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  1. Dan you forgot the passanger sign 😉
  2. Because my FSX hasn't been tweaked yet
  3. So i thought to put in my screens as well 🙂
  4. Then let me go in your place instead 😉
  5. Hello peeps i thought it was time for me to share a video also this one is landing the KLM onto SXM hope you enjoy p.s sorry for the poor framerates my system is not running well at all going to replace it in January
  6. Yep and it's worth every penny haha Nah they always do that before they go into beta the true price will be set once beta is done
  7. Probally not would make the airplane jump lol
  8. klm251


    Some people are always anxious getting there hands on the bird and they would even say something they make up them self or heard from soneone who doesn't know anything either. Dave trust me when i tell you as soon as it hits beta it will be posted on this forum and you can get your copy once it's ready and in the meanwhile enjoy PMDG's other fine products
  9. My vote is on the 747-8 always have been a 747 fanatic for years however i need to buy a boat to row to the USA lol
  10. Tossing my 2 cents in Like Kyle is mentioning above an EFB is not only charts it also comes with performance data which isn't simulated by any FS developer as far as i know. Yes Aivlasoft has an EFB but it only produces charts and notams and checklists but no performance data and even though it's a great piece of software it isn't exactly bug free many times i have to restart it in flight because it doesn't recognize the checkpoints when i fly over them.
  11. This man had such a big contribution to this community thanks for everything you have done Tom. May you rest in peace and fly with the angels .
  12. Hello all. There are actually 2 repaints i would love to have but both airplanes are a little victional and i am not sure if it can be done. What i would like to see is the PMDG 777-300ER in the Westjet Disney livery And the other a PMDG 747-400 in KLM Skyteam colors like they have on the real world airplane PH-BVD I know it is a bit much to ask but i would really love to see that done if possible. Thanks Johan Ketting
  13. Some people keep flying FS2004 and that's there own choice however PMDG simply don't support that platform anymore though they can still be purchased just not here anymore you can search for it on google will always come up with a result
  14. Ok so it seems that there has been some changes in options regarding Nvidia Inspector i will see if i can do anything with that and post some results here. Johan
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