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  1. Hi there,I am currently running the queen on FSX using Acceleration and Vista. I was just wondering what commands you are using for the operation of the doors??I have tried to assign an array of commands without success, particularly on the cargo version. I have even tried to add a command to operate the autobrakes unsuccessfully. I have however managaed to assign pushback control which work fine??I downloaded the lates version of the software this morning and followed instructions down to the t.Any assistance would be grately appreciated,Regards,James
  2. Hi,Do you have advanced animations selected??Regards,James
  3. Hi there,As you may or may not know Acceleration hits the shops in the UK tomorrow. I have purchased the PMDG 744X which i cannot strongly recommend. In my opinion it is the best add on to ever hit the flight sim community and the soundset is amazing!! Anyway, i'm currently running Windows Vista on my system and was wondering if the community who have FSX Acceleration can please give me an idea of how it performs with the 744X?? Does it have a detrimental effect on the frames??Many Thanks,James
  4. I have finally got round to purchasing the B744X and have recieved my confirmation and am attempting to download from the confirmation link and nothing is happening??I have downloaded other files without any problems,I'm using a download manager, does this cause problems with PMDG files??Regards,James
  5. Well,I get the impression that this is only happening with the 744X, maybe for some reason it has become corrupt. Reading previous posts it seems as though the users graphics drive is up to date.I do admit that i'm no computer wizz kid, just another fATPL'r!!RegardsJames
  6. Have you tried a complete removal and reinstallation of the 744X, it may help??RegardsJames
  7. I noticed that in one of the screenshots and did point it out, I thought it was fixed.I'm sure enough it's a simple tweak, maybe the team can tell us how to do it?Regards,James
  8. Hi,I was just wondering where the 744X update is, i was led to believe it would've been published a few days ago?I was looking forward to taking her for a spin this weekend, but maybe not:-)I look forward to an update,Regards,James
  9. Hi there,I went to a number of computer outlets yesterday to collect a copy of acceleration to be told it will not be released until 2/11. I was just wondering if there is a specific reason why it hasn't released on the same date worldwide? It seems a little unfair that we have to week over a week longer? I'm just a little curious:-)I look forward to flying FSX and hopefully fly stutter freeRegards,James
  10. Hi,I was just wondering if we can expect a small update or a few more screenshots it been a while since we heard anything. Although i understand everyone is concentrating on the B744X.I look forward to seeing both,Keep up the good work team, i for one am jolly grateful for all your hard work and the whole customer friendly PMDG experience,Regards,James
  11. Very impressive images,Just a quick question why are the Nav lights not located on the wing, the light seems to be ahead of the wing tip leading edge??Regards,James
  12. Well i must say i was very suprise when i signed in this morning!!What can i say except WOW!!! She looks very impressive, congratulations to you all at PMDG!!I am looking forward to the MD11!May i ask a few questions?Will the FSX version contain both the freighter and passenger version or does one have to purchase them seperately??Any chance of a few freighter screenies?:-)I am looking forward to seeing a lot more of the MD11 over the next few weeks, hopefully she won't disappear into the sunset for too long this time:-)RegardsJames
  13. Yeah come to think of it, i'd love to see some of the World Paints but for the FSX version.I have to admit I am a huge fan of the Union flag livery:-) Regards,James
  14. >A few years?>Give them a little credit. Expect sometime before next>christmas. Possibly, but very unlikely. It's a completely new 737 it's not an upgrade of the previous versions. I enjoy flying PMDG products they are as real as it gets - apart from flying the real thing, which shouldn't be too far away for me:-)But they have been known to surprise us before. >It may be out this christmas.>Quite frankley i'd be very suprised if we see the MD11 this side of Christmas. I'm not slattering PMDG, their products are superb!! If you're reading team your work is amazing, i look forward to hearing and seeing the MD11!!
  15. Hi Mika,PMDG never post release dates and i would suspect that we won't see the 737NGX for at least a few years yet!!We still don't have the MD11 and that's been in developments for many, many, many years.There is no doubt that it'll be a sensational product but like i say don't get to excited, it's a long long way off yet!!RegardsJames
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