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  1. You could have a look here.http://www.ultimatega.com/Under downloads, general aviation flightplans. They have some semi realistic flight plans for the HS125-800 and 800XP. You could have a look at those, plus there might be other packages that may catch your eye.Hope this helps.Glenn
  2. Rick, If you do a search for Chris Grall in the FS2002 - Repaint section you can get some of the 737-300s. Also do a search for Southwest Bodack Shahsafdari in the library and that should give you a few more 737-300s and 737-500s. By the way Ai Aardvark web site is still up, I just checked it out. Some of the links are dead, like the ones for 737-300 repaints by chris Rueter, but that may be because those files are no longer here at avsim. Also you might want to do a search over at flightsim.com for his repaints and others. Hope this helps.Glenn
  3. You are in the right place, afcad is used to add parking to your airport, also what you need is traffic tool v2.02, to add flight plans to your airport. I am not sure if you can find it here at avsim but you can get it at flightsim.com for sure. Just read the readme file, which is rather long, but that should help you.As far as using afcad to add parking spots, I believe it makes a copy of the orignial airport, so you can go back to it if you mess things up. Plus it would not hurt to do a search in the FSX forum for info on adding AI traffic, since that used to be the FS9 forum. I am sure you could find alot of useful information by doing that.Hope this helps.Glenn
  4. Gavin I think that the base model are in the paintkit for this aircraft. You can go here to get a link to the paintkit files, http://www.ai-aardvark.com/aiaircraft/repa...00/747_400.html I am not sure which 747 model you are looking for, there are four listed on the site. I hope this helps, and good luck.Glenn
  5. They changed there URL.http://www.retroai.org/Glenn
  6. Thanks for the reply Benjamin and Alex, that is what I was afraid of after reading this thread. It is to bad because that would have been a really nice feature to add, and it would have moved traffic along alot quicker.Glenn
  7. First of all I don't own FSX right now, but playing around with the demo, I heard something that got me excited about ATC. But now I am not sure. I was doing a mission, landing with the CRJ, and after I touched down, the tower instructed the 747 to position and hold, and then when I was clear, they cleared them for takeoff. I was going to ask this question but thought I would but it in this thread. Does the normal ATC do this, or is it just during the missions? I was hoping that they added this, but from reading your responses it sounds like that ATC acts the same as FS9. I have always been frustrated that you have to wait until they are clear of the runway before you get cleared for takeoff. It would speed up traffic if they would do this. ThanksGlenn
  8. Hey Gerhard>Assume a flightplan with a flight between only 2 airports (not>too far away from each other) and only once a week. This>implies that actually the plane has to stay at one of the two>ports in question (perhaps even at both of them) for some>days, and evidently this does not occur (as can be watched in>FS9 either by the Traffic Explorer or by direct looking at the>airport involved through the bird's perspective at different>times of the day and the week. This could be true as I have not used those programs. In my experince I have not seen them disapear. But then again I would have to simulate an entire week to see if this were true.>I wrote a program which - for any selected airport with AI>traffic - lists hour by hour for a selected day anywhere in>the week the number of "sleeping" aircraft. When writing this>program, I assumed exactly the statement of your message, i.e.>at a given time, I checked the flightplans within FS9 for each>aircraft, sitting at that airport at that time. The result is>that my program lists much more aircraft at the airport at>that time than can be seen on the corresponding bird's>perspective screenshot (which, on the other hand, coincides>with the list within the Traffic Explorer).Again have not used the program. You can have as many planes as you want at an airport, but they will not all show up unless you have the space for all of them. So lets say your program shows 20 aircraft, but the airport only has space for 10, then you would only see those 10 planes and the other 10 would not show up. Maybe that is why your are getting those results, your airports don't have enough spots. Just a thought. But then again I do not stay at airports long enough to see what really happens.I would like to know what would really happen in this next situation, but I just don't stay around long enough. Lets say a plane lands, but there are no empty parking spots, it will disapear. But it may as you say appear sometime before it is time for it to depart, if there is an empty spot for it to start from. Not really sure if that would happen or not, but would be interested in finding out.Glenn
  9. Gerhard, The plane will be visible until the flight plan tells it it is time to depart. So if it lands at 7:00am but does not depart until 7:00pm then it will sit there for 12 hours. I would guess that most airline traffic is on the ground during the day from 30 minutes to 1hr. Also, if there are no empty gates, the plane will disapear on the runway and never taxi to a gate.When you start your flight, I beleive that the program will place all planes that would depart in the future, plus the ones that were supposed to depart 10 minutes ago (I think that is the time) from that time.Hope this helps.Glenn
  10. Sorry for a late response but I just saw this post, not sure if you have got it working yet. I have the that joystick, have been using it since FS98. I have FS2004 running on XP and it works just fine for me. I just went into the Control Panel under game controllers, selected add, and then selected microsoft sidewinder (auto detect). Mine is a USB, not sure if you have that or not. Hope you get it to work.Glenn
  11. Tom, I am no expert and I do not have the eaglesoft citation x, but I did look at the approach. In your description you talk about approaching the feather at 3800. Which I assume is the outer marker, Dumor? If this is the case, then you should have been down to 2800 when you pass over the marker. Looking at the approach plate you would pass over LHY at 3800 until you reach Cosby intersection. Once you pass Cosby you would start your turn and start your desent to 2800 so that you are at 2800 when you pass the outer marker. I am not sure if this is part of your problem or if you already knew this info, if so sorry. Also sorry I could not help by flying it because I do not own that aircraft.Glenn
  12. I am glad that they have the two forums now as well. RJ, Just out of curiosity I looked just now to see where your post was that you have link there, and I found it on page 12, after only 3 days. Also to respond to that post, I just starting using FS9 a year ago, before that I had FS2002 which I bought about 2 months before FS9 was released. I upgraded from FS98, nevered owned fs 2000. So I suspect that I will be flying FS9 for a long time to come. Anytime I think that I will want to upgrade to FSX, I will just fire up my FS98, fly with that for about an hour, so when I go back to FS2004 it will look great. Maybe by the time FS11 is ready to be released I will go to FSX, who knows.Glenn
  13. Hey Jeremy, In my above response I was useing the mooney bravo in fs2004 and the CDI needle stays on the left side when I spin it around. But I relize now that that it stays on the left side of me looking at the instrument and not the needle. You are obviously correct when saying that it moves right to left, I just got confused, which then confused me on what CFO was trying to say. So I was thinking that it was on the left when pointing at 090, but now know that it was really to the right, which put me to the north. Thanks for clearning that up for me. I hope that was not to confusing, I seem to be doing that alot lately.Glenn
  14. After looking at your diagram, I think I got myself confused on the flag. I was thinking it would change from TO/FROM by changing the OBS, but it doesn't, it will only change with the plane flying past it. So I was thinking that by having the TO on the 090 I would be west, but I would realy be east of the vor and north. So I think I was wrong by saying NW, I should have said NE. So it would be in front and to the left. That makes the most since to me.Glenn
  15. I could be way wrong on this but this is may thinking. Wouldn't your plane be NW of the VOR. Somewhere between 270 and 360. If the CDI needle was to the left, then that would put you north of the 090 radial, and if the TO flag is on then you would be west of the Vor. You would have to turn left to intercept it. So I would look over my left shoulder between 9 and 6 o'clock, being that 12 o'clock is the direction I am going. I don't think it matters if the OBS is set to 090 or 270 except for the TO/From flag. If you tuned in the 270 then the only thing that would change is the flag. Like I said I could be wrong in my thinking but that is what I came up with.Glenn
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