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  1. Hello,Can someone help me to get tomorrows (or todays)Flightplan from RJAA (tokyo) to EHAM (schiphol) Flt: KL0862(KLM862)Dep Time is unkown to mo but it shoudl arrive at 15:10 UTC.Thanks in Advance,Jacir
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    Samy,U R GREAT!!Thank you so much!!!Jacir
  3. jazer


    Hi all,I'm looking for last thursdays (5th july) flight plan from EHAM to LIMC. Flown with easyJet.com. Call was EZY4326 and SDT was 09.25lt (07.25Z)I'm also looking for the return flight from LIMC to EHAM flown this afternoon (7th july) also with easyJet.com. Call was EZY4326 and SDT was 12.55LT (10.55Z).Thanks in advance,Jacir van Wijk
  4. Hi,Thanks for the flight plan ;)Regads,Jacir
  5. Goodevening all,I'd like to request tomorrows flightplan From Schiphol (EHAM) to New York JFK (KJFK). Flight number KL0641, Codeshare NW8641. Scheduled departure time is 11.20UTC (13.30 Local). Type 772.If possible could you also please add the Remarks of the FP?Thanks in advance! Best regards,Jacir van Wijk
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    737 NG Autoland.

    If, I am correct, It will switch on automatically AP C and R when intercepting the gs.Jacir
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    18MAY07 - General Updates

    Hi all,Thanks for the detailed news!i'd like to ask if PMDG already has decided if they'llintegrate multicrew flying (FSX). Just like the maddog2006.That would be perfect!Best Regards,Jacir
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    Hi,Im looking for Sundays (25-2) Flight plan from EHAm to KLAX.KL601.Thanks in advance,Jacir
  10. Hey Everyone,I'm looking for tomorrows Flight plan From EHAM (AMS) schiphol to LIPX (VER)villafranca. Also for the back flight. TRA5461 EHAM-> LIPX. TRA5462 LIPX -> EHAM. 11.30Z Departure time.Thanks in Advance.Jacir
  11. Hi,I'd like to request the FP for the flight of the 2th of february to KJFK for EHAM with a B744 KLM641.thanks,jacir
  12. jazer

    Request: KLM EHAM-KJFK 27-01

    thanks samy!
  13. jazer

    Request: KLM EHAM-KJFK 27-01

    For the info,it's KL0641