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  1. When you create a flight it's "saved". You have to start with a saved flight. Do what you want, I was just saying what "fixed" mine.
  2. I ran into this also. What I did was save a flight with the A2A Cub with the tiedowns and the door open to Previous Flight . Upon starting later with this as default the plane was stuck. I switched to another plane and back again it it started and I flew it. Also I remember this happening before and I had to re-start with the default start flight ( Friday Harbour) and then go to another airport and save. This will clean out the buggs in the saved flight and you can go back to your position where it "stuck". "stuck"
  3. Joe W

    Art Poole

    I to download every one of his airports. He does a great job with each one. Thanks Art.
  4. I've done some more research on this and it is a re-purposed default G1000. But still the Carenado manuel shows that page 21 and I can't get that up. Yes the default G1000 is not supposed to be programable except for local trips or nearest as the GPS is. So ..... I guess I'll just be satisified with what I have. Thanks Guys. Joe W
  5. Well .... The above post has been up for going on 3 days now and there is no answers yet. I'll just look for answers some where else. Thanks Joe W.
  6. Could someone tell me how to get the NavData thats shown on page 12 of the manuel? I can use the trip manager to get a programed flight but I CANNOT program it from the G1000. If someone would fill me in on how it works after page 12, please let me know. Also I swapped the texture notes around for Fltsim 5 and 6 and the little red plugs do NOT show when it's in Cold & Dark mode. I get the wheel chocks and pitiot tube flags and the flag for the red plugs but the red plugs are not showing. Am I being too optimistic? Joe W
  7. This thread reminds me of my neighbor ....... He gripes about the money I spend on my car (Tinted windows, wax, polishers, car covers) my money.... not his.
  8. You can lay a landclass poly where you need it and use what landclass you want. You can make it grass or whatever.Joe W.
  9. Joe W


    The Default is pretty good. I worked there as the inspector for the Architect about 10 years ago. Some of the newer buildings are not there but it's pretty accurate.Joe W
  10. I am a scenery designer of sorts. In partnership with others I worked on Ultimate Florida / FREEflow, Bahamas / FREEflow, Carribbean/ FREEflow, and a great many other sceneries that were freeware. About 4 years ago I did a number of towns in Alaska using Landclass. I believe there were 43 in all and it was uploaded to both Avsim and Flightsim. A gentleman that has a "Freeware" site that charges to have access to it, placed for sale, $10, 43 Alaskan Cities that were the exact same cities that I did for free. I think it's a bit out to think that 2 people choose the same 43 Alaskan Cities to do the landclass for.This is piracy. I did the work and he sold it and I never got a penny. This same gentleman thinks I'm off base to restrict my sceneries from his site and has threatened me with a lawsuit. You pass judgement on this one. Joe W.
  11. Running in windowed mode helps too. Just double click on the window bar at the top and it will refresh and you will have it back. Also clicking on the box and double box in the top right has the same effect returning it back to normal.If you have a key assigned to "refresh scenery" in the key assignments then pressing that will refresh the screen. I have Ctrl+r as the key to refresh the scenery.The guys that are posting here that don't have this problem? why are you posting if you don't have a problem?Joe W.
  12. >In my case, this just started happening lately so I'm sure>it's a driver issue. I've rolled back to the beta 169.13's as>IIRC they were OK. I'll continue to check.>>I also notice that when it happens the frames drop down to the>1 - 2 range.When it happens, if I ESC/COntinue or min/max the>window a few times it will usually reset itself.>>It can be frustrating because it doesn't happen all the time>or on every flight - but it's really annoying when it does.>>For me it continued to happen with the 169.21 & 28 drivers,>both the beta's and the WHQL versions - but every system is>different.>>Good luck and if you find a fix - let us know!>>Vic>>>>Q6600 G0 CPU 2.4 o/c 3.65>Evga 680i A1 with P31 BIOS >2G XP2-8500 DDR2 1066FSB Mushkin 996535 RAM 5-5-4-12-2T>320G 7200 HD partitioned for XP/Vista/Programs >2 - 74G Raptors in RAID0 >500G 7200 HD for backup >SATA DVD burner >Evga 8800GTS 640 PCIx 169.13 beta>Kandalf LCS case w/ built in liquid cooling >850W Thermaltake power supply>Visit the Virtual Pilot's Center>www.flightadventures.com>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-supporter-sigbanner.jpg>Radar Contact Supporter: http://www.jdtllc.com/Try going to the eVGA site and downloading the 163.75 drivers. You may already have them.Then in FSX, turn of the AA in the sime. It's OK to have Bileaner for the filter.Then set the AA in the drivers. I use the drivers to set almost everything for FSX.This helped me.Joe W.
  13. What helped with my problem was to NOT use AA in the program but to set it in the drivers area. Make sure you don't have both set.Joe W.
  14. I see no green marker and no sounds. A friend sent me the files he has, his works, but it doesn't in mine. I zipped my old Mission 3 so thare would be no conflict.I am running FSX, SP1, acceleration, SP2( I'm told) the vid card is a 7600 GS AGP with 512 mgs. Scenery complexity is set to far right.This is the only mission I can't run. I just finished the soaring mission.Joe W.
  15. I did find it in the Samples in the SDK but even with the SDK I can't figure out how to save it and make it work. When I load the XML I can see the scenery and Green marker. but .... too stupid , I guess.Joe W
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