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  1. I'll dig out my old manuals and scan some of the tables for trip fuel etc and post them. Keep in mind that on top of required fuel, Trip+reserv, there ia also Alternate fuel, holding fuel (which can be your reserve fuel) and in cases where there are no suitable alternates, which is rare, there is island holding fuel. A lot of the latter is defined in the respective company's fuel policy. To sum up. Fuel from T/O to dest. + Holding at dest. Includes, taxi, climb. cruise , descent and approach, + fuel to planned alternate and alternate holding fuel + approach and taxi. All pieces that make up the puzzle. Douglas
  2. Amazing. I did not know she was still around thought by now it would be part of my beer or pop cans, but clearly Mr.Boeing knew what he was doing. As for the SELCAL, not many people would have known what those letters stood for, I can vaguely remember the call tone and the blinking yellow lights, had to do a test eastbound with Gander and west bound with Shanwick Oceanic, which was assigned to the flight engineer. Lots of fun.
  3. Our primary nav system was Omega for trans Atlantic or any long haul flights where VOR's or NDB's were not in range. Omega was very user friendly and was pretty accurate. The Navigators were phased out just before I started flying but the nav table, nav station and sextant hole were still there. This pic is an actual shot of my flight deck, cannot remember now where we were going. The Omega sys is outlined in green. Douglas
  4. Bill,Well at least your computer is all sparkly clean and you have tracked down the cause. One thing leads to another. For my FP monitor the setting is always set to 60hz, I have never tried any other setting. Maybe, and this is a long shot stab in the dark, you can try matching your fixed frame rate setting with whatever you set as your screen refresh and see if it improves. This is certainly not my area of expertize but I understand how annoying niggley things like this can be.
  5. I think in windowed mode the card is not under, for lack of a better term, "pressure". In fullscreen the full potential of the 3d capabilities are being utilized. So if you were to use that 3dmark program to test your card it would really be testing the cards ability to run intense 3D graphics, hope I'm making sense. Maybe someone else with a better grasp of cards and GPU's will chime in.Douglas
  6. That happened to me a while back. Found out it was a problem with the card itself. It was an ATI pro 9700 or 9300. cannot remember which. The condition was referred to as "Artifacts", a result of heat or a defect with card. In your case it just might be the drivers or dust buildup on the slot. Pwr off, remove card and reset. If no joy then you might need a new card, try changing drivers first though. You can always run a benchmark type program like 3dmark03.Douglas
  7. Could be the altimeter vibrators ticking or the fans running.Douglas
  8. Hey, Look ( search ) in the file lib for a guy named Scott Gridley, the file is Asynchronous Aircraft Strobes Effect. Douglas
  9. The stock airport in FS9 is shown as 111.9, RWY's 08/26. Maybe you installed an addon that changed the freq. You can change it back by either deleting the extra AF2 file or by using AFCAD and modifying it there.Douglas
  10. Setup your flight, say 15dme out, or whatever suits you, straight-in approach, 30* intercept etc.With all radios set, OBS set and either established on the approach or about to intercept, pause the sim, click on file save and save the flight. You can now fly that app until the cows come home. BTW, you will have to click reset or load flight to start the flight again.Douglas
  11. +3 If it aint broke...you know...don't fix it!But like most guys we are going to tinker anyway. The old one is fine, the new one seems jammed up in a small area, blah, blah, blah.Hammer anyone?
  12. Dave, I checked that airport and in my sim those extra navaids are not there only CAE, so I'm thinking addon. If you have afcad 04, open up that airport and have a look. if it is listed then removal is very easy.Douglas
  13. Maybe this will help ya.http://www.737ng.co.uk/technical.htmDouglas
  14. Maybe you can do a scetch of the runways, taxiways and buildings that you recall and we can go from there.Douglas
  15. Do you have pics of the airfield back then? what airfield is it?Short answer to both is yes.Douglas
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