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  1. To say that pirates would never have bought the product is flawed logic and obsurd. I don't know why some feel the need to say such things. There are those who want the product and will check if there is a cracked version before actually buying it. So yes, piracy absolutely does cost companies money. Those who steal software are leeches of society. Anyone who claims otherwise is just dillusional or dishonest themselves and looking to rationalize their own behavior. Stealing anything is wrong...period...end of story.
  2. Here's how I fly using the NGX, TOPCAT, and FSP: 1. Use TOPCAT to come up with payload and fuel numbers (loadsheet)2. Load payload and fuel from TOPCAT loadsheet into the NGX using the CDU3. Start FSP with both Fuel and Payload settings disabled I don't worry about the discrepancy between the number of pax and P/L weight specified in FSP versus what's on the loadsheet. FSP doesn't care either. You're FSP income will be based on what you indicate in FSP however. Performance data is what matters to me and that comes from TOPCAT so those are the weights I actually set. Stacey Weaver
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