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  1. Bryan: I found it, but not where the instructions said it was: C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Configurator
  2. Thanks for that reply Jim, but it is kind of annoying that it does appear in front of both P3D and FSX banners, instead of the upper right of the screen like with other add-ons.
  3. FS2Crew: Aerosoft Airbus Pro (P3D 64 Bit Version). www.fs2crew.com Important Reminders: 1. To activate FS2Crew Button or Voice Control, you need to ENABLE FS2Crew on the Aerosoft Configurator. The Configurator is in this folder: C:\Users\***your user name***\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\Configurator\ There is nothing at this location after installation, nor in the P3Dv4 folder at this location.
  4. I wonder if MS knows that Flight1 Software's Ultimate Traffic Live Banner obscures the loading information of FSX by placing Flight1 Software's UTL Banner on top of the FSX banner, instead of in the upper right corner of the screen where addons normally place their banners on FSX startup. It is very annoying to not be able to observe if FSX is loading properly and highly improper for Flight1 Software to do. I have asked them to move their banner, with no reply, so I was forced to code their proggy to place their banner properly. John
  5. mbscjohnp

    Disappearing Taxiways!

    I found an even simpler solution: make sure that your ADE taxiway and other drawn surfaces properties are set to: "Draw Surface", because the default is that box is unchecked and P3D doesn't know the difference and only supplies the underlying surface.
  6. mbscjohnp

    Aerosoft Airbus Professional

    How are we going to know when Button Control is going to be available for AS 318-319 Professional for PD3v4 as I have these installed in PD3v4 and later when AS 320-321 is ready?
  7. mbscjohnp

    Edit xwb Files

    How to edit FS2Crew xbw files with DirectX SDK, since there are no "projects" to access? Would like to use my own voice as PF, like with Aerosoft's A320 PF files. I have DirectX and appropriate audio file creation equipment. I understand the process is tedious and has to be done with precision.
  8. mbscjohnp

    BlackBox Simulation- Airbus A330/40

    Reference my post #162 above, I figured it out all by myself. To avoid engines out (and subsequent drop of the RAT) upon restart from an in-flight save, Save properly: 1) Pause the flight; 2) Save the flight in the MCDU through the "DATA" button; 3) In FSX click "Save"; 4) Name the flight (BUT ALSO CHECK "Make this the default flight" before saving); 5) Save the Flight and exit. Restart properly: 1) Start FSX; 2) Select the saved flight (it should start in Paused Mode); 3) Unpause (just long enough for the MCDU to become active and Pause again); 4) In the MCDU select the "DATA" button and load your saved flight and leave it in Pause); 5) Fill in the INIT page and its next page); 6) Fill in the Arrival Data of the PERF pages; 7) Check the Flight Plan page for your next waypoint); 8) Check that your throttles are set correctly; 9) Check that the Upper Panel settings are correct; 10) Check that the Altitude, Heading, and Speed settings are correct; 11) Unpause and immediately check that the Altitude, Heading, and Speed setting are on managed settings and that the throttles are set correctly. Your engines should then be coming more alive and settling down. Your flight will then resume at the altitude, heading, and speed you saved. John
  9. mbscjohnp

    BlackBox Simulation- Airbus A330/40

    I cannot grasp why anyone would be upset with the BBS A330-300 that I am currently flying back and forth EDDF-KCLT, as AAL704/705 in American livery. It certainly is better than waiting for Aerosoft to do anything other than continuously state "It will be done when it is done" and kick you off the forum if you ask too many times (after years) when will EDDF be fixed, or when will an A330-300 finally be offered. I finally "fixed" EDDF myself, including no autobahn vehicles crossing the taxiway from RWY 7L-25R. I just have not yet figured out how to place dual jetways to fit this A330. I have a CLS A330-300, but simply cannot find anyone to provide an American Livery and besides the CLS aircraft cannot compare to this BBS one. I have had absolutely no problem with this BBS aircraft, during this eight hour flight (a pilot has to use the restroom sometime) other than trying to figure out how to stop the RAT from being deployed after an in-flight save and re-load, because the engines have apparently been stopped in-flight and need to be re-lighted and the throttles need to be reset. Of course, this requires the RAT to be automatically deployed to provide power and hydraulics in an engine out situation. If anyone has a suggestion, I will have one pretty darn good aircraft to fly otherwise. I certainly can live with a deployed RAT at FL380 and 280 kts, since (while simming) the blades are not being ripped off. John By the way, rather than paying for updated Navigraph data, simply open whichever data you need to update in Notepad, scroll to the data you can find online for say a non-listed waypoint, scroll to the insertion point, update (making certain to keep the same blanks and commas) and save. All current wpt, nav, ryw, sid, and star data is available free online. Of course save the existing file first, in case you make an error. John
  10. I cannot find a new colors American Airlines Livery for the CLS or Thomas Ruth A330-300 either and second this request. This is still a current aircraft and would paint it myself, if I knew how. John
  11. mbscjohnp

