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  1. I hope mr Randazzo is still alive and not hanging in a tree....left there by his team because of the company policy 😋
  2. Thank you for the update of the update 😂 I am very curious what you have in store for us. Whatever it is the quality will be PMDG style so no worries here.....keep up the good work and hopefully after this update you update the 777 and after this one the 737max..... Very exciting times
  3. Thank you FunknNasty 😘 A perfect fix
  4. Yes the looping sounds while changing views struck my sim also. I am glad the issue is known 😅
  5. When you read this fine lovely news you will find a hopefull line of text........ I quote: What’s important to know is that from our interview with Adam, he made it clear that third-party developers (aircraft and scenery developers) have already been working on creating PBR textures for their products. (Fingers crossed)😋
  6. Well i guess that i didn't found this feature.... Give me a couple of years then i will try again. I will give ezdok and chaseplane a try for now 😊
  7. I sold the trackir after 5 months trying. If you have a setup with more pc's or laptop and tablets it can be anoying because you go from screen to screen to controls and back. This can give a very moving screen. It will move the same like you do and if you are just like me a energetic person then your cameraview inside the VC will go everywhere. For me to much because, the flightsim wqhd in front of me The navigation/route/calculations/music/airport checker/fuel wqhd on the left The paperwork on the left next to me The charts laptop also on the left The fmc tablet on the right And a lot of controls on the right next to me... So changing from unit to unit the VC never stands still and gave me a moving experience😂
  8. I am gonna check if my 777 folder is a 777X folder.🤣 And the max was mentioned earlyer so she will arrive some day😎
  9. Thank you PMDG team! This beauty is........a beauty 😍 I stayed up and flying till 07.00 in the morning and after a 5 hour nap now working at EHAM 🤔
  10. There is a little box you can push and it says realism......here you will find your cockpit a bit more reacting to the weather your flying in. You can tweak wat you want.......you also want to activate it and Use it to it's full glory.... Your aircraft will come more alive
  11. Make sure you also hit the realism icon. Many simmers will check the live weather mode and forget or don't know the realism box. It solved a lot of realism problems for me while i was looking and adjusting for realism all the time and was wondering how others got the effects i was looking for 🤣
  12. Did i just forgot to say that stability improved like no other and that after i switched to p3d never had to install everything again because fsx so now and then was messing whit its own files? Btw i fly at 4k resolution😍
  13. I also fly With p3dv4.3 and only nightflights. Love everybit of it and i can give you the advice to make the switch. Orbx trueEarth,global,vector,Eu,airports Pmdg all aircraft Active sky And all sliders allmost max. Great performance and this on a 3 year old beast. And a good program for more performance, Project lasso, install this one and start your Simulator......then select your p3d or xplane .exe in the project lasso screen and give it priority and all cores and make sure that your pc will go in performance mode as soon you doubleclick your fsim icon. This gives you a lot more sim power😍 Good luck and let us know
  14. Oh and i forgot...... My lovely 777 will get updates..... Iets wait and see what brings the GFO before we all give our opinion. I guess that sharing cockpit will come and this is the road to get there. For now i would say just take all a breath and go enjoy our hobby.
  15. I am shocked with the behavior and comments from some....... Thank you kyle that you pulled the brake here. For the simmers i have this to say, The 748 is comming-good news The max will come in time-good news The GFO will come for everybody who likes it-good news So they made very clear what it would not be. And for everyone that waited with their wallets ready......you can spend it later i know for sure 😂
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