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  1. My frames are locked at 20. In the VC I get 15-20 on the ground in YVR. In the air fairly steady at 20. Most sliders are full right, water is 1x high, no autogen. This is with fair weather using FEX cloud textures.My system:C2D 6600 @ 3.2Ghz2GB RamRadeon 1950XTXWindows XPDustin
  2. Here you go. Yes I know, I'm no screenshot pro! Hope you get the download soon.Dustinhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/179515.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/179517.jpg
  3. Just did my first circuit in YVR. Performance is right about where I expected. Good job guys! Only small issue I had is that the LED's on both the Captain and FO clocks are blank.Dustin
  4. I still use it. Won't be upgrading to the FSX 744 if my MCP/EFIS/EICAS hardware won't work with it. As far as paying for it, I guess it would depend how much the interface would cost.Dustin
  5. The last airline I worked for had this in both the Before Takeoff and Before Landing Checklists. Basically all it is, is a way to start a checklist and finish the remaining items at an appropriate later time.exampleWhen approaching the runway hold short line. The PF would call for the "Before Takeoff Checklist to the line". Once cleared into position the PF would call for "below the line". Once both are completed the PNF would say "Before Takeoff Checklist" complete. In this example, "below the line" may contain transponder and some external lights etc... stuff that shouldn't go on until entering the runway.Dustin
  6. They are set via the FMC. That's the way the real 744 is and is how PMDG modeled it. Suggest you read the manuals.Dustin
  7. Released for registered LevelD forum users. Download links posted in their forum. General release is supposed to happen within a few hours.Dustin
  8. I use the top throttle wheel for a steering tiller. The slider on the throttle is for speed brakes. This you have to use FSUIPC to setup. I don't use a clutch in my profile, but use the Mode switcher to control gear and flaps.Dustin
  9. Also pricing has been announced. $14.95 for upgrade and $54.95 for new owners. And yes that's USD! Should be released in a couple of days according to their forum.Dustin
  10. The manual has been released and just like the FS9 version, the FSX version requires a 2D FMC while in the VC. That's really too bad.Dustin
  11. Ryan, I used the MS Force Feedback 2 several years ago, this joystick is several generations ahead of that one. It isn't cheap, but it's worth it in my mind. Every switch on the MCP is programed except for THR, ALT HOLD and HDG HOLD (only because I rarely if ever use them). It has 3 HAT switches. I use one for panning, one for MCP alt and heading increase/decrease, the last one for speed increase/decrease. The scroll wheel on the throttle controls the V/S wheel. The programming software allows you to program each HAT switch to serve as 8 different buttons (1 for each direction). With all the buttons on the stick and throttle programed, the hardest part is remembering which one does what, but once you do a few flights it becomes second nature.The cheapest place I found this joystick was Amazon. When I bought it GoGamer had a cheaper list price, but charged tax on orders delivered to my state, so I went with Amazon.Dustin
  12. I've been using the X52 Pro for a few months now. Works for all aircraft that I've used it with (PMDG and LevelD). Best controller that I've ever owned. No way I could go back to using my old CH yoke. The MFD has also been make compatible with FS9. If you end up getting the Pro version, let me know and I'll give you the link to the guys website that made the MFD FS9 module.Also if you get it make sure you take the time to learn the button programming software. It was quite daunting for me at first, but once I figured it out it was well worth it. I have most of the MCP programmed to buttons which makes flying in the VC much easier. No more reaching for the mouse to change heading, altitude, speed etc..Dustin
  13. Hi John, I'm not familiar with those sceneries that you are using. I have a few different sceneries that use frequencies to activate jetways. Simflyers works as stated in their manuals. The Imagine Sim sceneries manuals say that you need 111.0 in NAV2. If you do this with the PMDG 744 the jetway constantly moves in and out. If you put 111.0 in both NAV1 and NAV2 the jetway will dock normally. I believe I was told that this has to do with the way PMDG codes their avionics. So all I can suggest is you put the required NAV frequency in both 1 and 2. If this doesn't work try the scenery designer's support forum.On a side note, if you enjoy active jetways etc, I suggest you check out Aerosoft's AES. It makes jetways and service vehicles automatically activate at most payware airport sceneries. No headaches about trying to remember which frequency goes where.Dustin
  14. Try putting the frequency into both NAV1 and NAV2. This solves this problem for all addon sceneries that I use with the PMDG 744.Dustin
  15. I have a X1950XTX and I added this new entry;----------------------------------------------------------------------; ATI Radeon X1950XTX;----------------------------------------------------------------------<00001002:00007240:ati2dvag.dll>TnL=2But it didn't work at first. Then I tried deleting all the other ATI card entries and I went from 20 FPS to 30 FPS sitting on the active runway at KEWR.All settings maxed except for no Autogen or AI traffic, water 2low, 38m mesh, 1m texture.I'm running a C2D 6600 overclocked to 3.4Ghz, 2 GB RAM, 1950XTX. This is by far the best tweak I've seen, thanks alot Tom!Dustin
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