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  1. anything new on this yet? im really starting to get ants in the pants!mike
  2. holy crap! im gonna have to go check that out!!!!
  3. what ever happened to that group that was developing a DC10??? been over a year since i heard what happened or anything! mike
  4. well that really bites monkey butt! its a shame we dont have boardband out here! im in need of a good 757 and the one i paid for a while back was imo a waste of money. oh well i guess i will wait for this one on cd!!thanksmike
  5. im on dialup and just wanted to know whats the download size of the 757??? or at least average size.thanksmike
  6. all i can say right now is with the was the CS757 is at this point, save your money for the PSS or LDS 757.
  7. Ft 737. or at least dont update the 757 to 1.2 i think it was MUCH better before that update...i cant believe it. CS needs to stick to older aircraft. if they can make a DC8 as good as there 727 and 707, i think that would put them back on top.
  8. been watching them for some time now! i cant wait for it!!!!! my fav turbo prop next to the ATR!!!!!
  9. e-mailed pmdg support a few months ago on a problem i was having with the displays in VC not showing up and beacon light not working either. well after i had to delete the fsuipc.ini to make SB3.1 work right, well its fixed my problem with the PMDG747 pax/f so all is good. dont know if anyone else had this problem but if you do try this!! also good for PMDG to know just in case it comes up again!
  10. Air France cargo was at SAT one day, i use to work there, dont know what the heck they were doing there but anyways, when they left they started 3 and 4 and then 1 and 2. was cool, first time seeing a 744F.
  11. hey, all that is good, i have done it all right, the displays are fine on 2d panel...also i noticed today if i switch from windowed to full screen, the FMC on the captains side does show, but i must switch modes and its the only one to show.
  12. DOH!!!!just got the 744F hoping to fix the problem but nope! still nothing...dang this bites....anyone else have any insite?? i have even got a new video card and still nothin!mike
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