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  1. You have to type the values into the FS2CREW menu "CDU", not anywhere in the 747 (except for setting missed approach altitude in the MCP when established on the final approach.)
  2. Heffron

    747-8 display map on ND

    Have you pressed the ARPT switch on the EFIS panel to display airports on the ND? It then should show the ICAO code of the airport you are on boxed in the upper right corner of the ND when it is displaying the airport map.
  3. Heffron

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo, which is what i solely fly on the -400 😊
  4. Awesome! Love to fly the -400 in the classic CX livery from time to time. Somehow that 1980s/1990s livery looks tremendous on the jumbo.
  5. Just read that B-LJA recently was repainted into the regular CX livery. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9036478
  6. You mean CV, never seen CX fly that leg.
  7. Heffron

    Radar sweep

    Interesting! Is this modeled in the PMDG? Let's find out when I get home. Tested my wxr yesterday, 1 second intervals between sweeps with same tilt/gain for left and right.
  8. Heffron

    Radar sweep

    It does seem to sweep at intervals here. At least the left to right sweep, right to left sweep does not seem to appear on screen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5wjoF8-Oaew&t=7m20s
  9. Heffron

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    As far as i know, the 747-8 is not equipped with a taxi cam.
  10. The 747-8 indeed does not have identifiers for decel points on the ND. It does have some VNAV speed indication on the PFD speed tape indicating acceptable speed range for the current calculated VNAV path. Not sure if that is an option or a standard feature.
  11. Terrific update, once again! I think everything i was hoping for to be implented in the 748 is mentioned in this update. Even the rain drops, how small of a detail it may seem, it is a huge contributor to the immersion. Thanks, PMDG!
  12. Heffron

    Default Fuel.

    You can also set the "Previous Flight" state as default panel state. Your aircraft will be loaded as you leave it the last flight.
  13. I'll see if i have time to do it if you still need it.
  14. Heffron

    744 best range

    That is correct. ERFs with PWs were ordered and built. ERs with PW were not.