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  1. Hello Jim I removed Uiautomationcore.dll and the sim started crashing almost every 10 minutes, Now I have replaced another version of Uiautmoationcore.dll and also ran repair of FSX. The crashing continues. Almost 8 - 10 crashes in the last 8 hours. I am appending below a few crash reports with various reasons for fault. Not sure what I should be doing. Any guidance. ==== === ===== ==== Regards Vybhava Srinivasan
  2. Many thanks for your support Jim a) I have deleted the UIautomationcore file, l will check and see what happens b) On the settings all of them are now average, i have reduced the settings by more than 30%, in the last two days to see if that would help c) I do not have any antivirus installed now or when FSX was being installed. I will try repairing FSX installation. But if I do that will it have any impact on the already installed Add-ons ( I have so many many addons installed :( ) Looking forward to your response. Regards Vybhav
  3. My Sim has been repeatedly crashing with MSVCR80.dll and API.DLL faults, Any thoughts on what i can do. Tried toning down the settings, all C++ and VC files seem to be current. Not Sure how to proceed. I am pasting below the last three crash reports ==== ==== Version=1 Regards Vybhava Srinivasan
  4. vybhav

    FSX Crashes

    Hello All, I looked at simconnect.dll in main FSX folder, I could find only one file with version 10.0.60905, see screenshot. So not sure what to do, Today I had two more crashes with different reasons. See log below. Not sure what to do.... Looking forward to your inputs. ===================
  5. vybhav

    FSX Crashes

    My FSX has been crashing almost once or twice everyday. My analysis of the app crash log indicates different reasons. I tried to tone down the settings significantly but the crash still occurs. Could you please help by looking at the log.? I am appending the last three crash logs ==================== ======
  6. vybhav

    Numerous Crash

    Thanks for the reply. I will try your suggestions and revert.
  7. Hello My computer is I7 - 4970K (4.4GHZ) with GTX 780. I have been struggling suddenly with the system. In fact even the system was struggling with frame rates with substantially average settings on the sliders. Finally I installed FSX Boosters and the frames seems to be better. I am not sure what I am doing wrong but anyway, the bigger problem is for some reason FSX keeps crashing. I am appending few crash reports would be nice if you could help: == === ====== =====
  8. vybhav

    CTD Error Since Morning

    Sorry i could not update you. Jim as per your suggestion I installed process monitor and noticed there was a crash every time log.bin file was being loaded. Hence I deleted the log file and then FSX worked normally. Now not sure how the log file got corrupted but glad I got the issue resolved, thanks to your help. Regards Vybhav
  9. vybhav

    CTD Error Since Morning

    Thanks for talking time in giving this detailed guidance. Let me try this tomorrow and will keep you updated.
  10. vybhav

    CTD Error Since Morning

    Thanks for the response Jim. So what happens is the FSX screen appears and remains like that with the screen, it does not move to the next screen where we choose the aircraft, location, etc., Then it shows the program is not responding. When I hit CTRL+ALT+DEL against FSX shows not responding too.
  11. vybhav

    CTD Error Since Morning

    Thanks so much as always. I followed all the steps above, including deleting the fsx.cfg again. It simply would not start. This is the error i get.
  12. Hello Since this morning my FSX simply refuses to start. I tried deleting the fsx.cfg and try again but still the same. I am appending below two logs that were generated. Any clue what i should be doing
  13. Thank you for the update
  14. This seems to be happening quite regularly where FSX crashes on final. The log is below, could anyone locate the problem =======
  15. Recently have been seeing behave strangely, not sure what the problem is, i am appending below the latest crash report. Could you guy see any reason