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  1. Hi Leen, If I can be of any help, I will do it with pleasure. Happy New Year, Lluís
  2. Thank you Gary, Will watch it carefully at home this evening. Best regards, Lluís
  3. Hi all again, I am very sorry for not replying but, I do not know why, I am not receiving any notice when there is a reply to this subject or others. I am trying to solve it now. Last week I could install in an absolutely new and top rating computer the FSRepaint V2 from Abacus. As I had many problems with my PC trying to open FS2004, FSX and P3D aircraft, as said, I tried my registered copy of FSRepaint in a new PC. I could confirm that it works perfect with FS2004 and FSX aircraft but it does not work with P3D's. Some time ago Abacus answered to me that they could not say if FSRepaint could deal with P3D files and now I have sent them a message confirming that it does not. I was using FSRepaint following the recommendation of Leen as I allowed me to render the results of the repaint without running FS2004. As said, now I cannot use FSRepaint for that. I assume that most of us do our repaints using Adobe Photoshop, but I wonder if there is any software that can be used with P3D to render the results of a repaint operation without running P3D which takes a lot of time. I am leaving for some holidays but I hope to have some reply when I'll be back. Thank you very much in advance for your suggestions and advice. Best regards, Lluís
  4. Hi Johnman, Thank you for the information. I will follow your indications. Besides from that, I have P3d ver. 2.4 and I have used it but actually I will stay with FS2004. However, I need to repaint the P3D aircraft for the other pilots using it. Thanks again, Lluís
  5. Good afternoon, I started repainting aircraft around year 2006 short after we founded our VA: Catalonian Airlines (www.catalonian-airlines.cat). At that time I had no idea at all even about using Photoshop and I had to start doing the repaints because nobody else in the company was available for that task. At that time (and still now) we fly Microsoft FS2004. I do not remember how but I reached Leen de Jager and from the first minute he gave me all the help I needed. Thanks to him, today I can say that I have enough repaint skills as to produce fairly good aircraft for FS9. I will always be indebted to Leen for his time, effort, kindness and patience with me, still today. In our VA we regularly receive applications from VATSIM members asking to become pilots of Catalonian Airlines, but FS2004 is no longer available in the market. To reverse that situation, the staff took the decision of make some tests with the simulators available today and we finally choose Lokheed Martin Prepar 3D. At this moment I am trying to start repainting the aircraft of our fleet for this simulator with our livery, but I must confess that I had not much success as P3D uses a different texture files (DDS) that I have never worked before. I would like to take the opportunity of this forum to ask for some help to any expert repainter of P3D aircraft who can give me some initial guidance and answer some questions I may have in this early period of my training. I am one of those rare people who reads the manuals to bother the minimum other persons, so I promise that I will do my best to fly/repaint alone as soon as possible. Said that ... is there anyone here willing to accept this challenge of mine? If so, thank you very much in advance and please contact me with a private message in this forum. Best regards, Lluís
  6. Thank you Alex,I am afraid but that does not work. I have several FS flight plans in that folder and the B757 looks into that but not the Airbus Pro.I also have FS flight plans in the FS9PSSAirbus A3XX and FS9PSSRoutes folders and it does not find the,I hope to find the solution someday.Best regards,Llu
  7. Good afternoon,Could anyone tell me in which folder does the MCDU looks for the FS stored flight plans to import them?Thanks in advance,Llu
  8. Hi Steve,> Glad to be of help. I was just over browseing the FSBuild>forum and Ernie say's that with update 2.3 (current is 2.2.2>beta) it will support the PSS 757 and 777 fms files so they>will appear in the PSS plans folder and also have all the sid,>star, and route data instead of all the "Direct" waypoint that>Flight Simulator (and FSNav) export now. Says update should>be out before FSX, so cross you fingers.The problem is that FSBuild routes normally are not accepted in real life because it does not take into account the levels of flight, directions of flight, conditional routes, etc. This is why many of us use EURoute (http://www.euroutepro.com) which before accepting a route in the database it sends the route to the Flight Plan validation system of real Eurocontrol (http://www.cfmu.eurocontrol.be/cfmu/public/subsite_homepage/homepage.html) to be checked.Thus, as I always use EURoute flight plans, the import FS2004 flight plans feature is very useful for me.Cheers,Llu
  9. Dear gents,Thanks to all, specially to Steve Park and Jim Karn who pointed out the initial step where to start searching.I have finally found it although it was not so easy. I am using a Catalan version of Windows and for many years I have been naming the generic "My Documents" folder with a personalised name and this was partially the reason of being lost.My suggestion to the PSS team to continue improving this great product is to add a couple of lines in any of the users manuals on the proper way of saving these exported flight plans and, of course, where to find them ;-).Again my most sincere thanks to all of you.Cheers,Llu
  10. Hi,>Try this:>>After loading the route, select your departure and arrival>runways and EXEC them. I do not use FSNavigator, so this is>just theory, but this does work when i import plans I created>in FS. FS .pln files only have waypoints, so when i load the>plan it does not have a TOD or TOC, but when I connect in>departure/arrival runways it seems to do the trick by forcing>that to "refresh" the route as if it were just "created" in>the FMC.I am afraid but nothing works. I have tried to save it with and without dep/arr runways, change the folder, etc. My B757 FMC simply does not find the saved routes in *.pln format. It has the routes saved in its own format and the *.pln are now in the same folder but nothing. Any idea?This import feature would be very useful. The Airbus FMC has a powerful feature that saves a lot of time by introducing an airway, but in the B757 you must add all waypoints in it. If someone can help on where to place the *.pln files so that the B757 FMC can find them and I will save a lot of time programming.Thanks in advance,Llu
  11. Hi Jim,>It can import any fs9 flightplan. Just save the plan as .pln>file in your Flight Simulator Files folder.I already did that for the B757 and the CDU does not find any ".pln" flight plans in the "Flights" folder. I have exported EURoute (http://www.euroutepro.com) and FSNav flight plans into FS2004 flight plans but it cannot find it. Should they be in any secondary folder, for example FlightsPSS*.pln?Thanks in advance.Cheers,Llu
  12. Dear Brian,Thanks for such a good explanation of the process.I paint the liveries of our company's aircraft for FS2004 (http://www.catalonian-airlines.net/flota_fs2004.html) some of which are PSS products.For PSS Airbus Pro Series and A340, there were easy instructions to follow so that the repaint process could be done in a rather simple way and subsequent paint work to refine the final livery could be done rather rapidly.In this case and in my opinion, the paintkit and template are better that those for the Airbus but the user (in this case, the painter) should need some instructions mostly concerning the way to split the body template in one or more files that later would make the livery visible in FS2004.I hope that for this wonderful aircraft (the best of all released, in my opinion) PSS will soon provide us with a "paintkit instruction file" as did before for other models so our paint process will become easier than it is now.Cheers,Llu
  13. Good day,Congratulations for this repaint.I have also painted mine but I have a couple of problems:1. The master PSD file, containing the aircraft body, should be cut in a special way. As I do not have repaint instructions on how to use the template, I cannot create the texture file for the body. Everything is alright for the other files.2. The master template for the aircraft body, has no alpha channel.Can anyone help me?Thanks,Llu
  14. Good morning,Thank you very much. That was exactly what I was looking for. Will try it ASAP.Llu
  15. Good day,I've been flying the A320 extensively and the nose attitude during the approach is not completely realistic. It also happens with the A319.I have been told that Bob Scott prepared a modification of the flight dynamics for these aircraft which corrected this problem.I have been unable to find this file to modify the original one. Does anyone have any idea about where to find this file or whether is there any other way to solve this?Thanks in advance,Llu
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