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  1. A couple of new additions to the fleet available for download in the libPace / Sunwest AirlinesTransavia AirlinesDouglas
  2. John, thanks for he heads upi guess I was in a cave for the last few weeks..lol, same vid, oh well you cannot have too much of a good thing.Admins you can delete this post, as pointed out by John, it is a sort of double post,Now back to the cave.:-bat
  3. At what point do you think he should have aborted? or not even bother to shoot the approach? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sd2AoYtTcFgDouglas
  4. There is a fix available. Seach the library for,Fs04_strobe_lights_effects.zipDouglas
  5. >Hey Guys...........I pulled the old Moach B737 Experience>(freeware) out of the hanger the other day just to see if I>wanted to keep it in the Aircraft file and for the life of me>I couldn't figure out how to turn the cockpit panel lights on>in VC (virtual cockpit) view. It's been a while since I've>flown this bird and can't remember if it had any virtual>cockpit lighting or not. It's mighty dark in there without>it....especially at night. If anyone is still flying this>plane, can you help me out?>>Thanks in advance for any answers.......>>JohnCheck the attached image. Douglashttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/183461.jpg
  6. old_doggie


    Check in your sound folder for the following files, if they are missingor corrupt you would not get ATC, Atis or pilot sounds but all othe sound will still function. :-waveUSEnglishASOS.gvp file size 566 date 11/20/2002USEnglishBig.gvp file size 199,829 date 5/23/2003 Douglas
  7. old_doggie


    ok..Are you able to hear other sounds such as engines, Morse code, markers etc, etc? I am assuming here that sound is otherwise ok outside of the flight sim. Folks have been known to replace their sound cards because the "Q" key was inadvertently pressed.Trouble shooting is sometimes quite tedious but those are breaks. Douglas
  8. old_doggie


    just checking. Is your Comm 1 tuned to the correct freq and is is selected as active?Can you hear the ATIS if tuned to it's freq?Douglas
  9. This might be your ticket. Lots of info. Good source for the basics.Douglasclick below....http://www.navfltsm.addr.com/basic-nav-general.htm
  10. Did this just start happening?I'd start with the easy things first.Disable any addons (scenery) first.Check your scenery folder for empty texture folders and delete those but make sure they are empty.You can copy your whole FS, yes the whole thing, to a temp directory and if you delete something by mistake...you get the drift.Use a default aircraft for testing, no mods.And as Kimchoc said, delete the fs.cfg file and let fs rebuild it.Do one item at a time then test or you might never know what caused the problem in the first place.I noticed you have imagsim KEWR and your problem is in that area maybe just a coincidence.Douglas
  11. I seem to remember my mouse doing this a long ways back and if memory serves me correctly the fault was either in having vertical sync or Anit aliasing on. As for the menu bar - right click on the screen within fs and there is a box with some options on it one of which is to hide the menu bar. Douglas
  12. Here are some pics of the app to KSEA 16L - ILSAircraft B737400(default)Panel is home grown from the boneyard5000 intercept as per IAP at KENMOPic 1 - 21 dme, 5000ft - ALT HLD and APP engaged ( you can use LOC HLD until the GS is active or alive) Pic 2 - 16.1 dme 5000ft. the GS has just been captured, alt hld is off on capture and trend of IVSI is descendPic 3 - 8.3 dme ,2500ft, in the slot, app hld still functioning as it should, no problems so far, config for landingpic 4 - at the outer marker, all stablePic 5 - 100 above, viz is 1/4 mile fog, slightly high on the slope, app hld all ok.was unable to duplicate the problems, tried with various combos of VORLOC(or NAV HLD) and the result was the same, normal capture and tracking all the time, so I guess there is something amiss in the aircraft config. Maybe let us know what aircraft/panel you are using.Douglashttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178979.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178980.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178981.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178982.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/178983.jpg
  13. >The next question is why did the aircraft developers make it>the way they did. Is this to set a rate of desent for>autoland or something? I will now have to check to make sure>that A1 aircraft land properly.Glad it worked!I could only guess as to why the A/P was set this way. You might find that all the AI aircraft.cfg files have that 1800fpm setting as well.Note** the setting(1800 or what ever is under default) only is active during descent/climb whilst during an ILS approach the vertical informaion to the A/P is supplied by the glideslope(VSI rate changes depending on speed etc) the alt hold and vert hold are inactive during this phase.Douglas
  14. juat to add to the other posts.This is the section from the aircraft.cfg file for the default 737 which I have modified over time to suit my needs.you can experiment with it by adding it to yours, cut/paste , make backup b4 doing so.you will notice that the vert setting is set to zero,( there are a few other changes as well) so when engaged you simply dial in the rate you require resulting in a smooth transition from lvl flight tp either ascend/descent.[autopilot]use_no_default_pitch = 0 // 0 = Default to current pitch mode, 1 = No default pitch mode.use_no_default_bank = 1 // 0 = Default to Wing Leveler mode, 1 = No default bank mode.autopilot_available=1flight_director_available=1default_vertical_speed=0.00autothrottle_available=1autothrottle_arming_required=0 //original 1autothrottle_max_rpm = 90autothrottle_takeoff_ga=1pitch_takeoff_ga = 8;max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt_breakpoint=20000.0max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt_breakpoint=28000.0max_bank=25.0max_bank_acceleration=1.8max_bank_velocity=3.00max_pitch=10.0max_pitch_acceleration=1.0max_pitch_velocity_lo_alt=2.0max_pitch_velocity_hi_alt=1.5max_throttle_rate=0.100000 //0.40 //0.10 originalnav_proportional_control=9.000000 //12.00nav_integrator_control=0.250000nav_derivative_control=0.00nav_integrator_boundary=2.50nav_derivative_boundary=0.00gs_proportional_control=9.520000 //25.0gs_integrator_control=0.26000 //0.53gs_derivative_control=0.00gs_integrator_boundary=0.70gs_derivative_boundary=0.00yaw_damper_gain =0.000000 //1.0default_bank_mode=0Douglas
  15. this is the site that will provide you with the info.Douglashttp://fly.to/mwgfx/
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