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  1. indiscriminate color correction of satellite images.....
  2. check both low to high in a flight you will see! its the frame rate of the glass displays...
  3. Flight sim veteran here! The visuals of the aircraft are outstanding! the flight models and systems are absolute garbage. Eye candy for the gullible, ig-nor-ant gamers. The flight models are NOT even kinda close, as though they were not even checked so I don't know why people are saying they are "ok" most people/ gamers have no clue how to even check or know what makes a flight model good.
  4. If you or anybody you know interviews these people please grill them and nail them to the wall over their silence about VR AND Track IR please!!!! "catering to the hard core simmer" ...my foot!
  5. There are 4 people named Joachim listed on the forum......
  6. Joe, I TRIED to save you some effort.....you must have missed this part of my post----> "yes I tried the hacks....no joy!"
  7. Anybody else still unable to access the MSFS forum? It has been a month now of no access! I am still able to login to the Insider area and the simulator. They keep saying they are going to do something but...... Please don't delete my post! I am trying to get their attention. yes I tried the hacks....no joy!
  8. This is all I see " Public forum coming soon "
  9. Are you sure about the vertical speed with AP?? I have been Flying Bruce's simulator since 1982 and never noticed. (heavy AP user)?????? Never used the KB to fly so unsure about this....
  10. Anybody come across a tear-down video please post..... : )
  11. Got mine last night---very nice quality!
  12. 1 Turn off system sounds and all sounds (muting doesn't count) 2 Turn off screen saver, only use blank screen or off 3 turn off background image, only use solid color 4 Set windows to prefer "optimize for Performance" 5 Turn off disc Indexing 6 Turn off system recovery 7 Do NOT use an Anti virus EVER!! Do not surf Porn, password crackers, free music/ movie/ software sites (Pirating) and You will be fine !!!!caveat emptor!!!! Avoid surfing the internet on a Simming rig, when you do only visit reputable flight sim sites! 8 Turn off anything/ everything running in the background unless Windows or Simulator needs it 9 Do not ever install ANYTHING that is not related to the Simulator 10 Buy a high powered rig! Flight simulators are the single most power hungry piece of software ever created for the PC 11 NEVER EVER let children "play" or surf on your simming rig!!! children can trash a system faster than anything I have ever seen! But by all means let them explore Flight simulation if they seriously want to learn aviation, supervise and guide them...... I have been simming for 37 years, started on a Timex Sinclair and flew FS when Bruce Artwick still owned it (Sub Logic) Warning! AT YOUR OWN RISK ONLY.... Oh Yea! never ever use Windows web browser ie: Internet Exploder except to download a different browser....
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