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  1. "Eating away the sim? That sounds permanent. Eating away from the disc, or eating what's already installed?" No I didn't lose any files from the disk, only from the FS9 installation on the hard drive. But I lost enough to have to do a complete reinstall and rebuild :mad:
  2. A wanring on this .... I didn't find out about this issue until I had tried multiple other "fixes" on my system, such a virus scans .etc. Every time I subsequently tried to run FS, apparently Windows ate away portions of the FS installation. scenery.cfg, teraain.cfg, and worst of all my entire Modules folder. I now am doing a total reinstall of FS9, and of course there are payware issues that I'm sure will be a big problem. What the H*** was MS thinking? At least warn people of what an update does before resleasing it.
  3. AS6.5 is now downloading weather again for me. Suspecting the latest W7 updates, I used CCleaner to clean out the registry, and voila! AS is now working again. HiFi does still need to work ontheir website registration as the CApTCHA image and text entry box are not appearing. Mike
  4. OK, this is REALLY frustrating....I go to submit a ticket, but I have to register (my old registration has obviously been erased as it was over 6 years ago), only I can't register because the CAPTCHA image and required text box don't show up either in Firefox or IE. The only thing the AS log file (text file inside the AS folder in FS9) shows is: Log Cleared and Initalized at 08-13-09:08 which is when I tried AS again this morning. My computer WAS updated by MS before this happened. Could something MS downloaded have caused the problem?? Mike
  5. I'll open a ticket, however I'm having trouble finding session logs...used the guide on your web site but no luck (Win 7). I'll send what I have. Mike
  6. For the entire day I've been unable to get a weather file (AS6.5). AS first tries each server and gets about 10k of data then stops. Is it me, or somewhere else. I last used AS about 3 days ago with no problem. Mike
  7. Well, what the scalars actually do is provide a multiplicative factor to the air file tables/graphs. In the case of the fuel flow, the scalar is multiplying all the values contained within table 1505. That table/graph plots fuel flow vs N2 and is often shaped like an exponential function, i.e. low vaues for fuel flow for low N2, and then the fuel flow values increase rapidly with N2 increasing in a non-linear fashion. Each plane, however, has a different shaped curve. The scalar will just give a change in the fuel flow across all N2 values. IF you want to increase the fuelflow at cruise, but are happy with the taxi consumption, then the FFS won't really be the way to go. Mike
  8. I'm eagerly awaiting this release also. Got to sit in the cockpit of one of these when I was a kid (friend's father was a pilot/instructor for United; giving away my age :-) ) BTW, there's UAL Caravelle at the New England Air Museum at KBDL Hartford-Springfield, if any of you are ever in the area. Last time I was there you could walk through it. Mike
  9. "The first number after "light" is the type: beacon, strobe, nav, etc.The second number (in this example 0.90) is front and back or fore and aft. Lower value moves light towards nose, higher towards tail." That's not quite correct. The light positions are with respect to the reference datum of the plane. Positive values are forward of the RD, negative values aft of the RD. The second and third numbers are the left/right values and the up/down values with respect to the RD. For most FS planes the RD is near the center of the plane, but there are a few out there with the RD on the nose; PMDG comes to mind. Mike
  10. Not to be discouraging, but I've NEVER been able to get Shift+E+"pick a number" to ever work. Gave up a few years ago. I don't know if it has something to do with my keyboard, or what, but like you I always ended up with the doors just opening as in a standard Shift+E Mike
  11. If you want a FREE large jetliner try any from Historic Jetliners Group: http://www.simviation.com/hjg/main.htm You can try a 707, DC8, Convair, and BAe-146. The installation is not automatic but just follow directions. There's also lots of friendly help available. I would suggest a newer version of a 707, say the 320B or C. There will be some systems to learn (starting up an old airliner), but not as much as in the PMDG or Level D. You can also transition your navigation as these old birds use VORS, no GPS or FMC here. That way you can get the feel of a larger plane without having to learn FMC, etc. Once you get the hang then you can spend some money on the Level D or PMDG for a more modern plane. Besides there just something nice about 4 engines roaring and belching black smoke on takeoff (yes the HJG planes do that) ;-) Mike
  12. Yet.... anyone been to the 3 story arcade at Disney World Downtown? There's a great 737 sim complete with yoke, pedals, throttle, flap and gear switches. There's usually a wait to fly it, while being surrounded by FPS's everywhere else; and the kids actually try to land. I don't know why it gets a different reaction than in our homes. I was flying it for awhile while my kids were doing their thing. Greased a few and did some T&G's when I looked around and noticed I had about 6 people watching me intently. One woman finally broke the silence and asked what airline I flew for :D Mike
  13. I would follow up on Alchim inquiry: what do you want to fly??? In particular I was thinking that if you like old airliners there are very good freeware available; e.g. old props: calclassic, old jets: HJG. If you narrow things down a bit I'm sure you will get much help from all of us. Mike
  14. Hmmm... I never use the VC and my side views from the 2d cockpit load extremely fast since I changed the texture sizes. Mike
  15. "Is documentation included that tells how to change the textures included with the Cheyenne?" No. this is something myself and others discovered on our own. You'll need a program which works with textures. I use a flight sim specific program that you can get from http://fly.to/mwgfx/. Very easy procedure: just open up the file and then resave it in the format you want. The program is designed for aircraft painters but I never use it for such being very artistically challenged. Mike
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