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  1. Can anyone confirm this mod is still not working with v1.9? Thanks
  2. This procedure was for the 777. For the 747, during the Before Start Procedure, you would put HYD 4 in AUX first, then 3, 2, and 1 in AUTO. Or if the aircraft is equipped with an auxiliary pump on system 1 and 4 it would be 4 to AUX, then 1 to AUX then 3 and 2 to AUTO. For shutdown you would put selectors 1, 2 and 3 in OFF and 4 in AUX. When the chocks are in place you can release the parking brake and then also select 4 to OFF. Or else, if parking brake will remain set you would keep 4 in AUX for 30 seconds after parking brake set, and then select #4 to off, to prevent excessive pump wear.
  3. And probably since i use FS2Crew and Previous Flight as startup panel state, it is always at 6.0 when loading the sim.
  4. In the video i believe, during taxiing, the pumps are configured all in AUTO except HYD 3, which is set to OFF. AUX 1 and 4 were only on during the engine start, if i remember correctly from the video. The EICAS HYD synoptic shows the same as in my picture (around 5:26 in the video). So both AUX pumps are not running during movement of the aircraft (assuming it is taxiing under its own power.)
  5. Cool! Never stumbled upon this, as I fly the freighter usually, which has no STAB tanks.
  6. Just tested the same situation as in the video, the PMDG 747-8 behaves the same. So the HYD 1 system must be pressurized by the demand pump by bleed air from either APU or Engine bleed, since HYD 1 demand pump is an air driven pump.
  7. Correct, you have the Left and Right system, but with multiple pumps. You generally pressurize the right system first before pressurizing the left system. The procedure i am familiar with is: 1. Right Electric Demand pump to AUTO, make sure FAULT light extinguishes. 2.Switch center 1 and 2 electric primary pumps to ON. Center 2 FAULT light may stay illuminated due to load shedding. 3. Left Electric Demand pump to AUTO, again make sure FAULT light extinguishes 4. Switch Center 1 and 2 Air Demand pumps to AUTO and verify FAULT light extinguishes. For shutdown it's exactly the other way round, depressurizing the right system last.
  8. Also applies to the 747. Pressurize #4 first and depressurize last to prevent fluid transfer between systems.
  9. But the questions remain, why did they start 2 and 4 instead of 1 and 4? And how is the HYD 1 system being pressurized if eng #1 is not running.
  10. I think they had HYD 1 on the electrically powered AUX pump, which provides hydraulic pressure without ENG 1 running. EDIT: I actually watched the video now, so my initial reply is kind of false i guess. I guess the #1 Demand Pump is running on bleed air from either the APU or the 2 running engines.
  11. You have to type the values into the FS2CREW menu "CDU", not anywhere in the 747 (except for setting missed approach altitude in the MCP when established on the final approach.)
  12. Have you pressed the ARPT switch on the EFIS panel to display airports on the ND? It then should show the ICAO code of the airport you are on boxed in the upper right corner of the ND when it is displaying the airport map.
  13. Atlas Air and Polar Air Cargo, which is what i solely fly on the -400 😊
  14. Awesome! Love to fly the -400 in the classic CX livery from time to time. Somehow that 1980s/1990s livery looks tremendous on the jumbo.
  15. Just read that B-LJA recently was repainted into the regular CX livery. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9036478
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