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  1. rX

    LINDA GUI required?

    Hi Andrew, It's clear [mostly] now. LINDA GUI reads HID and then calls interprocess to FSUIPC with Linda LUA running. Without the GUI not only button presses aren't detected but also switches the assignments/profiles based on loaded aircraft. The confusion came from this below which still reads as though Linda will be functional if after startup is completed the GUI is closed - its current form still confuses me 🙂 Maybe it meant to say "minimized"? Anyway, no need to waste any more time on this and I will just use "Start GUI with Sim" and leave it running minimized while in the sim. Thank you!
  2. rX

    LINDA GUI required?

    Hi Andrew, Thank you for the prompt and thorough explanation. I feel I am still missing something, or it's somehow broken for me. I understand this should work: provided everything is setup and working correctly, (and not switching aircraft), closing (not minimizing) the GUI should not disable Linda (for LINDA's Joystick button mapped inputs for Aircraft Modules <FSL A320>) and it should continue working. If so, that is not working for some reason. It works perfectly fine with the GUI open but as soon as I close it it stops functioning. As I close the GUI FSUIPC prints to the logs 863703 LUA.0: LINDA:: [S] LVars watching list cleared... But that might be be just for the VRInsight outputs which I am not using. I also tried assigning a keypress to LUA LINDA and LUA ipcReady and that displays messages that LINDA is starting, but it's not functional. When I start the GUI it shows that LINDA is restarting so it's not joining the existing session (again, not sure what is expected). NB: this is not a critical issue. With GUI everything is functioning perfectly but due to my obsession to having as few binaries running in the background and my understanding that LINDA.exe is not in fact necessary during runtime, I'd like to achieve it if possible by design.
  3. Hi, I see in the Q&A post that Linda GUI is required in FSX for Joystick inputs to work. Does that apply for P3Dv5 or such? I'm asking because it seems strange that: The GUI has this note next to "Start GUI with Sim": Note: LINDA core code is started by entry FSUIPC.ini The setting "Start GUI with Sim" is disabled by default. I have not been able to make it work without starting LINDA GUI manually or setting the "Start GUI with Sim" to on. Is this by design? Does the GUI really need to run for normal use (after configuration)? Thanks, Eric
  4. Wonderful stuff. The RNP bug caught you. I remember a year ago when I spent many nights until 6 AM searching for any small piece of chart and data I could find for the ZUNZ Naverus RNP approach to fill in the puzzle to be able to create them. I ended up with only a folder full of files and me waiting for the RF legs to be implemented by PMDG. You went one step farther. Well done!PS. I just finished a 5 day course on ARINC 424 format and it would be wonderful if PMDG would end up using that format of writing the procedures alternative to the present one. Pretty cool stuff being able to have a simulator to run your ARINC424 files before publishing them in real life, right at home.
  5. +1 for Tarom (can be either -800 or -700)
  6. Bryan--Yup, it's ok. It's great. The list has given me ideas for some new routes. --eric
  7. Wow, great list. That's everything one could wish for - now how many mouse clicks do to I have to do when doing my regular run to Zurich. Oh, just 71 :)Thanks a lot, and good luck on the FS X version,FS X up to now is awsome - try the glider ;)--eric
  8. Greetings Paul,Please go to the PMDG menu on top of FS (by pressing the ALT key). Select OPTIONS and there select the TCAS traffic inject from FSUIPC. That should have your traffic showing. Let me know if it doesn't.--eric -----Romanian vACC on VATSIMwww.rovacc.org
  9. I'm restating the airline and destinations with some modification:Destination:Otopeni Henri Coanda Airport at Bucharest, Romania (it seems that the B744 DOES operate here)Budapest Ferihegy Airport at Bucapest, HungaryBen Gurion at Tel Aviv, IsraelIstanbul Ataturk at Istanbul, TurkeyAirlines: (some may allready be in the list, I might have missed them)ElalTAROM (Romanian Air Transport) - even if it doesn't operate B744 (unless you wish to keep fully realistic here)Delta (I think it allready is)--eric
  10. Salutari Cristi,The the speed should jump from the set V2 in the MCP to 250 knots (or greater depending on your weight - minimum clean speed). Confirm that 170 IAS is your calculated V2 (or V2 +10) and that the TAKEOFF, THR LIMIT and VNAV pages in the FMC are set corectly. If this happens on every flight please try to follow TRC lesson 1 and 2 to the letter and if it works see what's diferent in your preflight and change accordingly. Have fun,Eric Bocaneanu---RO-vACC 1www.rovacc.org
  11. Obviously:Airline: TAROM (Romanian Air Transport)City: Bucharest, Romania (Henry Coanda - Otopeni Airport).Or, disregard: TAROM doesn't operate the B744 and no B744 operates into Bucharest. Let's just see Ben Gurion airport.--eric
  12. Hey Ori,You are corect. In the real airplane, the controls being actuated via the hydraulics you would feel bumps or weird things in the controls themselfs. You would also setup the lower EICAS display to the STAT page (in FS2Crew the FO does it for you) and check the range of movement on that display as well. You would check the airlerons: move the stick fully to the left then fully to the right. Note the ailerons moving and the spoilers on one side. Check the elevator movement: fully back and fully forward. then check the rudder: one peddal down then the other. Full fast movements recomended to be able to feel rudder bumps if they appear.Have fun flying,--eric
  13. Quote: Weird nobody said anything about the music. Works great on the video. So, the music is GREAT with the video :)Thanks for answer the other post. --ericPS. any prizes for the guesser? like an empty bottle of coke?
  14. Weird nobody said anything about the music. Works great on the video. BTW. I'm wondering if this was the corect answer. Can you check it above please?--eric>You got me all pumped up with this. Watched it 4 times over.>>Must be something to do with electrical setup: APU is on but>not conected to the busses. You still have external power>contacted while you are pushing back. How come? Plus only one>external power conected. In that setup the busses must be>conected to the APU. >>Plus a few other things. The STORM lights toggle seems to be>on (but it's INOP). Logo lights - I'm not sure on the FS2Crew>SOP for it. It's off for pushback here.>>Confirm?>> --eric
  15. Jeremy--Just after I posted the issue I tryed the advanced command interface. I had tryed the MACRO command but it didn't work, before. So I did find the method with Advanced in the software and I tryed and tssted it. How I love this software. I guess I should have posted the solution before :) Thanks Jeremy, --eric
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