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  1. I know it is an old topic but in case someone find himself/herself in this position, may I recomend AI-Aircraft Editor.NET (now version Note that you need to choose AIAE.NET-Setup.zip (the one above it is the old version) . Although it helps to do a lot of things (I cannot live without it), in particular, the delete of any specific texture and the Fltsim entry is extreamely easy as it renumbers the aircraft.cfg for you. I wanted to share a picture showing how to do it but I realizecd it can't be uploaded. I hope this is useful to someone Cheers
  2. Is it possible to use custom zoomlevels for an airport and its surroundings, including using different source? So far, if I just compile a tile for one given zoomlevel, lets say the standard 16, all is fin. I have dine the same adding custom zoomlevels for the airport an interestling, what I get is the area meant to be covered with the neew zoom levels, it simply comes like a "hole" in the tile. I mean the airport area is showing my default scenery (ORBX in my case) and the rest of the tile is the zoomlevel tile 16... Am I missing something here? Cheers Kano
  3. I have the same problem , actually in a pretty neat installation, just P3Dv4, active sky v4, Malaga aerosoft v4 and the 737 of course v4, that's all, and guys, is like buying a new upgraded computer, if you have p3dv4 you know what I'm talking about, so easy to adjust for unthinkable results just a couple of months ago... ... this mouse flickering... that I can see has been with PMDG for ages (I recall it well back in the times of fs9, beginning of fsx... I am to believe there was a fix, not sure, but today I join you guys in asking PMDG for a bit of advice on this. Cheers
  4. Kyle Sorted with the uninstall re-install. Although it doesn't make sense in the P3D v4 as I explained previously, (first fresh installation ever) the point is that it is sorted. We'll leave it as "one of those things". Thank you for your time
  5. Kyle (sorry I click the wrong key and the previous post went uncontrolled) The aircraft was installed for the first time in P3D v4 clean installation (the sim) using the exe downloaded yesterday from e-commerce: Product Name: PMDG 737NGX Base Package for Prepar3D so nothing to uninstall. I tried then the for P3dv3.4 and no I did not uninstall it. However that is irrelevant because for the v4 wasn't the case and the OC shows the same message for both. I do not have FSX and as you can see I downloaded the P3D version (in fact the installer asked me about P3D v3 or 4, so is not the FSX installer). While you give it a thought, I'll uninstall and reinstall again and see what happens Michael, I suppose I'm not included in "guys" am I? Thank you
  6. Kyle, thank you for helping. I have a clean installation of P3D v4 and I run yesterday's download: Product Name:PMDG 737NGX Base Package for Prepar3D
  7. I have downloaded the installer today from my e-commerce, installed to update P3D v3 and installed v4 but the operations Centre keeps saying that there is an update available (for both sims). In fact the version installed seems to be 1.10.6461 instead of the 1.20.8396 as far as OC is concened. Am I missing something here? Thank you for your advice
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