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  1. Hi Gregg, thanks for the LINDA file. Will install this evening. The mod I refered to in my previous post is the FDE mod (I called it FADEC Mod) I got from you in August. It was a aircraft.cfg and the air file. As mentioned already the ILS tracking is worse than with the original files. All other changes like idle power, climb speed, flaps liftz, fuel burn... are ok and more to the numbers. Just the ITT seems higher than I observed in several YouTube vids (real Mustang!). I'm quite happy just the lazy ILS tracking is bothering me. I'm using P3D V3, FSUIPC 4.968 and LINDA all on WIN 100. Should have said that earlier, sorry! Peter
  2. Hi Gregg, Yes, exactly. The VS wheel is also used in FLC mode to change the speed. That is how it works in real with the GMC710 mode controller. It works when I just use the mouse in the 2D window. Just another question: The FADEC mod works well regarding TQ indication and flaps reaction. But it seems the capture of LOC and GS is very "lazy". The bank angle is max 15° usually 10° and the GS captures to late, so it is always >1 dot to high. It becomes better along the approach, but never follows on spot. Speed to intercept is 160 to 180 kts and angle is 30°. This was better before, at least I think so. Did the mod dampen bank and pitch? Thanks for all your help! Peter
  3. That is the code I also have. It is your Mustang Module V1.2. So I have everything. Just checked in the sim. If turning VS when in FLC mode the FD is commanding up/down, but the blue airspeed reference bug is not moving to the dialed speed, nor the airspeed reference above the speed indicator is changing. There is also another problem: When intercepting a ILS in HDG mode and then activating APR mode, the APR light (next to the button) goes on and the HDG light goes off. Both lights should be on until LOC capture. The plane is behaving right, but just the indications are not refreshed, like the speed bug and the lights I will investigate a little bit more. Probably Flight 1 has some own internal gauge programming and is not using standard Lvars and the like. Thanks, Peter
  4. Hi Gregg, you described how it should work. I could also see it in the actions.lua file. The normal VS operation is ok, the VS is indicated at the top of the ALT tape in the PFD. Selecting FLC (VNAV LED is out, FLC LED in on), the present speed is indicated in the Airspeed tape. When I rotate the VS wheel, the speed indicated in the top of the Airspeed tape should change. But there is no change indicated. It looks like the VS wheel input is not "changed over" to the FLC function. I have mapped the VS wheel to inc and dec, not fastinc and fastdec. All dials in the AFCS are single encoders, so no possibility for normal inc/dec and fastin/fastdec. But this is another subject/problem with ALT and HDG. I have to check if the plane is at least doing a speed change, even if not indicated in the PFD. I'v still no idea. Thanks Peter
  5. Hi, recently I added a self made AFCS unit to my cockpit. Nearly all is working great with the Mustang module. Only the FLC function is not working ok. In this mode you change the desired speed with the VS wheel. Unfortunately this is not possible with the LINDA Mustang module functions using the HW AFCS. Mouse clicking work as usual. The same applies to the SPD function (switch to Mach). Is there any chance to change the Mustang module? Thanks, Peter
  6. Hi all, sorry for jumping in.... It seems you use a kind of homecockpit. I'm in the building process of a biz jet cockpit based on G1000 like. My question is: How will you get the screens of the PFD and MFD on a monitor without using the VC? There is no 2D cockpit to derive the 3 screens as I do it with the Mustang. I'd love to have also the Phenom in my home cockpit. Thanks a lot, Peter
  7. Hi Rockliffe, thanks. No reason for embarrassment. I could tell you stories about my mishaps... Hi Scottflieger, I also lost all the saving of the assignements made to the aircraft whwn starting the sim next time. The reason was probably the "old" FSUIPC. In the meantime I installed the very last FSUIPC but had no time to install again Linda 2.8.8 to check it. Will wait for your new 2.8.9. Thanks for all your effort! Peter
  8. Hi Rockcliffe, what was your problem and solution exactly? I also had the saving problem. Now went back to 2.8.4 and it is working. Thanks, Peter
  9. Hi Scotflieger, yes, it would be great to get support for the MFD Keypad (GCU475). Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Peter
  10. Hello, just bought the G1000 to integrate it in the F1 Cessna Mustang. After installation (was without any problem) and G1000.ini configuration i strted with the panel.cfg modifikation. A great help where the docs from Mindstar webssite. Now my question: In "Installing the G1000 into other MSFS & P3D Aircraft" the use of the 5th parameter is described. What is the difference in the first word of the 0 (=2D cockpit) and 1 (= popup panel), eg: PFD0 or PFD1|Cessna.Mustang. I use no VC, only 2D. So when exactly is the 1 (pop up window) to be used? Is anybody here with a working Mindstar G1000 integration in F1 Mustang? I would like to get some help, because there are many windows where the G1000 is involved. With my first attempt I had a crash of P3D V3.3 after opening a window. I will sort this out for sure, but a little help is always welcome. P3D V3.3.4 WIN 7 64bit F1 Mustang Thanks, Peter
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