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  1. AndyB_01

    Funny display problem

    Thanks guys you hit the nail on the head. Everythings working fine now, also i learned something about fs9, what tool tips are :-)andyb
  2. AndyB_01

    Funny display problem

    HiThanks for your reply, no the cockpit tips are off, but still get the altimeter setting prompt when on the ground. I wonder if this is a problem with fs itself. Does the use of cockpit tips oause a problem with the queen. If so i may reinstall fs9Thanks for your helpAndyB
  3. AndyB_01

    Funny display problem

    Thanks for your reply Randy, i tried a few settings along with the default, but to no avail, problem still there. Im a bit foxed by it, but its not critical as i can set trim and see tape moving, and the fuel remaining from dump set up is shown on eicas. Its one of those things that just annoy you because you cant find out why lol. Thanks for suggestion anywayAndy B
  4. AndyB_01

    Funny display problem

    Hi there hope some one can help. Ive had the queen and F variant since they were launched. Had no troubles until just recently. When trying to set trim on the pedastal I used to get a box come up and i could see the trim settings. I also noticed that the same box that comes up for dumping fuel (amount you want left) doesnt show either. I dont know if this is caused by the same thing, but when i have set my V speeds up in fmc, i only get the V1 and Vr speeds displayed on the pfd, the V2 speed is missing. The last one isnt a major problem because i hear the call out for V2. Has anyone experienced/solved a similar problem?. Just to let you know i have done a reinstall but the problem still exists. Any help appreciatedAndyB
  5. AndyB_01

    QOS working out ZFW

    Hi wonder is someone could help. What do people use to work out the ZFW, i have fuel planners and I know BOW of the 747, but what figure is used to calculate the weight of a person. Iuse fsbuild2, but cant find anywhere in the program that asks how many people are on board, or cargo/baggage. I also use FS keeper, and although you can put the pax and cargo figures into the program, it appears the ZFW remains the same, and all the utilities I have give a different ZFWHope someone can touch on this subject for meRegardsAndy