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  1. >I have a 50 series serial number. I do not have any phantom>key issues. Just the sticky yoke when climbing and slightly>off center calibration. The calibration is simular to the way>the plane would resond if you where using the number pad to>turn and clicked the 6 key once. It just keeps turn, banking.> I am a private pilot so I am familar with the movement of the>DG.as you said xxx50xxx series :( ... yokes starts from xxx51xxx are free from that behaviours..brds
  2. >I have been using my Saitek yoke for a month or so, tweaking>to get it working like I want. I have resisted to post>becuase there has been enough issues regarding this product>and I was still getting use to it. I have a CH yoke and it>performs well except for some stickiness, so I bought a>Saitek.>>Well I have some stickiness. It is when pulling and releasing>slowly it sometimes sticks prior to the center. It centers>perfectly for roll. Any ideas? Lubrication suggestions? I>have taken it apart but can not determine where it is>sticking.>>I also have noticed a slight out of trim condition flying the>172, it always turns to the left a little. I have calibrated>it many times. Looking at the deazones in the control panel>it appears that the yoke is just slightly off center. I>havenot increased the dead zone here but will try. Any>ideas.>>I do not have any randoms key presses or any other issues.Please give me your serial number of your yoke.. you can find it of the bottom side. It can say a lot... brds
  3. >>as we can read on "polypoke" blog , they are ready to show>>first glimpse of new addon from Microsoft Acceleration , and>>dx10 (early compilaton I thing) is already here too.>>http://polypoke.spaces.live.com/>>>>So my question ... is there anybody to share some videos or>>photos from "Hangar B" ???>>>>brds>>>>Martin>>Martin,>>The DX10 update I was referring to is the run-time components>for the video card. The FSX DX10 update is not yet ready to>show publicly.>>Regards,>>OwenHi Owen..sorry to hear that .. at least I was hope .. ( you said dx10 update), so we have to wait a litlle longer..anyway I`m waiting for any media from hangar B ( Acceleration), hope to see lots on your blog :)brdsMartin >
  4. as we can read on "polypoke" blog , they are ready to show first glimpse of new addon from Microsoft Acceleration , and dx10 (early compilaton I thing) is already here too.http://polypoke.spaces.live.com/So my question ... is there anybody to share some videos or photos from "Hangar B" ???brdsMartin
  5. as in the title, any FSX upgrade?, new features? any plans?anything for new FSX?BRDS
  6. hmmm is there any chance to see it in final version?????? It`s really strange when it`s raining and no mark is visible on water ....brds
  7. that`s it as below :Let's see if I can recall from memory:Airbus A321Aircreation 582SL ultralightBeech BaronBeech KingAirBell 206Boeing 737-800Boeing 747-400Bombardier CRJ-700Cessna 172Cessna 208Dehavilland DHC2 BeaverDG-808SDouglas DC-3Extra 300Lear 45Maule M7Mooney BravoPiper J-3Robinson R22And in the deluxe version:Beech Baron w/Garmin G1000Cessna 172 w/Garmin G1000Grumman GooseMaule M7-235 on skisMooney Bravo 172 w/Garmin G1000this is from another site forum where Mike post it.brds
  8. check them out...http://www.flightxpress.de/artikel/070806/fsx/fsx.htmlbrds
  9. >Great find mate. Now it can't be long until we get some>hands-on time :)Thanks should going to Paul Lange (msfs member) and his blog... :) http://blogs.technet.com/p-12c_pilot/archi.../01/444359.aspxbtds
  10. just two... but ..http://www.elmundo.es/navegante/2006/07/24...1153756594.htmlbrds
  11. here you are...http://simuvuelo.org/pagina01.aspx?npag=93brds
  12. As Paul said,perfomance increase allready about 30% after first developers touch .... !!! :)read about it and more ... :)http://blogs.technet.com/p-12c_pilot/archi.../22/442904.aspx brds
  13. >Not disapointed at all. Mostly cause this isn't an official>Microsoft video. So I'm treating it as such. Meaning not>official and homemade and no representation of what the final>product might hold. ;) >>Either way, each that passes we get a day closer to see the>final product(barring any delays). :) Bob... trust me THIS IS OFFICIAL MS VIDEO from MS Conference in Redmond... sorry , but after OVER 3 YEARS of work on FSX , I suspect more "fresh" inovations... at hot:- better 737 cockpit- default (who fly on it?? )- airport traffic - we have it already in fs9- touchdown -the same like fs9 - really nothing new to say o yeahhhh 3 YEARS OF GOOD WORK!!so for now ... let `see final productbrds
  14. >Could see how you might say that. There are 2 main reasons>why I say no.>>1st Autogen looks FS9(1a. ground textures too). 2nd, stunt>planes in multiplayer almost looked 'layered' onto the video.>>Sure Frankfort's airport had service vehicles moving about>(FSX feature), but its not like there aren't addons of>Frankfort out there for FS9.>I understand that you are disapointed .... I`m toobrds
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