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  1. Hello, Shad.Thank you for answer, but it isn't that what I want.How it make from C++ gauge or module ?Or how to make creeping line or red text field ? Without recourse bitmaps.Cheers, Alex.[a href=http://www.sibwings.com/]http://www.sibwings.com/banner/sw_developer.gif[/a]
  2. Hello,Please, can anyone say how to create tranperency window like ATC window or Flying Tip window ? I've seen some product with own "info window". But how it make ?Thanks,Alex.[a href=http://www.sibwings.com/]http://www.sibwings.com/banner/sw_developer.gif[/a]
  3. Ok Luka, thank you :)Alex.[a href=http://www.sibwings.com/]http://www.sibwings.com/banner/sw_developer.gif[/a]
  4. Thanks :)I'm sleepy and eyes let down me :(Thank you Luka and Bill.Alex.[a href=http://www.sibwings.com/]http://www.sibwings.com/banner/sw_developer.gif[/a]
  5. Hi,darov :)I can't open your link.Ok, but if I want to get this value without FUSIPC and other third party gauges and modules. It's possible ?Thanks :)Alex.[a href=http://www.sibwings.com/]http://www.sibwings.com/banner/sw_developer.gif[/a]
  6. HelloAnybody know how can I get state of sound in FS from XML or C++ gauge ?I found key events SOUND_OFF,SOUND_ON,SOUND_SET,SOUND_TOGGLEBut I can't find how I can see in what state is sound subsystem in msfs.Alex.[a href=http://www.sibwings.com/]http://www.sibwings.com/banner/sw_developer.gif[/a]
  7. Hello,After (L:Light_Right,enum) 50 50 * + you have 2499-2501 numbers range in stack.If you wanna have range from 0 to 100 write:(L:Light_Right,enum) 50 * 50 + or 50 (L:Light_Right,enum) 50 * +Alex.
  8. Hi, Thank you for answer !this is my mail: petrochen@gmail.comI'll be glad get any helpful info on my e-mail :) any source code or info. Thank you again.soory for my English :)Alex.
  9. Hi again.Could you please say, where I can get definition of this fuction:>chain_insert2(CHAIN_18HZ_SYNC, System_18Hz, NULL, 0);>chain_insert2(CHAIN_1HZ_SYNC, System_1Hz, NULL, 0);>register_key_event_handler( (GAUGE_KEY_EVENT_HANDLER)KeyHandler, NULL);Where I compile project, I get this message:----------------------------------------------.module.cpp(16) : error C2065: 'CHAIN_18HZ_SYNC' : undeclared identifier.module.cpp(16) : error C2065: 'System_18Hz' : undeclared identifier.module.cpp(16) : error C3861: 'chain_insert2': identifier not found.module.cpp(17) : error C2065: 'CHAIN_1HZ_SYNC' : undeclared identifier.module.cpp(17) : error C2065: 'System_1Hz' : undeclared identifier.module.cpp(17) : error C3861: 'chain_insert2': identifier not found.module.cpp(18) : error C2065: 'KeyHandler' : undeclared identifier----------------------------------------------In Gauge.h I didn't find declaretion of this fuction.Sorry for my English. :)Thanks.Alex.
  10. Thanks , Bill !I knews it, but I do not understand why tag do not work :(Alex.
  11. Hi there, I have some parts like that:S91_LDG_down(A:GEAR POSITION, percent) 0 >1S91_LDG_up(A:GEAR POSITION, percent) int0First part visible when landing gear is getting down greater than 1 percent. Second part visible when landing gear up and locked Why both parts not visible in aircraft preview window ?Alex.
  12. At avsim com you were mentored that Saab Safir is in your favor, our work should me interested for you :) http://www.sibwings.com/
  13. Hello there, All Atl-code you can see on this web page:http://www.worldnames.net/unicode/alt-codes-for-symbols.htmAlex.
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