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  1. with ezdock v2 I have to disable the effects in the 777 pmdg because they cause some strange interaction with pmdg flight dynamics and every time during landing the result was a bumpy landing , disabling ezdock effects the landing goes right , this was a subtle effect which drived me crazy for many weeks before I discovered this problem. I'm a big fun and customer of ezdock from the day 1 and I'm glad to buy this new version and hope that this problem is solved , I will do some tests P.S. I also own chase plane and I think that either two software are great products
  2. Button version is necessary I think, many friends of mine don’t bought maddog Fs2crew for this reason , I think you will have a good return from it if you spend some time on it , I’m an owners of your voice version and I will prefer to use a button version which would be much practical and fast to use, and I will gladly pay an update price for it please rethink your position
  3. We need the possibility to control the switches and levers with external controls, especially due to the fact that fsuipc for p3dv4 don't have the mouse macro ability, it is a pain to control, for example, the autopilots functions and to control the instruments at the same time , we need at least an SDK like others pmdg products has , as to control some offsets , please PMDG !!
  4. there is some confusion here , from two original dc-6B manuals, which I have, the dc-6 have a 8 thanks intercontinental configuration with 5500 USG capacity , and this info is from the original operative manual .
  5. in the aircraft.cfg there is a line : CONFIG for Serial 43819 and up --- total 5512 gallons can we expect to have more fuel capacity in the next future? or some C-118A ?
  6. Hello , how can we determine the DC-6 elevator trim settings for takeoff ? Is there some references or some table ? Thank you Mario Malizia
  7. solved deleting the config-hid.lua files on the profiles
  8. same problem for me ...how to solve?
  10. PLEASE ALITALIA http://gb.fotolibra.com/images/previews/1171318-douglas-dc-6-i-dimc.jpeg
  11. And so ezdok compromises the pmdg's dynamics also if is indirectly? how to have ezdok and pmdg without compromising the flight dynamics? we have to stop using the ezdok effect processor? I noted also if you disable the effect processor from the main ezdok panel it doesn't disable the fuselage shake effects , you have to enter the edit mode and manually disable the fuselage shake channel... someone please clarify this ? and could we have an indication from PMDG about EZDOK recomendations? thanks
  12. Problem IS PTA preset if I disable PTA It works but the funny things is that 777 and 737 lights work with PTA preset ..... need a solution cause PTA preset is a must for me... hope PMDG or Pedrag could help
  13. there should be PTA preset try to disable PTA preset and test
  14. 👏👏👏👏👏 A big thank you
  15. Time to turn this into a ticket I think
  16. LANDING AND TAXY LIGHTS NOT ILLUMINATING THE RUNWAY all the other aircrafts works I have 777 also and i works help please P3D 3.4 after a test i noted that the light works but at so low intensity that they seems off .... is there a way to increase the intensity of the lights? cause with the 777 and 737 are ok only with 747 they are very low in intensity... thank you
  17. hi sir you got me....also if I expressed my disappoint on fb about the price I have to admit this product have an incredible value, I didn't expect it as is, very well done, very valuable experienced captain advices, and yes the price is really honest I admit, I never have been more pleased to be wrong....thank you
  18. Someone have this problem too: I executed the engine failure after v1 as per your dash8 fo training video but when I have to balance fuel it doesn't work the transfer system doesn't do anithing ( correctly setted!! As manual prescribes) ...I'm with p3d v3.2 and dash 1.08c ... Thank you P.s. It happens utilizing the system panel of the dash enebling engine failures
  20. The problem for me , in p3d 2.5 ,disappeared when I disable mcp combo 2 under Linda settings ..... Linda 2.6.3 fsuipc 4.947d fs2crew last version ..... I'm waiting the fs2crew version for p3d but I think the problem will be present also with p3d dash8 pro version .....thank you for your assistance and for the great support
  21. Same problem for me, and it is a tragedy for me cause Linda is a vital piece of software with the hardware witch I use but fs2crew is also vital for dash operations ..... Please help us to solve this unpleasant drawback, thanks
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