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  1. I only want to thank Simforlife for the CH Pedals Prepar3d V4 solution! That page was locked! Do you have a website? You made me a happy man! Harmen Weistra KLM764.
  2. Is this correct? 1. SimObjects.cfg C:\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\ 2. VehicleFavorites.xml C:\user\your name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\ 3. Prepar3D.cfg file C:\user\your name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\ 4. Prepar3D_Default.fxml C:\user\your name\AppData\local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\ Prepar3D_Default.wx C:\user\your name\AppData\local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\ 5. ShadersHLSL.cfg C:\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d v4\ 6. Prepar3D v4 Files C:\user\your name\Documenten\ 7. Deleted Generated Files Could not find this map! I have deleted these files and tried again, but no succes! What did I wrong! Is there an Elaine? With kind regards, Harmen Weistra.
  3. Sorry, did not see the solution! Wil start to use this solution! Harmen Weistra.
  4. I have the same problem. PMDG B737-800 is not accepted and I had to use the taskmanager to delete the B737 in the Prepar3d.cfg! Otherwise I see Prepar3d.exe is in the taskmanager in the details, but not on my desktop! Very boring. Using Prepar3d v.; PMDG special bought for Prepar3d. But also the standard B737 gives the same problem. With kind regards, Harmen Weistra, KLM-VA IVAO.
  5. That's it! Use New! Problem solved. Is this in the manual? Somewhere? I did not find it! But that can also be my problem! Thanks anyway! You opened my eyes! With kind regards, Harmen.
  6. According to the great manual written by Brian747, using the FSUIPC registrated version, using Linda or even 3.0.9. (tried both) I have put the linda (from the install information: map Linda, map Linda-cfg,Linda.exe, Linda.lua, ipcReady.lua) in the module map of D:\steam\steamapps\common\fsx\modules. After starting Linda first the message "Linda not sync-ed to Flt Sim". I did "Action required" and the result: Flight Sim version: FSX Fsuipc Version: 4.973 ok! Fsuipc4.ini: looking good. [Vrinsight] found ok x=com3 found ok. But no aircrafts in the topfield next Sync to Sim. Just *FSX Default and --Aircrafts--! But Aircrafts is empty! Off course i tried "Sync to Sim". Message left below: Linda not sync-ed to Flt Sim. Strange: the B737-800 of FSX is working perfect. The PMDG does nothing. And flying the PMDG B737-800 KLM makes me happy! The trick with the MCP2 is not possible when there in no aircraft in the box on top! I hope Scottflieger you can help me! Wit king regards, Harmen www.hweistra.nl KLM764.
  7. Mister ScotFlieger, Thanks for the explanation about MCP1. Unfortunately it did not work for me. Its okay with all planes except my favorite PMDG B737-800/900. The confirm message is in my case: "Config saved as VRi MCP Combo (original) version" and a second one for the Airbus version. This in stead of "MCP1 config-hid.lua". In FSX no problems, but in my Prepar3d V4.2 I am not able to get the MCP working. I use FSUIPC 5.124 payware and Linde 3.0.5. I think I followed your installation instruction to the letter. I hope I am doing something wrong and you can tell me what! ;-) With kind regards, Harmen Weistra, www.hweistra.nl
  8. Carlito777 I'm not succeeded in connecting MCP Vrinsight with Prepar3d! You did! Can you tell me how? Harmen Weistra www.hweistra.nl
  9. For the people who are'nt familiar with FSUIPC I have made a powerpoint presentation how to install CH flightsim yoke and pedals with FSUIPC4 in Windows 8 and using FSX. I had the problem of disconnecting randomly. Now that is over! As it is the first publication, there maybe some questions, please ask! It is on my site: www.hweistra.nl With kind regards, Harmen. KLM764.
  10. Yes, Sir! Porblem solved! It is raining here, but you make my day sunny! Thanks, more then I can say! With kind regards, Harmen!
