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  1. I would support what Ray has said. I find SimStarterNG very helpful in running different profiles. It also helps that if you experiment with settings and don't like them you can easily revert. For me the best feature is that you can have multiple AddOn.xml files. So I only load the scenery I need for that flight which, I believe, reduces loading times and helps performance. I find it very easy to use and you can edit almost everything with a single mouse click.
  2. I use Simbrief and Radar Contact. What I do is download the FSX/P3D Plan from Simbrief Dispatch Output page (scroll down the page) to a Directory (mine is Airbus Flight Plans). When I select load flight Plan in Radar Contact I choose that Directory (Airbus Flight Plans) and load the required flight plan. This all works 100%. Radar Contact also remembers where you loaded the flight plan from last time and defaults to that directory after the first load. Hope that helps.
  3. Skalarki Profiler is the interface between the Skalarki A320 hardware and the Prosim ( or some other) software. I am fortunate to own a lot of Skalarki hardware and the Profiler works absolutely flawlessly with Prosim. The Profiler can also be tailored by the user to their own requirements. This is the Skalarki homepage. https://www.skalarki-electronics.com/en/ I am not connected with them other than as a customer but their hardware is fantastic. As Christopher said its very robust and realistic and just like the real thing. Marcin (the owner) goes above and beyond on customer experience and solved an issue for me (entirely my error) over TeamViewer. Thoroughly recommend them for Airbus hardware - if its affordable to you. Rich Cooke
  4. Hi Brian I use Viewgroup in P3D5.1 and it works well for me with 3 monitors - left, centre and right views. Essentially you set up a view for each monitor. Its a bit fiddly and the monitor numbering seems to be trial and error and doesn't correspond to the Windows numbering of monitors but it works well if you adjust it bit by bit, I found this video very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUCJEPHeB3k I start (and finish) P3D with just the centre monitor. You then right click on that view, select Viewgroup and select the Viewgroup you created. Interestingly it seems to work for any aircraft you load. Rich
  5. Thanks for the heads up Steku. Wow that's bad news. This was promised in the Episode 4 video on cockpits. They even showed a video of a hardware cockpit in use with MSFS. This rules out MSFS for me until multi monitor support becomes available. Rich Cooke
  6. Just wanted to say a belated thanks. I have Radar Contact working perfectly now across 2 PCs. I didn't have monitor space or speakers for my second PC. I bought a cheap speaker to connect to my second PC and now have Show Text on my main PC and the sound coming from my second PC -- and no flickering! Thanks Ray & Bob Rich Cooke
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. Great Stuff. I'm off to research those ideas. Rich Cooke
  8. HI! I'm looking for some suggestions for airline flying in the USA in P3D v5. I have flown airliners mostly in the UK (where I live) and Europe and VFR in ORBX in the US. I am now looking to branch out into airliner flying in the USA. Based on the following criteria: - flights of about 1/1.5 hours (maybe up to 2 hours max) - more provincial/smaller airports (not really wanting to taxi for 20 minutes!) - airport suitable for Airbus 320/Boeing 737. could anyone suggest some good airport add ons and flight plans (just airport to airport - not looking for detailed flight plans) with rough timings. I'm looking to buy 2-3 Airport add-ons to start. I have ORBX Global/Open LC NA/ Buildings/Trees/Terra Flora True Earth Washington and Oregon, Pacific NW/Pacific Fjords/Northern California/ Central & Northern Rockies and Southern Alaska plus numerous airports - but mostly small, regional ones. Thanks for any suggestions. Rich Cooke
  9. Could anyone explain what this fix/update does? I use a view group across 3 monitors as my main view but it costs performance and fps. Thanks Rich Cooke
  10. Hi Ray. Thanks for the extra tips. I've made some progress! I have Show AdvDisplay on my flight PC and it is connected to Radar Contact on my slave PC via WideFS. At first I had both the AdvDisplay and the SimConnect windows but the settings in FSUIPC seem to have got rid of the simconnect window. AdvDisplay is a separate window outside of P3D. At first if I clicked on P3D it disappeared behind but I solved that when I found the "Stay on Top" option. Is that how its meant to be? The main issue I have now is that Radar Contact is not recognising the key presses on my flight PC e.g. option 2 is WX Brf on 12480 but hitting 2 is not doing anything. I'll check the Radar Contact documentation. My flight PC is out of action until Friday so I'll have another go then. Thanks for your help. Rich Cooke
  11. Thanks Ray and Bob for the suggestions. I will try that and hope it brings Radar Contact back into use. Rich Cooke
  12. I have a strange issue with Radar Contact in P3D5 HF2. It works fine and I always fly with it for IFR flights. I have a triple monitor viewgroup and every 8 seconds or so the two outer monitors flash, as does the Radar Contact window. Strangely the centre window doesn't flash. After half an hour or so, usually near top of climb the Radar Contact window flickers really fast. Its unbearable on the eyes so reluctantly I shut down Radar Contact and then there's no flickering at all. It makes no difference if I run Radar Contact remotely from my second PC as I still get the flashing. I did a search for this but all the posts were old and related to AdvDisplay window. I think Radar Contact doesn't use that any more but uses a SimConnect Window now? Does anyone have any thoughts on how I might start to troubleshoot this? I am desperate to get Radar Contact back, as flying without it is much less immersive.
