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  1. maybe someone can steer me in the correct area. I am looking for my past purchases. they are not in the new system. I have looked in the client area and there is nothing there.

  2. I have done everything I can think of. I have uninstalled FSX and reinstalled with my antivirus disabled and installed SP1 and then Acceleration X. I installed driver 169.21 which is the latest for my card. Now when I get the game started and begin to fly as soon as i hit my Alt key and go in options and try to change my display or if I do anything from the alt key the game Freezes and I have to do a CTL+Alt+Del. to shut down the sym. Here's my specsHP Pentium D Dual Core 2.8 Processors2 Gig Memory320 Gig Hard DriveBFG Nvidia 8600 GT OC 512 Mb I have XP Just wondering if there is so type of setting i need to correct. Should I set my antilaising to 8X or 16X and my anisotropic at 8x. What is a good setting?ThanksFred
  3. press shift + F when you are at a parking spot thats if the airport has a fuel truck.
  4. anyone has a remedy for getting the fuel truck to come faster when you call it. Well actually come to the plane instead of stopping a few blocks away and never come.I know whenyou file a IFR flight plan and u call one. If he had not shown up by the time u are ready to go. When you request to taxi. It starts to move but it moves inch by inch until it gets there.Thanks
  5. >Martin,>>I've tried everything I can think of - and I cannot make the A>and D piers disappear at KCLT.>>I've tried a couple very poor 'afcad' files, tried moving the>tower, etc. Can't make it happen.my question is I bought acceleration and I was having issues with it; Will Sp2 addess those issuesthanks
  6. Hello All, I am looking for the best drivers to run the game. I just purchased a nvidia 8600GTOC for my computer. I am also looking for settings in the game to make it a smooth operation. Since I have this card I have been experiencing some Game Pauses sometime It might last up to a minute before it resumes. I have my frame rate set to unlimited. Some places I am getting about 40-50 fps but in some of the more dense cities. I t is only about 10-15 fps. I would appreciate any tweaks that would help me.I do not have a high-end system. My system is a HP Pentium D dual core 2.8 2G Ram 320G hard Drive with the 8600GTOC with 512 gDDR3 memory on it.ThanksFred
  7. Yes I and there was no errors in the dx diagnosis. Event viewer i do not know how to get there. I lower the acceration down to basic and it still does it. maybe I need to go all the way down...is the driver 93.71 the best to use with this game for my sound cardThanksFred
  8. Has anyone had a problem with FSX where the game will pause and after a bit you here a loud buzzing sound and the game would continue. I have noticed this a lot when there are heavy clouds. it does not do it all the time. I have updated my sound drivers but it still dfoes it. Could it be the drivers I am using with my video card.Fredhp Pentium D nvidia 7600 gt OC 256 pci express2 gig hard drivedual core 2.8 processors
  9. >Have the FSX Deluxe. No rain effects in 2D and VC. Maybe>there's a way to activate them. Haven't found anything obvious>though.Yes I have no effects either. matter of fact the snow looks like rain when falling
  10. I am having the same issue. My computer freezes for about 5 secs and I hear the same sound out of my speakers. Would rinstalling my sound drivers help.
  11. It's running again at first it was intermitting but seem to be ok now.Fred
  12. Is the weather server dowwn again? I can not dowload real world weather. It was working just fine yesterday Morning.ThanksFred
  13. Yes I am experiencing the same problem. I have a HP dual core p4 2.82 Mb RamNvidia 6200SE 256 Mb Ramdac,,whatever that means. I have my display at 1024 X 768..Should I go lower to 800 X 600 to see if I get a better frame rate...looking for Answers hereThanksFred
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