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  1. I believe the two airports are close enough he probably did not retract the gear.
  2. 1. BS TBM850 2. FFX Vision Jet 3. A2A Comanche
  3. I've had one on order for months but it hasn't arrived yet. Upgrading from a Valve Index helps since I already have base stations. I expect it to have some glare from the reviews I've seen. I had a Pimax Crystal but the inside-out tracking was not without issue and while the display was outstanding it was very uncomfortable. Hoping the Beyond lands somewhere in between my Index and the Crystal. From what I've heard the scan makes a big difference since the Beyond is perfectly fitted to your face; hope that is the case since the Crystal was awful for me.
  4. That sounds right but I think the OP only referenced comparing to the A2A Comanche, which wouldn't be a valid comparison, would it? Since it's flight modeling is all done outside of the core sim? Might be worth the time for the OP to compare the TBM problems to other, more standard sim planes than the Comanche. I've also had some issues in the past where some of the assistance options got changed somehow without my knowledge and caused problems.
  5. You might want to try reinstalling or checking for other control or mod conflicts. This plane flies beautifully for me and I do not have the problems you are describing. On a related note, I think the dev is going to update it after the Dukes are released. They are getting wing flex and I believe he's adding that to the 850 too.
  6. My thoughts are that if you are looking for any real longevity there are only 3 basic cards worth buying for VR right now, the 4080/4090 or 7900XTX. Most people around here only recommend NVIDIA cards, and if you want the best card overall and price isn't a factor you definitely want some flavor of 4090. NVIDIA is also your choice if DLSS3 and the best implementation of FG is important. Personally I wouldn't purchase anything with less than 16GB of VRAM. Since you said price is a factor you might want to at least consider the 7900XTX. It's roughly the same price/performance as the 4080, with more VRAM. I have one from Sapphire, whom I understand is considered to be similarly respected to EVGA, for AMD cards. I can confirm it ran my Pimax Crystal well and I plan to use it for the Bigscreen Beyond which I have on order. You don't say which headset you are running but I don't believe you can use an AMD card on the Varjo units so that could also be a factor.
  7. I agree, one of the new aircraft just released has the strobe effect and it is quite distracting. I think the dev said he did it because people wanted it. If they're going to put that in it would be nice to have an option to turn it off or install a version without it.
  8. I'm curious about why the transition from ground handling to flight wouldn't be when the wheels left the ground instead of a selected ground speed?
  9. Greetings, Welcome to AVSIM. There is some good information here that should be useful.
  10. It's odd to me that a sim that touts flying anywhere in the world is so restrictive in where it lets you start a flight. Hard to do a bush tour when I save a flight and am then forced to start at a nearby airport runway or in the air.
  11. I have, using Pimax Crystal. Looks great overall; my only mild critique would be that it is so new looking some might think it looks a bit artificial. I'm not a fan of the super weathered looks especially for newer planes but the cockpit is so unblemished it almost looks to good for even brand new if that makes sense. Can't see any co-pilot or passengers in the cockpit even when fully loaded. Not sure if the passengers were ever supposed to be visible like the PC-12 but thought the co-pilot would. Empty planes always seem odd to me and soulless when the rest of the modelling and systems are so good. I'd prefer a pilot body too for VR even if it isn't fully functional. The prop is distracting to me; wish the strobe effect texture could be turned off. It moves around a lot even with a constant prop speed which I don't care for. With it straight ahead of you it's hard to miss. One visual oddity for me in VR is the lighting appears to make the wing vortex generators appear and disappear with just slight changes of head movement so as you look out the wing if you change head position at all the vortex generators are basically changing length, as in you always see the ones closest to the cockpit but the ones farther out are not shaded and appear to appear/disappear. But maybe that is just related to my visual sim settings; but I'm running a powerful system and they're all set pretty high. Overall it's quite enjoyable and I look forward to flying it.
  12. I believe Navigraph has fixed the G1000 plugin. Version 1.2.1
  13. In my case it appears to have been the new Navigraph G1000 plugin. I uninstalled it and now the G1000's are working properly again. It was pretty much completely non-functional with the plugin installed.
  14. All my G1000 planes have the same issues so it isn't just the Kodiak. Maybe odd timing and unrelated to update but flight this morning was normal and something happened after update.
  15. The PFD in the Kodiak appears to have broken with this update.
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