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  1. Hello,Me too. I've followed the instructions per JD's email for an FS9 installation only (update 4.2 to 4.3) and got the same message "Runtime error 6 overflow" when rebuilding the database.I've tried restarting my pc and still getting the same message.Any ideas?ThanksAndy
  2. It's available here:http://www.adamec.net/fs/download.htmLook for PMDG 737-NG Advanced Tutorial V2.pdf 20612 kbIt's very good - working through it at the momentAndy
  3. Hi Craig,I'm really glad that you've posted this and I agree wholeheartedly with what you've said. I did post a message a few days ago in similar vein but had no reply.The problem is that for me and I guess some others, I can't for various reasons often set enough time aside to do a whole flight so ideally I want to save my current position and come back to it later to carry on. I then have the same problems you've described - APU not running, messed up FMC etc. It's geting to the stage now where I think twice about using the queen - and I've just shelled out on the freighter also!!Just for info - and no criticism intended of PMDG - I have no trouble saving the Lvl-D 767 at any stage of a flight.So I guess my question is this - are the people who can't save the queen successfully few and far between or is it that most only do complete flight and don't need to - hope that makes sense.I hope someone can help because it does seem from all the searching on the forum and reading of the manual that I've done that we should be able to save the flight at any stage and return to it successfully - and it's a real shame because these 2 planes aren't cheap and I'm getting to the stage that I don't want to use them for fear of wasting my time. Fingers crossed.........Andy
  4. Hello,Firstly I must congratulate the team for what is a fantastic addon for FS9. I have the 747 and 747F I am fairly new to this and I'm a bit confused about saving. I have read the manual and searched the forum but I would be most grateful if someone could help clarify the situation for me.I'm working through Holger's tutorial and it's impossible for me to do it all in one go. I started following his instructions and got as far as setting FFM as a FIX and the intercept course (basically I got as far as page 47). I then had to leave what I was doing so I saved using the FS Save and also Panel state.When I reloaded the saved file all of the switches on the overhead were as I had set them but the APU was off - in fact when I got the APU running again and the generators online everything seemed ok apart from the FMC - the 4.5 mile circle around the FIX was missing and the TRANS ALT had reset and I'm pretty sure other info wasn't as I had entered it. The Reserve Fuel, Cost Index and Cruise Altitude were all definitely blank....My question is - should I be able to save the FMC exactly as I left it - and why is the APU off? I may well be doing something stupid - so I apologise in advance.Many thanksAndy
  5. Hey Volker,I like this pushback calculator very much - your work is really appreciated! Andy
  6. Hi,Just installed ASv6 and uninstalled ASv5 but I'm left with the 512 cloud sets.I know that I should have uninstalled them first (sorry - I got too excited and didn't read all of the instructions properly!!) but now I can't as it requires ASv5 to uninstall them. Is there a way that I can get rid of them??Many thanksAndy
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