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  1. Hannes44

    Registering problems

    Got it. Thanks a lot for very fast response.
  2. I received the registry key with e-mail but the key doesn't work. I copied it into the register-screen clicked the button and the register screen vanished without any comment or failure-message.After restarting RC the register screen asked again for the key. I read in another post that there might be a problem with the minus sign in the ID number I have not included this in the second mail I wrote to the register-bot because with my first try (when I included the - sign) I received a mail that the bot wouldn't be able to process the request because there were alpha signs in the ID string. Please help I'm eager to getting started!!
  3. Hi!Thanks for the reply but I was not between weather stations I was right on top of Vienna airport. I know about the CAVOK situation ... I don't think it was CAVOK. I shall test fly again tomorrow.
  4. all around me flying with FS9 and Active Sky 6.5 when the report says Clouds:None. Precipitation:None and a look out of the window convinces me that the report is correct: sky is blue, not one cloud anywhere.
  5. Hannes44

    ATC Problems with dense AI Traffic

    Thanks for the response.User plane response is checked but as I said it doesn't seem to work because user plane seems to be ignored.I have speech accelerated cause ATC is really slow.What about Radar Contact or other ATC programs?
  6. I have installed a lot of AI traffic and I love it. But the FS2004-ATC is totally insufficient to handle all this traffic especially on approach. I have tried AIsmooth, but this program ignores my plane completely and holds only AI planes when there are difficulties. Question: Is there a more sophisticated ATC program that can handle holds etc and avoid crashes between AI planes and my plane in dense approaches? Radar Contact? Vox ATC?
  7. Thanks for all replies. After assurance that it could be done, I found the solution for my system: FSX didn't change the video card entrance in the FSX.cfg according to my selection in the properties window even though the correct possibilities to choose from were given. After I did this manually I am able to use the monitors on the other video card with triple Head2Go too but I must say I get depressingly low FPS in comparison with FS9 when I use the full possibilites of FSX and I even did mot install one of my myriads of AI planes. When I reduce textur-size and pull a lot of sliders more to the left I get between 20-30 FPS but then FS9 is a lot more beautiful to look at and there I've got maximum AI traffic and Utlimate Europe and and and.... I think FSX has to wait on the shelves with my software-collection for some years for a better computer to be affordable and I'll stay with FS9.x(
  8. I have FS9 installed on a ADM Dual Core with two Graphic cards. One serves a Matrox triple Head2Go with 3 Monitors for display of the scenery, the second displays the 2D panel on a third monitor. In FS9 it's easy to distribute the windows to the respective monitors but with FSX I can't separate the display windows and everything has to stay on one monitor. Is there a solution for this admittedly rare problem?
  9. My FS9 installation loses the internetconnection via LAN for real weather after 15 to 20 minutes of flight. The whole connection stays cossupt even after shutting down FS9.Help appreciated!Sorry for posting the same question I posted in the General Discussion Forum but I got no answer there.
  10. I like flying with the real weather setting. After installing FS9 on a new computer I have this annoying problem that the connection with the weather server works well for about 10-20 minutes, but then the LAN connection and with that my internet-connection is closed down and all the supporting programs I've got running on WIDEFS and a laptop crash or stop.;( What could be the problem? I'v had the same arrangement (PC connected to a hub, laptop connected to the same hub, hub connected to a router, router connected to broadband modem) with another PC running for months without trouble.Help appreciated!