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  1. Actually, that wasn't all. There are some files that have the 3 letter airport designator in it.I usually make a new folder named removed and cut & paste the files I'm removing into it. It'a a lot faster than renaming individual files.Rick
  2. If you want to remove 1 certain airport from thos scenery collection, say ENCN, is removing all files with ENCN sufficient, or are there other files in the Scenery folder that have to be removed too? Obviously the AFCAD also!Thanks!Rick
  3. It seems that for some reason the exclude & flatten switches in the scenery.cfg file get attached to some other scenery. So even though you deleted the scenery, and removed KIAD from the scenery library, the exclude & flatten are still there. Open your scenery.cfg file and look through all entries and look for:Exclude=N38 59 08 27,W77 30 19 13,N38 54 46 73,W77 25 36 20,allThe flatten switch will follow. Simply remove these 2 lines, or comment them out, and the default KIAD will return. Then you can add Blueprints KIAD without any further problems.Remember, the exclude & flatten can be under any scenery entry!!Hope this helps out!Rick
  4. I found the problem with mine. The exclude & flatten attached itself to another entry. Look through your Scenery.CFG, and find this;Exclude=N38 59 08 27,W77 30 19 13,N38 54 46 73,W77 25 36 20,allThere is a flatten with it also. Removing these or commenting them out brings back the default KIAD!Rick
  5. If it's happening at or near the same spot, from my experience it could be a bad texture, duplicate AFCAD's, a bad AFCAD, etc. Did you fly all of the flights at the same time of day? Try flying at a different time, or even a different season and see if that works. If it does, you probably have a bad texture file. Scan for duplicates. Or better yet, fly a short flight approaching that area from the same direction and see if FS crashes. If it does you know for sure there is a problem in that scenery area.Hope this helps!Rick
  6. >>>>LoL.....try contacting them about the 757 or 727, and see if>>you get the same treatment. :-lol>>As I stated in my other reply, you'll probably get a>response>>about the FSX C-130, ONLY because it is their premier>product>>at the moment (just like the 757, 727, 707 was way back>>when).>>>>Being nice and/or positive is irrelevant with any product>>other than the FSX C-130, because they equally ignore>niceness>>and meanness. >>>>If I was a developer, and saw what was possible with the C-130>in FSX; I'd be bored to death, trying to complete a "has been">aircraft for FS9 too! >>A bored developer will no longer create products worth having,>so why worry about it! I rest my case....>>L.Adamson --- C/S C-130, and 727 exterior They don't seem "too bored" to continue to take people's money!!! If you are too bored to finish the project, or to support it, perhaps they should take it off the market, and quit taking people's money. In this day of litigation, I'm surprised a "class action" lawsuit hasn't been taken against them. I'm no lawyer, but with all the promises that are in print and easily available, it would seem to a pretty easy case!Rick
  7. I agree with Shez. My only complaint is the lack of approaches.Rick
  8. Jet City Aircraft offered a free 717 awhile back. I beleive it is still avail. on their website. It has no panel, but the model more than makes up for it. Use their "free" 717, add a panel from Avsim, and you're set!Rick
  9. >Beginning with the just released V1.24 beta, a Yaw Damper>toggle is now provided through FSUIPC offset 6D11 (set value 4>to toggle the yaw damper switch). You can use FSUIPC to>program a joystick button or a key, as desired.>>Cheers>>Bob Scott>ATP IMEL Gulfstream II-III-IV-V>Santiago de ChileThank you Bob!!!Rick
  10. This is the program; nam_seasons.zipAll it is, is just the bgl file that you put into one of your scenery folders. If you renamed it, and you now have snow, you do not need to do anything else. As far as I know, it was not part of any other program. If you have snow now in Albany, you are using the default Microsoft parameters.Rick
  11. I found something myself yesterday. Chicago and up to MIlwaukee had no snow either. After doing some searching, I came across something that jogged my memory. There was an update done, (I forget the author), to the NAM_seasons.bgl, which changed some snow patterns. I believe it added snow to some areas, according to government survey info. For me though, flying around CHicago, I found I had no snow until January. Renaming this file to a .xxx and reverting back to MS's original file, I started seeing patches of snow after Nov. 21, and now have snow cover.Did you update this file? I just loaded up FS at KALB, and I have snowy winter textures!Rick
  12. Does anyone know of any better files for the airport polygon grass textures? The winter textures (not hard winter) are really bad. I thought I had some better ones that blend better with GE Pro. I have found bmp''s that change the detail, but they do no change the colors. I believe these are the 139xxxx.bmp thru 143xxxx.bmp in the scenery/world/texture folder.Thanks!Rick
  13. The problem seems to be when landing in a cross wind. It's like there is not enough rudder to come out of the crab with it on. At that point it's too late to go to the overhead to turn it off without missing the runway because of inattention. With other panels, the function can be set to a button on your yoke, so a simple thumb movement turns it off without taking your eyes off the approach.It's too bad this can't be accomplished here. I thought I read on an earlier post you were working on some trick to allow more rudder movement during crosswind landings!Rick
  14. Is there a way to assign a switch on my yoke for the YAw Damper? What I have assigned now that works on most a/c, does not work on this a/c. Is there an Offset Byte Parameter to assign like for the flaps?Thanks!Rick
  15. Thanks Craig, just what I was looking for!!Rick
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