  13. Thanks. That fixed it. Didn't realise there had been an update as I only downloaded in April when I bought P3Dv5. In fact 2.5.24 was working fine under HF1 until last Thursday so not sure what changed. (Did have a Windows Update?) Its still 2.5.24 on F1 e-commerce site so I just ran my old installer and it automatically updated to 2.5.25. Slight hitch as P3D did a CTD twice on scenario screen. Deleted my P3D.cfg and all is well now and I have my GTN 750 back. Thanks for the help and for such an indispensable piece of software. It was the second thing I installed in P3Dv5 (after FSUIPC6).😀 As to running as administrator exactly the same as "howevr" says. Rich Cooke
  14. Hi Jean-Luc, Thanks for the reply. I think these are the three files rxpGTN.gau 20/05/29 16:12:51.152 04204 - ] # rxpGTN.dll version 20/05/29 16:12:51.152 04204 INFO ] 20/05/29 16:12:54.336 04204 WARN ] Autopilot not supported on this platform (vers: rxpGTNSim.dll 20/05/29 16:12:53.595 04204 - ] # rxpGtnSim64.dll version 20/05/29 16:12:53.595 04204 INFO ] 20/05/29 16:12:54.557 01020 INFO ] GTN 750.1 - TRAINER 6623 20/05/29 16:12:56.587 01020 WARN ] GTN 750.1 process is running as-admin rxpGTN_menu.dll 20/05/29 16:11:37.469 10424 - ] # rxpGTN_menu.dll version 20/05/29 16:11:37.470 10424 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Flight One BN-2 Islander\panel\panel.cfg 20/05/29 16:12:49.956 06264 INFO ] 20/05/29 16:12:49.957 06264 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Flight One BN-2 Islander\panel\panel.cfg 20/05/29 16:21:51.654 12488 INFO ] 20/05/29 16:21:51.655 12488 INFO ] edit panel: C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\SimObjects\Airplanes\Flight One BN-2 Islander\panel\panel.cfg I should just mention the Garmin Trainer is working and I use a three monitor setup (plus a USB monitor) in case thats relevant. Thanks for your help Rich Cooke
  15. Hi! I love the RXP GTN 750. In fact I find it hard to fly without it. I moved over from the F1 version because of ease of configuration and installation/updating of the RXP version. Ever since I bought it it has worked perfectly until today. I always have one GTN 750 in a pop up window in the top left hand corner. Then I drag and drop that into a small Lilliput touch screen usb monitor. It has worked like a dream and is very immersive. Today however I launched P3Dv5 and the 750 isn't showing. RXP GTN is showing under add ons in the sim window drop down and the 750 appears under instrument panel as ticked but there is no sign of it. I changed aircraft but the same thing happened so it would seem this is not a specific aircraft issue. I uninstalled/reinstalled a couple of times within the sim but it made no difference. Hoping someone can help. Below is the .ini file for the aircraft I was using. GTN_750_1] ; is the master device if true. MasterDevice = true ; aviation db: 0: nav_db2_grm, 1: nav_db2, 2: nav_heli_db2_grmn, 3: nav_heli_db2 NavDbType = 1 VoicePref = MALE ; connects to: 'PFC_GTN' or any '#PID' (#D067 for PFC_GTN) ; no value connects to first found, 'OFF' disables connection. HardwareDevice = ; hardware selector number or -1 to disable. HardwareIdx = -1 [GTN_750_1.DEFAULT] ; show screen only gauge if true. nobezel = false ; screen only border size (pixels). border.size = 0 ; screen only border color (#RGB or #RGBA). border.rgba = #000000 ; display mouse tooltips if true. tooltips = false ; enable mouse clickspots if true, disable if false. usemouse = true ; enable alternate click-spots (left CCW, right CW, middle Push) if true. usealtmouse = false ; enable default 'hand' cursor over the touch screen (2D only). usealtcursor = false ; enable touch beyond screen bounds if true (2D only), clip if false (GTN native). extendtouch = true ; auto-resize dimension (width,height) refsize = ; left mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225) (requires SHIFT+left mouse button). popleft = ; right mouse button on the screen toggles popup window by ident (ex: GPS_PANEL or 225). popright = ; adjust brightness (0 to 100) brightness.bezel = 100 ; offset brightness (-100 to +100) brightness.screen = 0 Thanks Rich Cooke
