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  1. ViscountBac-111Super vc10Trident1/2/3Concorde748AtpB707727737 2-8757767747 200/400TristarDc6Dc8/9/md8--/dc10Twottervarious beech/cessna/floats(forgotten details..)A300/318/319/320AtrCrjElectraBiplane(stearman I think!)Thruster microlightGemini Alpha microlightVarious gliders inc BlanikJet rangerSikorsky s61?regards jim
  2. Sorted, missing effects fileregards jim
  3. Thanks Rightseat,I have tried your suggestions but still no vc lights.I truly don't want to reinstall fs9,so if there are any other things to try next please let me know.thanksregards jim
  4. Hi I have just noticed that all the default vc panel/cockpit lights are inoperative.Addon aircraft seem mostly ok except Milton Shupes Beechcraft D18S which had a functioning vc panel switch before and DM Bac 1-11 which had two settings on the o/head vc panel but now just fixed in the on position.I have let it rebuild a new .cfg, but no change.Key assignment is correct shift+L which operates the 2D cockpit fine.The most recent change I have made was to install and uninstall the TU 154m a couple of days ago ,possibly connected?Can anyone suggest where else to look for the culprit.Any help would be much appreciated.regards Jim
  5. Kim I don't know if this will help as it involves a little money...I had the exact same problem especially at Kaitak 9 Dragons, the 6-7 frames I was getting in vc with the pmdg 747 ,nil traffic,nil weather was driving me mad especially as I was seeing screenshots showing 20-21 frames at the checkerboard.My spec was similar to yours,p4 3.4/2gb/7950 gt.I decided to get an immediate upgrade to a dual core e6850 and motherboard,same card and memory.The difference is nothing short of astounding in my case,I'm now getting 22-24 locked 24 in vc with pmdg747, 9dragons on approach and all the way through to touchdown, AND with all slders maxed ,50% woai traffic,asv6.5 with clouds.I only wish I had upgraded long before.regards Jim
  6. Hi I expect you've already tried this but just in case....A while back I had the exact same problem .After a lot of expense/effort it turned out to be overheating which removing the side panel instantly cured,and I now leave it permanently open. regards Jim
  7. Blimey Mike you were allowed to touch the jetty! ..at my base in the UK you needed to go on a course and be issued with a personal key to switch on and operate the jetty,something in my company both pilots and cabin crew were not allowed to get involved with.regards Jim
  8. Hi Chuck I neglected to mention ,on purpose, something that was done certainly in my day to allow security to know if an aircraft had been entered overnight.And out of interest the opening proceedure for doors /airstairs is in the public domain already and freely available. regards Jim:-bla
  9. 99% of the time in my cabin crew experience, ground engineers had already opened the door from the jetty or placed engineering steps up to the door and opened using the sunken door latch. Very occasionally after nightstopping at outstations and with a very early departure the flight crew would do the same to gain access ,I did it myself a few times.I remember also that with one aircraft,Bac 1-11 or 737 can't remember,from the ground you could activate the fwd airstairs then gain access to the door from outside.regards Jim
  10. I vaguely remember this happen to me with some aircraft a while back but only when the throttles were on idle,just put throttles to above idle to change frequency as a workaround,can't remember the fix.regards Jim
  11. Hi Clutch totally my fault of course,I was lowering down using F1 instead of 'A',this spotting business is almost as much fun as flying,how terribly sad...:-roll regards Jim
  12. I have tried to park on the two multi story car parks roofs as they have apparently been 'hardened' for 'anoraks' such as myself.I slew there,then un-slew but the aircraft sinks through to ground level everytime,and leaving it on slew works but cuts out all sound.Is there another way, or should I just grow up.....regards Jim
  13. David you're a hero for hanging in.You got it spot on,for some reason(serious lack of basic understanding) I assumed that all would be good changing what was suggested in the instructions,but of course WOAI or whatever other AI you use would need to be changed also.Simple and obvious(sadly not to me....)in hindsight.thanks again Cathay is now heading towards VHHX.regards Jim
  14. Thanks for hanging in there.1.)I went to world/scenery located original traffic bgl and renamed it Traffic_VHHX.bgl(sent copy of original to desktop).2)opened TT highlighted Traffic_VHHX.bgl clicked de-compile3)3x text files appeared in TT folder.4)Opened Airport txt file and added VHHX,N22*18.96',E114* 12.30',10(as instructed ,your coordinates are slightly differnt from the instructions) then file/save5)Opened flightplan txt file relaced VHHH with VHHX, after 2 mins file/save6)I did not touch the Aircraft txt file as the instructions did not mention to.7)Reopened TT,Recompiled.The Default traffic is landing /taking off fine at VHHX, but tons of WOAI traffic is circling all around a closed VHHH still with VHHH on their flightplan banners .thanks for helping regards Jim
  15. Yup David, I followed them as far as I know exactly parrot fashion having never used TT before.When I look in the flightplan folder in the TT folder (should a flightplan,aircraft,airport text file still be there ?) VHHH has been replaced with VHHX.regards Jim
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