    Voices Runtime Error

    Ron: Gotcha! After reading your post, I checked the FSX runways file and noted that DreamTeam and FlightBeam had entries. I had prior FSX registered ADE corrected and compiled airports that I had unregistered when DreamTeam and FlightBeam registered theirs. I had to create new flight plans regarding their airports to select parking spots currently in use for my flight plans and, with ADE and compiling, to designate as reserved those parking spots for my A320, so that they would remain vacant of AI. In all of that mix, something went wrong. After saving a copy of the current RC f4.csv to my laptop desktop, I check AirNav rearding my in-use airports for current in-use coms. In Jon's ADE, I brought each current com to priority, moving a non-used com currently in priority to underneath the corrected priority. I compiled each airport. I opened RC's current f4.csv in Notepad and (carefully - without adding/deleting any spaces between commas) corrected any listed currently not-in-use coms and selected Saved As "all files" and pointed to and selected the current RC f4.csv and saved. RC now reflects all currently in-use coms for these airports on selecting their saved flight plan. I re-saved each flight plan to obtain a new rcd and rc4 file, My A320's show up in their designated parking spots and RC works just fine. Thanks again for all you folks do. John
  12. mbscjohnp

    Voices Runtime Error

    Ron: OK, I had originally copied my desktop's RC f4.csv file and pasted it into my laptop's RC data folder and everything worked again, but I noted errors in the coms for KSFO. So I copied the laptop's FSX f4.csv file into my laptop's RC data folder. It works fine, but I am now getting the wrong com for CLDL at KSFO published as 118.20, but showing up as 118.05, I opened the f4.csv file in both RC and FSX and note that they both list the incorrect 118.05. Soooo, I with ADE, I checked that both the ade file and the bgl file for KSFO listed the only com for CLDL as the correct 118.20, with no mention of any 118.05. I checked the runways.txt file in FSX for KSFO and found the correct 118.20. So I ran makerunways again, with no change in the FSX f4.csv file. RC is running fine now with the copied FSX f4.csv file containing the incorrect 118.05 com and I have no clue as to how to correct the CLDL frequency in either the FSX or RC f4.csv file which open with my Excel, and I understand that csv files are a different kind of animal, so I have not attempted to make any changes. I still don't know from where RC gets its f4.cvs data, so that I can find out how to inform RC of the correct com. John
  13. mbscjohnp

    Voices Runtime Error

    Ron: Somehow the data files in RC got screwed up. I copied the f4, etc files out of my desktop rc4x data folder and pasted them into the rc4x data folder on the laptop. Everything works fine again without a reinstall. I wonder if running the runways caused the error? John
  14. mbscjohnp

    Voices Runtime Error

    Ron: I got tired of messing with it and reinstalled with a new key. I followed all the processes. Everything worked fine using the Load Previous rcd's button. I created a new flight plan in FSX, parked an aircraft at the airport, started RC and attempted to load the new flight plan and got a runtime 62 error: Get Departure Information. Where is RC looking for departure info? I get the same error if I attempt to load any prior flight plan (that opens with the "previous rcd's button") and get the runtime 62 error and RC closes. I ran another Make Runways in FSX and ran Rebuild DB Scenery in RC with no joy. I copied out the new installed rcv3.dat and keyboard.dat onto my desktop, of course leaving the originals in rcv4x. Since runtime 62 requires a reinstall, how to reinstall without a new key again?
  15. New install on replaced HD. Read Ron's reply to earlier post and re-downloaded and installed both Make Runways and FSUIPC and re-registered the latter. Parked my aircraft and selected RC and selected a prior flight and configured it in the RC screen and started RC. RC's ATC window opened and I clicked "Requested" my clearance. Nothing happens, for probable reason that there is no connection to Controller voices, due to Runtime Error 75 "Radar Contact.rcv4Module.Pilot_ack" when attempted to select of change Pilot, Co-Pilot, Controller voices. Then attempting to run Rebuild Scenery Database, it caused a Runtime Error 75 after copying the location of FSX from the Windows Explorer window and pasting it in the RC window for location of FSX (I even typed it in). I am running RC as an administrator and rcv4.exe is an "exception" file in AVG. What did I mess up? I have keyboard.dat and rcv3.dat in a folder on my desktop. John