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  1. Cathy from Lexington? If so, you can email me @ jregan68@gmail.com

  2. Andy,There is one 737NG panel that I found here on Avsim. Do a search for Paul Scarratt and the PS Panels 737NG panel will show up. I personally think it if the best freeware panel out there.John
  3. Have you changed the .air or .cfg files for this aircraft. I changed these files not to long ago and had error messages whenever I tried to load the loadedit program. Changing them back to the default fixed the problem.John
  4. Just an update. I went back to FSUIPC 3.12 and all my problems disappeared. Has anyone else had any problems with 3.53?Thanks,John
  5. Thanks, I did that several times. I received an email from the developers and they said to switch to an earlier version of FSUIPC. I was using 3.53 and switched back to 3.12 which was the last version I was using. Well, everything works perfectly now and I couldn't be happier. Thanks to everyone who offered advice!!Thanks,John
  6. >I am curious why you're using shortcut keys rather than>mousing on the buttons. Have you tried it that way? I have>no idea what CTRL-H is supposed to do, btw.CRTL-H is mapped by default to MCP HDG selector pull. I have tried using the keyboard shortcut and mousing the knobs. I was using the keyboard shortcut because that is the way the tutorial is written and I didn't want to leave something out by mistake.>What cruise flight level do you have programmed in the MCDU? >And did you load page 2 of the init with block fuel etc?The cruise flight level is set at FL310 and the ZFW and fuel block were set correctly. I was using the CYYZ-KORD tutorial because I thought I was overlooking something and I wanted to make sure the fault wasn't something I was ommiting either due to programming or system management. >Regards>>Bob Scott>ATP IMEL Gulfstream II-III-IV-V L-300>Santiago de Chile>If you can suggest anything else, I'll give it a try.Thanks again,John
  7. Thanks for the help. I tried everything which you suggested. No luck. I have sent an e-mail to the developers and I am just waiting for a response. I was hoping that someone else had this problem and thus a solution. If you have anymore suggestions, I'll give them a try.Thanks again,John
  8. Well, I tried loading the default cessna at KSEA. Then loaded the PSS A330. Then changed to CYYZ as per the tutorial. After start-up of engines and programming the FMC as per the tutorial, I proceeded to take off. Pressed the crtl-h key then the z key. Altitude was set at 5000 ft and displayed in blue on the PFD. I was at 2200 ft when I pressed the z key. The plane wouldn't climb as it should. I fear that I might have to do a re-install but as I am on dial-up, I dread the time it will take. Do you have anymore suggestions before I take the plunge?Thanks again,John
  9. Thanks Bob. I haven't thought of that (the "z" key). I'll give it a try and let you know.
  10. >>In FSUIPC (registered) on the technical page make sure>"Discon>>Elev axis for A/P" is NOT checked.>>This is what upset the A320 for me some time ago when I>changed the setting to accomodate the Feelthere/PIC 737. As>soon as I switched on AP, the aircraft nose dived. Forgot to>switch it back.>>Tony Thanks Tony for replying back. I have tried just about everything and I am about to pull my hair out. A week ago, the A330 functioned perfectly. The only change I made to MSFS is the upgrade th FSUIPC 3.53. I have gone back to 3.47 and even 3.12 and deleted the FSUIPC .ini file each time. Still no luck.John
  11. Thanks for replying. I have managed to do that but I can't figure if there's a switch to turn on the avaionics. Whan the aircraft loads, the engines are running but there is nothing displayed on the PFD or the FMC.
  12. Hello. I hope that someone can help me with what I feel is a stupid question. I recently downloaded the iFly 747. I have read the manual but I can't figure how to turn on the avionics ie: PFDs and FMC. Mabye I am overlooking something from the manual. Thanks in advance for the halp.John
  13. Rob,Thanks for the reply. I have been flying the A330 for about a year now with no problems. I reflew the tutorial again using your suggestions.>Some things to check:>>Icing is a problem at this time of year so make sure your>pitot heat is on when going through clouds. >Pitot heat was on...still have the problem.>In FSUIPC (registered) on the technical page make sure "Discon>Elev axis for A/P" is NOT checked.>The box is NOT checked...same problem>Have you got the correct alt entered in the Alt window on the>FCU and also the cruise level properly entered into the PROG>page of the MCDU? And are you pressing (left click) the alt>knob to ensure you are in managed alt mode?>Double checked...still will not climb in managed alt mode.>And finally, you're not trying to fly the Airbus with just the>keyboard are you. It does require a joystick. Sorry to ask but>a while back we were trying to find a solution to all sorts of>probems a pilot had, and eventually it turned out he wasn't>using a joystick!>Joystick works just fine. Tried recalibrating it...still no luck.>Rob Elliott, EGPE Inverness>PSS Airbus Support and>Airbus Fleet Training Captain, British Airways Virtual >airbus@speedbirdonline.co.uk>http://www.speedbirdonline.co.uk/airbus.html>http://www.bavirtual.co.ukI am still scratching my head. Could FSUIPC 3.53 be the problem? If so, I may try reinstalling the A330 from the website. Or changing back to an earlier version of fsuipc. What version is included with the package.Thanks for all your help.John
  14. Just a little more information. When I press the "z" key as in the tutorial, I get a-floor and TOGA LK messages. I have flown this tutorial many times. I had been flying other routes and started to have these problems. I went back to the tutorial to see if I was overlooking something. The only thing I have done is upgrade to FSUIPC 3.53. I tried to go back to an older version but still no luck.Thanks again,John
  15. I hope someone can help me. I was flying from CYYZ to KORD using the tutorial from the PSS web site. After following the manual exactly, upon climb-out, I press crtl-h, then "-" to set climb thrust then "z" for AP1. The problem is that the aircraft pitches down and will not climb using the MCDU. I have flown this tutorial before without problems. I hope that it something I am overlooking.Thanks,John
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