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  1. Hi Jim,Yeah for some reason (someone didn't look over the documentaion) I thought ASG had to install on the Host.I'll go catch up on my reading now:-rollThanks!John
  2. Hi Jim,I guess as an installation on the same machine would allow ASX to control cloud sets directly (or am I incorrect?) I would like to see that brought across the network. And having ASX *see* that ASG is installed on the FSX machine as I understand it would allow for a more automated process of matching the weather to the various cloud sets -- at least that is my impression of the interaction but I have not installed ASX on the FSX machine so maybe I'm really not missing much?Sorry if this is vague -- but I must say I have been very happy with ASX and ASG as they are -- they have both really brought the simulation up a notch!!Thanks! John
  3. Hi,I'm wondering if there has been any discussion to broaden the control of ASG over a network by ASX. It would seem that this would be possible but maybe not? I would like to see ASX have the ability to talk to ASG. As it stands it doesn
  4. Phil,Thats good news. The main source for the most pressing issues would be Peter Dowson. His forum: http://forums.simflight.com/viewforum.php?f=54I guess the problem I've seen cropping up the most are conflicts with firewalls (Zone Alarm in my case). I think the other issues are related to having more than one addon connected over a network -- though I'm not sure exactly what is involved there.ThanksJohn
  5. Hi Phil,First off thanks for the great work AND being so visible in the community.Just a quick couple of questions: Are any of the connectivity issues being addressed in SimConnect and also any work on the weather engine?Thanks again!John
  6. Hi Kenny,Though I don't know what is causing this it is evident that AS does trigger the problem.I've been flying with a static weather file for quite awhile and had no problems for days. I ran AS (min vis set at 10) and the problem was immediately evident.This, as well as the stutters on update are keeping me away from what had become a favorite add-on.It's very sad.
  7. Hi,I've had this problem as well. It seems to be related to visibility -- if it's below 10 miles the problem comes up. This is also more touchy if your using bmp textures on the model your flying, not the new DXT5 or other approved textures.Hope this helps
  8. Something else you should try before you start from scratch is to delete the flight that is loaded when fs9 starts. Sometimes if there is an issue at startup the flight file (xxx.pln) can get corrupted.You'll find the plan files in C:Documents and Settings{useraccount}My DocumentsFlight Simulator Files.You can point fs9 to another flight in fs9.cfg. Just search for SITUATION= and the name of your old flightplan file that you deleted and copy and paste the name of the new flightplan you picked over it in fs9.cfg.Here is the entry in fs9.cfg:SITUATION=C:Documents and Settings{useraccount}My DocumentsFlight Simulator FilesPrevious flightIn the example Previous flight would be pasted over with the name of the new plan file.fs9.cfg is found here: C:Documents and Settings{useraccount}Application DataMicrosoftFS9. The Application Data folder is normally hidden.Hope this helpsJohn
  9. Hi all,The demo looks promising.Has anyone else tried AF2 with the AP file? I messed with it briefly to no avail. Lee -- are you out there?Then a request: It may be too late for this but is it possible to add a button assignment for full thrust reverse. I assume it will still be configurable as it is in fs9 but it would speed things up for new users.Anyhow, thanks for the demo -- looking forward to the full release!John
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