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  1. Open MSFS. Wen to cockpit. hit V key to bring up map...CTD..Reloaded tried again...CTD.. Glitch they hopefully will fix soon......Dennis
  2. Mine is also missing after the new update...Dennis
  3. Any chance to get the CJ2 525 GTN 750 conversion from you? Thx for your help......Dennis     bardens42@gmail.com

    1. Novej757


      Absolutely, ill try to send it tonight!


  4. Thats what I thought but didn't seem to work..Let me try again...Thats the clue. Having standy Freq in such as atis and be able to swith back and forth...Lets try again....Dennis
  5. Must be someone out ther with an answer ? Dennis
  6. I know this is a simple question but how do you switch your frequencies in the CDU ? In the tune mode you can enter the different freqs but how do you switch between them. I notice a gauge that has the nav and com freqs but you can only type in the new freqs and doesn't seem to be able to swith to the ones in the CDU....Thx Dennis
  7. No it doesn't appear on my Airline list. I update taht quite regularly and am always adding nwe callsigns but I don't seem to have that one............Dennis
  8. I know that I should be able to do this myself but after many attempts it just doesnt work for me. Does anyone have the Focus callsign or know where to get it? I try and stay current on EVP and can upload callsigns but I don't see this callsign anywhere. Can anyone help me here or create it in EVP?...Thx....Dennis barden@cox.net
  9. Now don't flame me for " not reading the manual" as I did start to do that. I get no instrument displays nor can I fire up the radio display. I would like to know if I am missing somthing as I did fire up the APU and have battery power. I think I loaded the panel according to directions. Dennis
  10. Sorry I misread Tay for Spey. But these might still do you........Dennis
  11. May I suggest David Maltby's site. I think it is DMFltsim.com. He has a lot of British aircraft of which one is the Trident which is a 3 holer and he has RR Spey sounds for that aircraft. This might be what you are looking for........Dennis
  12. I notice they are starting to upload those files on Fltsim. You can download them without any problem although it takes a long time because of the file size....Dennis
  13. Do a search for Mexico Mesh and you will find the files starting about 7 or 8 down the list. Still unable to download them. Hope someone has an answer to this...............Dennis
  14. I disabled my Zonealarm Firewall and also my Norton Antivirus and still unable to download these files...........Dennis
  15. I've been waiting for someone else to address this problem. I also can't download those files. Thought maybe it was because of the file size but I can dowload other files of apporx the same size. I think I will disable my firewall ot my Norton and see if this will solve the problem....Dennis
  16. Same ad in the Tucson paper. Must be nationwide. Imagine paying $20.00 less than most people even though it probably won't work well on my setup until I get a new computer. Will buy it on the 17th anyway....Dennis
  17. Thx George. Sometimes its hard to spot something thats right in front of you....Dennis
  18. I am trying to load the new Air Transat flightplans and I can not find the models for the FSPainter A330-200 and A330-300 rr models. I tried every search mode possible and the only model I found has ge engines. Anyone know the files for these and where to find them?....Dennis
  19. I am having the same problem. Most all of So Amer from about Lima on south. All my lakes are like that in the mountain regions. Also airports on a high plateau. I have added plenty of airport addons but I can't seem to find any landclass or mesh I've added. Could a particular airport addon be causing this? Dennis
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