  16. Hi Richard I'm using this one https://pagnian.co.uk/collections/flight-cockpits/products/next-level-flight-simulator-cockpit If you look at the last picture on the top row it has mountings for joysticks on left, right and centre. I use the centre one for helicopter flying. Unfortunately they look totally sold out just now but maybe other "racing" seats will have similar capabilities. Good luck with your search. Rich Cooke
  17. Hi Pete - The iFly 737 is very good value. I think about 115 AUD at Flight1. I've had it a long time and have just come back to it and am enjoying it in P3D4.5. Its very stable on my system and works well with my hardware. There are a wide range of models 600/700/800/900 plus business jets with tons of downloadable liveries in the Flight1 library plus a couple of useful utilities there as well. It has a good config manager to set up state of the aircraft/load/fuel etc. I've had many hours of enjoyment flying it. Its here: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=iflyp3d Rich Cooke
  18. Hi Scott - Don't have that one but I went for one each of these: https://derekspearedesigns.com/dsd-flight---flt1flt2.html They are very strongly made and recognised as a joystick device in Windows so are easy to programme with default/FSUIPC/LINDA or Spad.neXt. I am very happy with them and about 25 buttons for that price is good, I think. My only slight gripe is that the on/off rockers are in fact just one button, not like a toggle switch. The knobs are excellent though with a satisfying strong and positive click with effectively two buttons (clockwise and counter clockwise). These give a lot of scope and I've used Spad.neXt to programme them for the three/four options knobs in the Majestic Dash 8, like the Radar knob Off/Standby/Test/On. Hope this helps Rich Cooke
  19. ScotFlieger/Rhinozerous - I've sent you a pm.
  20. Hi Bert! Thanks for the mods. I tried them last night and they worked fine. They did make it easier for me to understand how the autopilot/GTN work together and which mode the aircraft is in so I'll definitely be sticking with them. Rich Cooke
  21. Just to tidy this up I had a multi e-mail exchange with Reinhard (the developer) who was very helpful and we eventually solved it by an uninstall/reinstall of the A2A Cherokee and the AccSim update. Its working perfectly now. Rich Cooke
  22. Hi! I have been away from Panel Builder for a while but I have recently reinstalled it and got everything up to date. I just bought the A2A Piper Cherokee Instrument Add On but I am having a similar problem with 3 of the gauges as follows Airspeed Indicator - needle is continuously jumping by about 20mph back and forward Fuel Pressure - the needle is again jumping all the time - sometimes fully left then fully right then back to the correct reading STEC/Turn Indicator - gauge is operating correctly but the lights flash on and off all the time. After set up the ready light blinks and if I select Altitude or Heading those lights come on but blink all the time too. The lights should be constantly on (or off) as they are in the Virtual Cockpit. The gauges in the Virtual Cockpit are not jumping/flashing. I am using FSX Steam Edition on Windows 10. I have a paid copy of FSUIPC. I am running Panel Builder on the same PC as FSX SE. I tried reducing the update time in the Network settings - right down to 50ms. That helped with the Fuel Pressure needle not moving quite so much but didn't make any difference to the Airspeed Indicator or STEC/Turn Indicator. All the other gauges are operating correctly and reflecting the values shown in the A2A Virtual Cockpit. This is spoiling my enjoyment of flying the wonderful Cherokee so I would be grateful for any ideas on how to solve this. Rich Cooke
  23. The Aer Lingus repaint is brilliant. Thanks for sharing it.
  24. Thanks Kangaby - good tip. It solved the brakes always on issue.
  25. Nooooo! I can't fly without FSUIPC. I would have to freeze FSX-SE and my flying PC forever. :-( Hopefully Dovetail will improve this aspect of FSW as time moves on - or a third party might? Rich Cooke
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