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  1. Ya same here. It has trouble following GS and LOC, anyone else experiencing this ?
  2. The L1011 INS isn't clickable, Ive had this bird for a while but never used the INS to navigate. I'm going to do my first trans pacific flight tomorrow but I will need the INS to navigate. Anyone else having this issue.
  3. how do you input tracks into the PSS 777 FMS, I'm doing a flight right now and wanna know pretty quick
  4. ahh i figured that, I just updated my fsnav and wilco and LDS now its time for PMDG, thanks.
  5. does anyone have a problem with the newly added runway 10 at KATL, with there PMDG 737 or 747. I have installed both the www.planepath.com cycle 0706 and the additional one from avsim by Dan Downs. when i input KATL into the FMS i get "error runway 10 known" and theres no runway data or sid/star's.
  6. It is perfectly normal to enter a waypoint of that nature. The FMS in a real 747 can hold a waypoint of more than 6 characters. How do you think they enter PACOTS and NATA's. So that should answer your question.
  7. KATL is completely missing from my pmdg nav database. I looked in the folder and KATl is there but when I try and file a FP in the FMS it says "error runway 10 unknown" ??oops my fault I see KATL has added another runwawy, rwy 10 didn't even know :-0
  8. this is got to be the most rediculous topic I've ever seen
  9. >I have noticed of late, all of a sudden, that when I program>a flightplan through the FMC, the heading to a nav point seems>to be incorrect.>>For example yesterday I was flying ORD-BOS, when I was flying>direct ALB, the FMC showed my heading should be 090, I kept>flying 090 but in FSNav it looked like I was off course, when>checking in FSNav the actual heading to get me there was 106.>>I don't start my flights cold and dark, usually always with>everything up and running and I program my flights via the FMC>the same way each time I fly, I haven't changed any procedures>lately, any ideas?>>Thanks,>>Tomyou shouldn't fly with FSNAV when using PMDG thats pointless and defeats the purpose of the PMDG simulation.>>>>
  10. >Hi,>Flying PSS 320, can I use PSS 330's panel instead of 320's and>without any trouble? Thanks in advance.>Regards,>TCCwhy would you want to do that as because you can fly the A320 fine. Just trim the A320 to -1.8UP before takeoff and go here C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9AircraftPSSAB-Propanel/ window08 size mm to 2,2 now your A320 will work fine with its original panel.
  11. before takeoff trim to -1.8UP and go to C:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator 9AircraftPSSAB-Propanel go to window 08 and change the size mm to 2,2
  12. MAtteo your not suppposed to climb with FLEX or TOGA you climb with "CLB"!!!!!!! If you press the + or - keys you will find the CLB config. Also I understand you have to use manual throttle but by applying full power if you were in a real airbus you would probably damage the engines by using full power. I think you need to press the - key either 2 or 3 times to get to the CLB mode.
  13. MAtteoLIPH you are missing something that I missed myself when I was flying the PSS A330/340. You must press the "+" and "-" keys on the num pad to set your AT to FLX CLB and normal AT. Right after takeoff press the "-" key so you can be in climb AT mode. Your ECAM should say "CLB" then your N1 limit will be around 98%. Also read the tutorial manual as it is stated in that. Its important to read that.check out my previous post http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...2&topic_id=8179
  14. OH MY GOD after all this time and confusion, I finally got the AP to work correctly. I wasnt pressing the "-" and "+" sign on the num pad. Thats why i couldnt get my TOGA and CLB AT settings. thanks for help now im doing my 4th flight with the pss A343 tahiti TN21 LFPG KLAX, well back to LA again.
  15. the mach I was at was .818 and the n1 limit which was 89% was not enough power for it to maintain that mach. And clearly not enough power to climb and reach stable mach .82 The planes speed would drop dramatically. Also i know 98-100% n1 is too much power for cruise im not not that new to airbus I was only referring to climb phases. But I just read the tutorial again and I see i missed some steps so my next flight I will try these new steps. As long as my default flight is set with engines off and avionics on do i have to start with the cessna or can i start with the pss airbus.
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