and something is>slowing down the communication between the 2 machines.>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/Hi Jim,I only have one machine on which I run FSX, ASX and RC4.The OS is Windows Vista Home 64.I already tried it with NOD32 not running.The firewall is the default MS firewall.Kind regards,Arjen
  4. Hi,I noticed a problem with the use of ASX and RC4. If I start ASX first and start up FSX with the help of the "Start FSX" button in the ASX menu, I get an error message when I want RC4 to connect to FSX. I get the following message: "IPC timed out all retries". I can push a "retry" button but that will make the same message pop up.If I push the "cancel" button RC4 is terminated.If I start FSX first, next ASX and than RC4 I have no problem at all. I reported this to the RC4 developer but I thought it would be good to let you know too.Kind regards,ArjenThe Netherlands
  5. Thanks. Everything is clear now and it works well.Kind regards,Arjen
  6. Hi there,I read something about FSUIPC and (if I understood well) the fact that you no longer need to install the AdvDisp.dll into the Modules folder of FS9. But to be honest it is not clear to me, how it should be done now. Do I have to check something on some FSUIPC tab page and if so on what should I check and on which tab can this be found?Help would be very much appreciated.Kind regards,Arjen
  7. Thanks a lot Morgan.Now I can get things rolling.All the best,Arjen
  8. Hi Morgan,Thanks for your reply. I am a step closer now. I have DXTBMP installed. Can you confirm that I should use File/Save Extended Bitmap save as "DXT3 with Alpha" for DXT3 bitmaps and File/Save Extended Bitmap save as "Extended 32 bit 888-8" for 32bit bitmaps?Regards,Arjen
  9. Hi there,I am doing my first steps in the world of repainting. I read some tutorials and repainted a PSS A320. The PSS paintkit instruction tells me to save the new image as "32 bit with alpha".But how do I do that? When I want to save I don't see a way to select this 32 bit with alpha option. I see the "Windows or OS/2 bitmap but that will only save in 24bit bitmaps.Help would be very much appreciated.Regards,Arjen
  10. Hi guys,I love ActiveSky and it is always there when I "fly". But I must say I am a little mixed up by the Active Sky Version 6. Is ActiveSky 6 a new version of the Active Sky Enhanced or is it a seperate product line?Greetings from the Netherlands,Arjen
  11. I had the same problem as you had. Got tired eyes reading the numbers and needles. I installed another panel. The guys from Friendly Panels made a panel for the Beech King Air 350 and the Baron 58. I bought this panel and installed the first one in the cockpit of the PMDG. The layout is a little different from a real Beechcraft 1900D but it is not so difficult to see it as a modified one. And what is more important is it very easy to read and to use. With the old panel I almost never flew the PMDG Beech and now it is one of my favorites. :) You can have a look at these panels at:http://www.friendlypanels.arrakis.es/index.htmIt may suite you too.Regards,Arjen van GroosThe Netherlands
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