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  1. Okay I understand. You seem to work on it, but there are still some issues to solve. Thank you. Hope dies last....
  2. At least a word about the future plans regarding P3Dv5. Thank you Sir. However, can we trust it? I have the intention to buy all P3Dv5 compatible aircraft from MilViz. Or, maybe not?😉
  3. This was a post in the MilViz forums on July, 15th by SnuffyTheMongoose. NO relevant news on this topic since then. I am sorry that I take your words seriously. My decision upon future purchases will depend on how you handle the P3Dv5 topic.
  4. There is nothing wrong to support MSFS. What about the promised P3Dv5 updates? You promised to make new installer for free and PBR as a payware update. Still waiting. All MilViz aircraft are grounded. Awaiting the updates.
  5. Best wishes to you Norman. Take your time to recover. I hope you will be ok soon.Kind RegardsRainer(located close to EDDL)
  6. >The funniest part is that IF someone does have a pirated copy>and they KNOW that installing the fuel planner is going to>screw with it why would those people even install it?Yep, that is why I think the editors will be part of a major update which requires the development of a new installer and new and/or updated features and fixes. That takes time. But why does PSS not just announce that to the customers??? Most people would be more patiently waiting when knowing that PSS is preparing a big X-mas package ;-)(pure speculation of course).But all in all they forget something very important:The biggest argument for buying a product is GOOD SUPPORT and not frustrating and ignoring customers which already have paid for an incomplete product.Happy flyingRainer(located close to EDDL)
  7. Clear statement from a PSS757 owner:Don't buy unless PSS releases promissed fuel/load editor!!!Or wait for the boxed version, that hopefully will contain the utilities, when it will ever be released. ;-)Otherwise I can highly recommend the product.Rainer(located close to EDDL)
  8. Hi All,as a loyal customer who bought almost all PSS products it really hurts to see how PSS behaves in this case. So I feel I can not longer be quiet ;-)Just to summarize what happend during the last months, as far as I remember.After the release in August there was a statement from PSS that the load editor was ready but removed from the package due to a small issue that has been found just before release. They promised to deliver it as soon as this has been fixed. After a few weeks Norman makes a bad internet connection to Malta responsible for the delay. Anybody from Malta here in this forum? Norman, can you please confirm that Malta is still offline since September? Than another reason for the delay has been mentioned: software piracy!Ok, as a guy who lives from developing software I understand that this is an issue for PSS. But this is an issue for all companies that sell software, even outside the FS community. There are different approaches to overcome this problem, but at least sooner or later all kind of copy protections can and will be hacked. It is just a matter of time. So the only way to avoid this is not to publish anything at all.I understand that PSS needs more time to find a solution for this problem. I think that is not the point. What really hurts is how PSS treats their loyal customers. Instead of giving a clear statemant what is the master plan, they started to delete forum threads!! I'm not asking for release dates and nobody did that. We just would like to know what happens behind the scene. Let's say PSS is preparing another service pack that fixes some open minor issues with the 757 and the fuel/load editor will be part of that update, why don't you just say that? Or will it be part of the FSX upgrade that might be under development, why you just say that? If you say it will take a couple of months for that reason or annother, it is ok. I Have no problem with that.Instead it seems that PSS is trying to make the fuel/load editor forgotten, by deleting the posts that mention it.I am really, really disappointed and frustrated. And I think there is a clear statement needed by Graham to close that topic once and for all.So it is up to you PSS, take action. If you give a s*** on your customers opinion, feel free to continue to delete postings. That is a statement as well. Sorry, I don't want to sound rude, but enough is enough.Happy flyingRainer(located close to EDDL)
  9. Remark:Sorry, I mentFind section {fltsim.4}Rainer
  10. Hi Gerry,the Condor texture is included in the downloads. You will find it in folder aircraftPSS-B753Rtexture.cfg.However the aircraft configs are still buggy. The Condor livery is included as 'JMC' that's why you don't see it in the list. There are to 'JMC' entries. Change the following line in the file aircraft.cfg inside the mentioned folder.Find section [fltsim.4]Change line ui_variation=JMCtoui_variation=CondorDon't forget to backup the original file before you change it. Just in case ;-)You will find the Condor livery in "Boeing-PSS757-300 Rolls Royce Engines".Rainer
  11. Seems to be an issue even with the final release version. I can't exceed 0.807 mach at FL330. Can anybody confirm?Rainer
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