  11. I am very happy with my VRI MCP and your answer makes me sad as you will understand. Maybe some extract from the console will help: "LUA.1: [iNIT} Loading... LUA.1:Aircraft: Boeing 737-8K2NGX KLM Royal Dutch A LUA.1: Aircraft module detected: Project Magenta LUA.0: AivlaSoft library loaded... LUA.0: FSX stadard library loaded... LUA.0: IAO Library loaded... LUA.0: RealityXP library loaded... LUA.0: A2A MAPlibrary loaded... LUA.0: Module: Project Magenta Started... LUA.0: Ready to go, Captain! LUA.0: LUA.0: LVars watching list cleared... LUA.0: Affset watching list cleared! Pause I don't understand why Project Magenta is activated. I use and have chosen in the top line of LINDA PMDG 737NGX and FSX sync. One other question: If Linda does not work, is there a way to use one of the SFP2_MCP dll files? Thanks for any answer! With kind regards, Harmen.
  12. I have tried to assign functions with Linda. It is possible but not with any effect! I have changed and saved the funtions of some buttons of the COM part, but no reaction. The strange thing is that the COM, NAV ADF etc correct are functioning! Greetz, Harmen.
  13. De sun is not brightly shining, but I do understand what you mean! Thanks for this quick answer. I bought a new PC and Windows 8.0 was what I got! :-(( I don't understand why this action is necessary. Because of Windows 8? In Windows 7 every thing worked perfect and that made me a happy men. Now I am a little sad! Still, thanks! Greetz, Harmen. www.hweistra.nl
  14. I don't know how to solve my problem. Information: New PC with SSD disk and harddisk; FSUIPC 4.853 with registration; MCP panel VrInsight 1 (orig); Windows 8.0 64Bits; PMDG B737-800 NGX; Linda 1.11. Message Joystick: everything OK!; Message VrInsight MCP Combo: everything ok; Message FSX/FSUIPC: everything ok; fsuipc4.ini: "looking good"; x=com3: "found ok". Using USB 2.0. Problem: As far as I can see, everything should be working fine, but only the COM part of the MCP is working! COM, NAV, ADF, TRN are woirking fine. However CRS, SPD, HDG, ALT, etc. etc. not! I have no idea at this moment! The log file of FSUIPC give a long list of information of the LUA. See below for just a part of it! On the old computer it was just a short list. Who can make my day a sun(ny)day? With kind regards, Harmen Weistra, Just a part of the FSUIPC log file: 25734 System time = 24/11/2013 13:10:59, Simulator time = 13:10:39 (12:10Z) 25906 Aircraft="Boeing 737-8K2NGX KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Winglets" 28640 Starting everything now ... 28656 LUA.0: beginning "C:\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 28656 LUA.0: C:\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua:1 28656 LUA.0: Global: ipcPARAM = 0 28656 LUA.0: ended "C:\FSX\Modules\ipcReady.lua" 28656 LUA.1: beginning "C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua" 28672 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:18 28672 LUA.1: Global: ipcPARAM = 0 28672 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:19 28672 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:20 28672 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:21 28687 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:22 28687 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:24 28687 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:25 28687 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:27 28703 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:28 28703 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:31 28703 LUA.1: 28703 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:32 28703 LUA.1: [iNIT]LINDA:: Loading... 28703 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:35 28718 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:36 28718 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:37 28718 LUA.1: Global: ACFT = table: 07CB46E8 28718 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:38 28718 LUA.1: Global: LIBS = table: 07CB47D8 28718 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:39 28718 LUA.1: Global: CFG = table: 07CB4760 28718 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:40 28734 LUA.1: Global: VRI = table: 07CB47B0 28734 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:42 28734 LUA.1: Global: HID = table: 07CB4940 28734 LUA.1: C:\FSX\Modules\linda.lua:43 28734 LUA.1: Global: JSTK = table: 07CB4990
  15. Unbelievable, ubglaublich, Afte a night rest everything works perfect again! Maybe I will get a night rest tonight ;-) With kind regards, Harmen Weistra.
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