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  1. Hans-Christian

    South America Scenery

    Hello dear OSM-Team, I want to thank all of You for creating this wonderful mega-project! I am speechless, the whole continent of South-America in such a detail. Never had so much fun, exploring your work! My best wishes to all of You, Thank You! Hans-Christian
  2. Hi Jim and Damian,thanks for your ideas and help!Finally I found a "workaround" to solve my problem. :-). I still don
  3. Hi Jim,thanks for your response.Yes, I can access to your and any web-site.I did no changes on my system.Scanned for spyware with spybot and fixed all problems.But ASv6 still can
  4. Hi,I never had any problems before to get connected to server 1 or 2, but since yesterday I cannot download the current weather. (Asv6 (build 464),Online Mode, Status: (Connecting to HiFi DataNet) Active wx: 12150Z).I disabled the firewall and AntiVir Guard, but without success.Do you have an idea, how I can solve this problem?Thanks in advance,regardsHans-Christian
  5. Hi Jim,thanks for Your fast reply! You created a really great program (which is running on my medium sized machine without any problems), offering free updates und give fast and friendly support for a fair price.Thanks a lot! I have fun!RegardsHans-Christian
  6. Hi,using ASV, I had to convert the textures to DXT3 and got a new DXTTextures folder under Active Environment.Now I upgraded to ASv6 and can
  7. Hans-Christian

    A319 crashes when AP enabled

    Hi,"Shock your parents and read a book"In my case it should be: This forum too has a search function... :-roll I am sorry but very glad too, because the reason for the problem was the setting of the FSUIPC (the trim-axis on the technical page...), which didn
  8. Hans-Christian

    A319 crashes when AP enabled

    Hi PSS-Support-Team,I need your help on my problem with the A319.Everytime I enable the AP after take-off,the Airbus starts descending and finally is falling like a rock.I never had problems with the MCDU and on several flights with the A330 just before, everything worked fine.So I am quite sure I did the preflight preparation well and entered all necessary datas into the MCDU. I have no problems taking off and I am right in the center of the FD cross, when I enable the AP in managed mode.ZFW and Block-Fuel (in this case 54.8 and 6.8 kgs) is entered correct on the INI page, but, different to the A330, the GW values on the FUELPRED page are not displayed up on the left side (Blue letters).As I have no idea, what I might have forgotten or done wrong, it would be kind, if you could help.Regards,Hans-Christian
  9. Hans-Christian

    A330: Compass turns for abaout 60 - 90

    Hi Rob,you wrote it very carefully (thank you), but I think that it is the right direction. I
  10. Hans-Christian

    A330: Compass turns for abaout 60 - 90

    Hi Nico,thanks for your reply."no active af2 files"; to be precise: That
  11. Hans-Christian

    A330: Compass turns for abaout 60 - 90

    Hi John,Heading is ok, 236
  12. Hans-Christian

    A330: Compass turns for abaout 60 - 90

    Hi Norman,1. Several times the heading switched immediatly, or after about 15 minutes at the origin (EDDM); aicrafts heading at the gate turned from 350
  13. Dear Support Team,not a week ago I purchased the A330 via download, having so much fun with Airbus Pro.As written in the thread "A320 Heading Problem", I have a weird Problem only with the A330: Immeditatly at the origin (for instance after loading the flightplan for IFR in FS) or after at least 2 or 3 hours of flying, the compass with the displayed runway turns all of a sudden for up to 90
  14. Hello,I just detected, that above mentioned file of Stephan Leppek is reported as a broken link, "lost file"But there is only a dot "." missing between Name and zip. I inserted the dot into my browser and then it worked.Maybe you will change this.With kind regards and thanks for your wonderful Airbuses,Hans-Christian
  15. Hans-Christian

    A320 heading problem

    Dear Support Team,just to let you know:there are no active af2 files around,meshes and landclass are ok,I always start Fs with the default cessna.regards,Hans-Christian