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  1. A three axis joystick would help. With that, you could turn off autorudder and correct by twisting the joystick as you roll down the runway.
  2. I have had the same thing happen to me maybe 4 times since I have had FS9. I got it from Amazon before it hit stores. I see no rhyme or reason to it. It happens randomly, and sometimes I have to restart FS9 two or three times before it corrects. It can happen anywhere in the world, and won't happen for months at a time. I don't think it is correctable.
  3. I downloaded your AFCAD and I see why it doesn't work. You basically only added the concrete for the runway, but you did not connect it to the rest of the airport with any links. If you look at the other runways, you see a black line down the center of the lengths. These links are what AI use to know where to travel. If you like, I can fix it for you.
  4. First, go into power desk or whatever file manager you use. Rename the main FS folder; adding a single letter will do. Next, install FS9 fresh from the disks. Your computer will think there is no other FS9 on your computer, so the installation will proceed. After its done installing, rename the desktop shortcut you just made so it is different from the original install. Now go back and rename the original FS9 folder back to what it was before.That's it.
  5. I've wanted to do Lima for some time, but I cannot find any updated info or pics. The others are great ideas as well. They are being considered...
  6. Wow, I am amazed at how many people were looking for this scenery. There were over 2000 downloads at Avsim by the second day of the post. It was fun putting it together. There was virtually no info readily available online. Luckily, I was able to talk to an Afcad designer in India who gave me a bunch of inside info.PS. It sure is always smoggy in Delhi...
  7. V4 has been out for some time. KJFKv4.zip in the library.
  8. The only real difference is the fuel tanks. I would obtain the fuel specs of the real ACJ and modify the aircraft.cfg accordingly. This will require a seperate aircraft folder in your library from the regular A318.Also, you could obtain the IFDG A319 and A319CJ and compare those aircraft.cfg's. That will give you a good idea.
  9. Do you have the FRF Studio version of JFK?They are on version 4 right now, but version 5 is coming out soon. V4 has the temporary Jetblue terminal. V5 will have American's terminal complete.
  10. I am currently working on the AFCAD for FRF-KMSPv4 and I have a problem. I am using the "star method" to activate runway 17/35 along with the 12/30's with limited success. 17/35 becomes active when 12/30's are active, but when I close 17 to landings and 35 to takeoffs in AFCAD, 35 disappears from the list of available landing runways given to me by ATC. 17 is still available for takeoffs however. It seems that when you give AFCAD direct orders for runway ops, AFCAD does not follow exactly. I can't think of any other variables that can cause this effect. I have created start locations at both ends of 17/35, and when I get the ATIS, 35 comes up as a landing runway, but I just can't request it from ATC. If I go into AFCAD and remove all restrictions from 17/35, it will show up in the list and I can request it. I do not understand. Please help
  11. I'm sorry I am late to the party. Glad to see so many people are enjoying the KMSP scenery.There will be an update to KMSP V3 coming out very soon. The flickering textures are a design issue and will be addressed. Also, FYI, the new rwy 17/35 in my AFCAD was created using the exact same coordinates as Jim Vile's active ILS.Any other ?'s email to: newmorgan4@sbcglobal.NET or: morganroad4000-frfstudio@yahoo.COMWil
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