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  1. Hi!Have you tried the Formatted text option, I was trying to rotate and shift my HUD
  2. Well, It seems that nothing of these can be done even in FSX yet, I think Flight Simulator in general is good but from my point of view it could be improved even more every new version, at least in regards to the XML side of the Panels and Gauges System so we could have better codes and, adding some other views and surface parameters, a wow sim!. For example the number of elements of my HUD
  3. Hello!For me the key stuff is to get the speed of sound var. The Mach number is equal to Airspeed / Speed of Sound. I use IAS for my HUD
  4. Hi!I just would like to say that I prefer the previous structure. I haven
  5. Hello!Does somebody know how to calibrate the guidance cue in order to follow an accurate approach? I
  6. Hello!This works alsoAltitude 2500 ft = .41 nm, tan (glide path) = altitude / distance to runway = .0822; tan^-1 = Glide path angle = 4.70 deg; and for one minute VS, GS = 140 knots =14185.26 ft/min VS = tan (glide path) * GS = 1166 ft/min; Time to landing = Altitude / VS = 2.14 min.This way you get glide path, VS and TTL.Javier
  7. Hi!I have the macro from your post at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...mode=full#26077You were using
  8. Hi!From your post I have clear that I want to get the change in V in a lap of time, derivative of velocity whit respect to time (dv/dt). For example (A:Velocity body Z) (quite similar to Ground speed or TAS whit no wind) when trying to make the differentiation at a rate of 1/18.2 seconds whit the code in reply 17 it still tremble when the sampling is done. I was wondering how you manage to avoid this problem and the delay. I think a numerical example could have been more understandable. Thank you for your example.Javier
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