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  1. Hi Chris I also got notice from you ! can you show some photos of ready yokes to shipment please ??? 😍 I just can`t wait 😍😍 brds Martin
  2. Hi , is there any chance to connect quadrant with ps/2 connector alone to pc without yoke base? I was traying ps2/usb adapter but with no luck... any ideas?? brds
  3. Did you recived this yoke already??? I`m waiting for mine - preorder made...
  4. who noticed that more taller buildings appeared, but sometimes not in the right place ... e.g. at the approach at my airport
  5. I guess no one doubts that we are in the early beta phase with MSFS ... so far only VFR flying platform
  6. I meannig only acceptable arrows keys from these 3 methods in this addon... Better pushback for xp is still the best solution in this matter.. I`m sure, there is somebody to make it this way for new FS....
  7. live weather is still not working like it should be... I`m since alphas... and made a lots of hours in FS... winds are broken in the sim, even if we could see some parameters on main screen it does not affect in the sim......on my local EPGD - windstock is always dead.. weather parameters are far from metars very often... some time cloud formations are changing rapidly from cavoc to clear sky when restarting at the same point....in few minutes Weather should be priotity to fix - Asobo ! brds
  8. sorry, my english fails sometimes ... can you briefly write down what they said at the end of the interview? from 22:00 to 23:25 minutes? thanks
  9. Hi all when you finally stop misspelling the title...??? This is Microsoft Flight Simulator not Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020..... brds
  10. yes... I`m also curious....??? brds
  11. Thx, fingers cross brds Martin
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