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  1. I agree completely. It's much more enjoyable than the modern ways of navigating.
  2. Vampire_NZ

    Civa programming problems

    Hi Tim,Sure sounds like you're doing everything correctly. You're also right about the red warn light coming on as a result of the unit being somewhere other than where it was last time. Once the warn light comes on, clear it by pushing the 'Test' switch 2 or 3 times and this should clear it and allow the alignment to continue as per normal.Hope this helps,
  3. Vampire_NZ

    mcp ???...autopilot

    Sorry, nothing quite so sophisticated I'm afraid. Have a look in the FAQ topic at the top of the forum. There's link to a guide on how to use the autopilot/flight director in the Tinmouse panel.Hope this helps.
  4. Vampire_NZ

    Missing folder in V1.1

    Bob,These things happen to the best of us:D Just to change the subject somewhat, in my previous post I also meant to say thanks a lot to you and everyone involved in the project. It truly is a fantastic project.
  5. Hi guys,This may or may not be an issue, but when once unzipped, it appears that there's no "panel.B732ADV" folder in the "fsfsconv" folder. As a result, if unzipped straight into the FS9 folder as per the readme, all the panel files just end up in the "fsfconv" folder.Of course those of us with a previous version installed can just copy into the correct location and overwrite as necessary, but new users may not be aware of it.Anyway just thought I'd mention it in case anyone was having problems.Regards,
  6. Thanks for that. Will order a new copy real soon then.Regards,
  7. Howdy, gentlemen.Following a recent total FS re-install, I discovered much to my horror, that I've mislaid my R4D/DC-3/C-47 cd. If I purchase a replacment copy, will it include the All-Theaters expansion or will I need to d/load it?Thanks is advance.
  8. Hi guys,Forgive me if this is incorrect, maybe it's a bug, maybe not. It's my understanding that the "Speedbrake Armed" light should only come on when the speedbrake is in the armed position. At the moment mine seems to come on anytime the speedbrake is deployed as well.Anyway, just thought I'd mention it. It's hardly a big deal and certainly isn't stopping me from enjoying the aircraft. Thanks for all the hard work.Regards,David.
  9. Vampire_NZ

    PMDG Ops Registration

    Yup,I did change it on my eCommerce account sometime between my first purchases and my latest, hence the query as to which one to use to register with PMDG Ops. I figured it'd just be the current eCommerce one but just wanted to make sure.Thanks again, and thanks also for the PMDG Ops idea. I'm already putting together some thoughts for a new article.
  10. Vampire_NZ

    Ian Warren's Christchurch v2 scenery help

    Hi guys,Near as I can tell, there's three versions available: NZCH_04v1 NZCH_04v2 NZCH_05v1 (notice the 05 instead of 04)The 05 version seems to be the latest and supercedes the 04 versions. It's not available in the AVSIM file library however. You can get it over at by searching for the filename nzch05v1.zipPersonally I recommend this in conjunction with the which is designed specifically for the 05 version of NZCH and can be found is the combo I'm using at the moment and it seems to work very well.Hope this helps.
  11. Vampire_NZ

    PMDG Ops Registration

    Will do. Thanks Ryan.
  12. Vampire_NZ

    PMDG Ops Registration

    I'm sure this is probably a silly question, but with regard to using the email address I used when purchasing my PMDG products, what if I've changed it?Originally I was using a Hotmail address when I purchased the 737s and 744 pax. I'm now using a proper address which is the one I use to login the the PMDG E-commerce section and is also the one I used to purchase the 744 freighter.So would I be correct in using the current non-Hotmail address to register for PMDG Ops?Thanks.
  13. Vampire_NZ

    No freq under ILS/MLS in NAVRAD

    >>Go the 'Canes!Here's hoping anyway :D
  14. Vampire_NZ

    No freq under ILS/MLS in NAVRAD

    Yup, the ILS-MLS line will only display PARK until 200nm from either the T/D or destination airport (can't remember which :) ). In the mean time, if you want to enter it manually, use the format: FFF.F/CRS, for example, here in Wellington the ILS for Rwy 16 would be entered as 110.3/161I'm about to go take the Queen for a fly anyway so I'll see if I can't come up with some more info for you as well.