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  1. USA East not working for me switch to West worked for a while, but not now. Anybody else?
  2. USA East not working for me switch to West worked for a while, but not now. Anybody else?
  3. Maybe for water bombing, combat, crop dusting, insect spraying. Not sure what other aviation activity this would apply to...
  4. Does anyone remember the Red Bull races in FSX you could smoke that engine in seconds by being a dumbass gamer. It had some pretty decent engine management...
  5. Did you have to manage prop, mixture, water injection, nitrous, temps, rpm, manifold pressure, trim, telemetry and comms with ground crew? Very Fun but a little too Game-like. Firewall the throttle balls out!
  6. Papua New Guinea is the BOMB! I have done north America and don't care for it much, most strips are at sea level or as low as can be given the terrain (ie mountain base, river). PNG has elevation changes up the wazoo, unpredictable winds-weather, every strip seems to be a completely new and beautiful challenge. And for some strange unknown reason it is extremely well depicted. Excellent You Tube channel ---> https://www.youtube.com/c/MissionarybushPilot --- Any similar geographic suggestions would be greatly appreciated ----
  7. Did the SU5, the sim worked then the hot fix came out said: "Game update available" (no TMI here!)....update in MS store. Store opens up- click on update all, It say everything is up to date.... relaunch sim "Game update available" repeat ad nauseum Windows is updated I'm at a loss as to what to try or check. Any suggestions? Thanks, everybody!
  8. You have reading comprehension issues. If you pay taxes or pay to own software you have every right to complain!
  9. Cub Crafters couldn't ensure that they represent their product realistically and professionally. NONE of the bug reports about super obvious flight model discrepancies that i (and hundreds of thousands of others) have reported since alpha have been addressed. If your serious about making a sim for hard core simmers you should start with realistic flight models and avionics not eye candy. I am done wasting my time reporting what every developer, tester, and user sees every time they fire up the sim.
  10. They worked directly with Cub Crafters, made a movie about it, bragging and produced a dog of a flight model but a flawless visual model. What kind of "expert" are they looking for? The performance numbers are all publish open and free for all aircraft, and Asobo can't even get acceleration, and ground roll at sea level even close. Check me if i'm wrong but you dont need to be a pilot to make a virtual aircraft match published numbers.
  11. indiscriminate color correction of satellite images.....
  12. check both low to high in a flight you will see! its the frame rate of the glass displays...
  13. Flight sim veteran here! The visuals of the aircraft are outstanding! the flight models and systems are absolute garbage. Eye candy for the gullible, ig-nor-ant gamers. The flight models are NOT even kinda close, as though they were not even checked so I don't know why people are saying they are "ok" most people/ gamers have no clue how to even check or know what makes a flight model good.
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