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  1. Thanks for the quick replies. Peter
  2. Hi All, Excuse me if this has been asked before - but if I have am running the most recent version of MSFS (v1.14.5.0 ) do I also need to download and install the World Updates (I, II and III), or are they included in the absurdly large 'updates' I'm a bit bandwidth challwnged and really don;t want to waste what I have if I don't need to! Thanks Peter
  3. Are there any copyright issues with this one? I know Disney are ferocious when it comes to this sort of thing but perhaps Fox are more sensible? I have 5 Majestic Q400 repaints on my 'to do' list but will revisit this when I've caught up and will PM you as well as post there. In the mean time, if another repainter takes this on, can they please post in this forum here so we don't double up. Peter
  4. Kevin, Have you tried contacting the repainter that did the original Virgin Blue repaint and ask him/her to do it? They would already have the PSD files so it would be a very quick and easy job for them. To totally redo the aircraft from scratch would take quite some time and effort. Peter
  5. There is already a Silkair repaint available in the Avsim library: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=108022 I did it for a VA back in October based on released images from Silkair and Boeing. Cheers Peter Oops - link didn't come up correctly. It should be: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=108022 If it still comes up wrong, just use the library search function for "Stark". Cheers
  6. The SilkAir 737-800WL has been posted: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=180022 Enjoy.
  7. White winglets it is. Strange about the flag as it is a flat one but doesn't look right - as you say, it looks wavy. I'll put in a different flag and see how that looks. I won't get to it until Sunday, so it will probably be Monday before it's on the server. I'll post when it is. Cheers Peter
  8. The Aviaco B737-800WL in retro livery has been posted: http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=179956 Peter
  9. SilkAir B737-800WL ready for boarding! I have done it with the winglets in SilkAir logo, but the released photos from Boeing show it with plain white winglets. Let me know which you like best and I'll get it uploaded. Peter
  10. I'll do one straight after the Aviaco. Might be a few days but I will post here when it is in the library.
  11. I've discussd this with Nacho and there's one on the way. Should be done in a few days and I will post here when it is in the library.
  12. Looks good! I've uploaded it to the libary. The original pic you posted was of of TC-SKB with no winglets, so that's what I painted. If you just can't live without winglets, you can get a WL version here: http://www.freespace.com.au/filehosting/387361 Peter
  13. Hi Cenk, Here is a link for the beta for you to look at. Sorry about the delay - I finsihed it over the weekend but then we had storms and no power for 24 hours! http://www.freespace.com.au/filehosting/989809 If you're happy, I'll upload it to Avsim.
  14. Man - what a dope I am. I never checked to see of anyone else has tried it! I've found one that looks quite good and I can see why I was having troubles - it's a vey complex set of layers! I'll get onto to it ASAP. Peter I'm on a roll today Sebastian - I got a hold of a much better quality logo, tweaked it and have just uploaded the finished version. Check out the file library in a day or so. Peter
  15. Hi Cenk, Here is a beta version for you to play with. Still gaving trouble in the rear fuselage stripe alignment (but getting slowly better!) and won't release it publicly until I sort them out. (At least I'm learning lots about the paintkit!) In the meantime, try it out this version and let me know if there is anything wrong from your perspective. It can be difficult not having ever seen this livery and the fact that this is a fictional repaint. https://hostr.co/1lmiAPrHzUmH Peter
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