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  1. After todays update my Thrustmaster T flight Hotas 1 trim setting using the rocker switch on the throttle keeps returning to neutral after setting it during flight. Any suggestions please? Thanks
  2. Is there a way to make the external views of aircraft look non distorted like a fish eye lens view that is now used? It doesn't look realistic to me and detracts from my flight sim experience. Thanks
  3. Hi all, Ever since the last MSFS update requiring the X Box program to be installed, whenever I start my computer it shows up on the the main page and I have to reduce or close it. Is There any way to prevent this from happening again. Thanks
  4. Are there any plans to update the buildings the tower and the Boeing plant in Everett WA. It looks too generic, the Tower is too small and there are no parked aircraft anywhere. Thanks
  5. Always be aware of Cumulo-granite clouds!
  6. I've been struggling with the sensitivity settings for the rudder and I am getting frustrated because it's way too twitchy. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks
  7. Just tried using the sim just now, and for some reason the standard 172 is back and working again. Beats me how this happened....!
  8. Does anybody know why this has happened and how to fix it? Thanks
  9. I flew the sim since the latest update with no problems a week ago flying the standard 172. Started the sim a few minutes ago and my default 172 is missing. Help! What can I do to fix this. I have no addons or mods installed. Thanks
  10. Hi fellow simmers, I am trying to get realistic trim sensitivity settings for the rocker switch on the throttle of my joystick. I fly the C172 in the sim a lot, and have many hours flying a real C-172, but it continuously climbs and descends and requires constant trim adjustments unlike the real thing and its very frustrating for me. Are there some sensitivity settings to make things better? I need some specific instructions please. Thanks again
  11. After downloading the latest update, I'm wondering how many gig's this simulator will require in the future!
  12. That was the problem! Thanks the Bing Data was turned off, looks great now ,Thanks again!
  13. I checked my Marketplace folder and its all up to date with the USA already installed. I also checked my graphics settings were set to ultra. So now what?
  14. After updating the FS2020 sim, I'm very unhappy with the graphics on the strip. Buildings kook generic and have no signs or details on them, FSX looks better than this! Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks
  15. Thanks for your reply, I need help with the MSFS control sensitivity settings for the rudder being too sensitive and want to get a more realistic response from the rudder.
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