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  1. Hi folks :)I recently reported the same problem, a sudden reload of scenery and AI when crossing a time zone in SA resulting in sunset going into sudden total duskness, found out about FS Realtime and problem was solved.
  2. Hi,That is odd.....Disconnect the joystick and see if the keyboard trimfunctions ok on its own...?
  3. Hi,Some while ago now I had the same thing happen, I deleted my FS9.cfglet it rebuild and reset my all joystick/sim settings and all was well.
  4. Thanks for the further input KJ, much appreciated :DSteve / UK
  5. postpone

    LCY / EGLC

    Thanks Alex, quite good eh..! :D
  6. Hi :DCame across this info, seems like the same problem as yours, there is a link but it was dead for me here, you may be able to run with this and find the update.http://forums.simflight.com/viewtopic.php?...2f43540612a7875hope this helps you out,Steve / UK :D
  7. Hi KJ, Mark :DKJ, 'wagging' is on taxi, the tighter the turn the more 'wag' I get..! Thanks for the info Mark, I'll look into the 'node' suggestion.cheers guys :DSteve / UK
  8. Hi Andy :Dok, thanks for the reply anyways mate ;-) cheers,Steve / UK
  9. hi folks :DAnyone know if its possible to tweak AI traffic to ease 'tail wagging' some of mine look like their ready to pounce on an unsuspecting prey :-roll ... :-lol UT Traffic / Fs9thanks for any assistance :DSteve / UK
  10. Hi folks :DWas it these guys.. ?http://www.virtualflight.co.uk/Steve :D
  11. postpone

    LCY / EGLC

    Hi folks :DGreat time lapse video of London City airport during the 'rush hour' credit too 'Vict20' great job..! :D
  12. Hey folks :DI know this happens quite frequently, not often caught on video though.http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseacti...ideoid=25663062
  13. Hello,Oh right, never knew Nvidia bought out 3DFX, guess that awnsers my question..!thanks MD :-)
  14. Hello,Yep, technology has certainly advanced, wonder tho if it would be better if it were running with those specs under 3DFX.
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